Scam, kidnap by South African police

Scam, kidnap by South African police

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Scam, kidnap by South African police

Scam, kidnap by South African police


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MJoTAtalks: Health. Exercise and diet can make diabetes go away.

Listen to the Publisher of MJoTA describe how you can make your diabetes go away, and how you can lengthen your life, click on sound icon above.

Diabetes has been a topic of articles on Medical Journal of Therapeutics Africa since it was first published in 2007 on

For constantly updated news about diabetes prevention and treatment on and, click here.

MJoTAtalks: MJoTA Institute of Medical Writing Training

The Medical Journal of Therapeutics Africa (MJoTA) was started in August 2006 to showcase research, writing, editing and design skills of medical writers associated with an institution founded in the 19th century with the name Philadelphia College of Pharmacy.

The publisher of MJoTA trains medical writers in MiMW (the MJoTA Institute of Medical Writing), which is an online course that leads to an award of a certificate in Medical Writing and a certificate in Regulatory Writing. Listen to this recording to find out whether enrollment in MiMW will work for you.

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MJoTAtalks: Health. Diabetes and the world's richest prize.

Diabetes mellitus is an ancient disease with a name that came from Ancient Greek (diabetes) and Latin (mellitus). It is a disease that results because the body no longer handles sugar the way it is supposed to.

The name comes from the ancient observation that urine from persons with diabetes mellitus attracted ants, because it is sweet like honey.

Discoveries about the treatment of diabetes mellitus and in sugar metabolism have resulted in several Nobel prizes. In this episode the publisher of Medical Journal of Therapeutics Africa discusses these awards and talks about the need for diabetes information in African communities inside and outside Africa.

Constantly updated news about about diabetes diagnosis and treatment, click here.

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Read about the Nobel Prize and African women awarded it in 2004 (Dr Wangari Maathi) and in 2011 in