Scam, kidnap by South African police

Scam, kidnap by South African police

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Scam, kidnap by South African police

Scam, kidnap by South African police

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-NY immigration attorney
-was US Homeland Security lawyer in US and Africa
-Contributing editor at sites

Attorney at Law since Jan 1993

Son of Barbados

University education:
-City University of New York School of Law, Queens, NY
-City University of New York Queens College, NY

"Write or call me at 917-627-6188."
Picture above, detail from mural on the Legal Aid building in Camden, New Jersey. The building was going to be torn down and made into a parking lot, and was saved after Quaker activists got together and put up this work of art. Mr King had an office in Brooklyn, New York in Nov 2009, when the picture below was taken.

So you thought that Black Boys in America had been removed from the endangered species list? Not so fast, my friend, come to Brooklyn be your own witness. Richard A King Esq. MJoTA 2013 v7n2 p0715


The verdict is in. Not guilty. Not guilty? How can you not be guilty if you intentionally stalk, then snuff out the life of a young man who is minding his own business, walking home alone on a sidewalk of an American town where his parents live, pay their taxes and obey all the laws.


For years, the great white hunter would creep up behind the blissfully unaware elephant and shot him dead. It’s sad to say that elephants now enjoy a measure of protection from sudden death while strolling in their own habitats, but young black boys still are not afforded a similar regard for their right to walk, unmolested, on this earth.


Some people say only in Florida, Rather, I say, only everywhere. Young black men have been selected as and continue to be the ”unwanted” -- the least of the human species, good only for early extinction. Whether through hate or not, young black men lose their lives while walking around in their own neighborhoods like Flatbush in Brooklyn at an astronomical rate, as compared to any other group.


In the past few days, people have called and asked me what I thought about the Florida verdict. My answer is that I did not watch any of the proceedings because I felt it was all a “farce”. In Florida the final result was known way in advance. Now others are asking whether there is a chance of a conviction for this Floridian man-hunter on federal charges. That too is another farce.


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Immigration Reform Bill. Richard A King MJoTA 2013 v8n1 p0629 click here

Now, the NAACP and others are making noise about calling in the feds. But there is no federal case here, civil rights or otherwise. Since when is the federal government concerned about murdered black boys? The plain truth is that the federal civil rights laws which were enacted to provide a means of prosecuting killers of civil right workers have never been employed to bring to justice the killers of young black boys.

But wait a minute; before we give up too quickly, I remember these civil rights laws did work in the past. But in reverse. Remember, in the 1990’s when they were used to convict a young black man, Lemrick Nelson -- the so-called Crown Heights riot killer-- based on evidence that someone in a fighting crowd of shouted “kill the Jew.”


Who knows, perhaps some facts or evidence, no matter how spurious, exist somewhere to create a basis for a prosecution by the feds in Washington. Don’t hold your breath, its all rah-rah, political hot air. There is no case here. No “riot”. Wrong victim, wrong killer.

Memorial in Queen's, New York, for son of Nigeria, human rights activist and  lawyer Gani Fawehinmi in Sep 2009.