Scam, kidnap by South African police

Scam, kidnap by South African police

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Scam, kidnap by South African police

Scam, kidnap by South African police

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Barbara Buono is a NJ lawyer who was the Majority Leader in the NJ Senate who wanted to be governor of New Jersey click here.

Eddie Rivera Commentary

Bridge and Bridget. Eddie Rivera MJoTA 2014 v8n1 p0113

We have barely reached the second term of Governor Chris Christie and already a scandal has threatened his term and his 2016 presidential aspirations.

Pictures, above and below, Eddie Rivera on 2013 election night at the Camden Couty Democratic Headquarters in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

Picture right, Eddie Rivera taken on his phone on Jan 9, 2014, at New Jersey State house, Trenton, after Governor Christie's press conference and after the hearings for David Wildstein.

Picture bottom of page, Governor Christie during a Town Hall meeting in Voorhees, New Jersey, Oct 2012.

In mid Sep 2013, lanes from Fort Lee onto the George Washington Bridge were closed for 4 days.

At first the Christie administration claimed that the lane closures were a “traffic study”. However the first weeks of Jan 2014 revealed a whole lot more was going on than a “traffic study”.

Christie’s Deputy Chief of Staff Bridget Kelly exchanged emails with Director of Interstate Capital Projects for the New Jersey and New York Port Authority David Wildstein about closing the bridge.

Bridget Kelly wrote to David Wildstein: “Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee”.

Wildstein’s reply was, “Got it!”

Then Bridget Kelly ordered the George Washington Bridge General Manager Robert Durando to close 2 of the 3 Fort Lee access lanes on the bridge.

This was a shocking ordeal for the thousands of drivers stuck in gridlock on the world's busiest traffic bridge, and the governor stated he had no involvement.

During the 4 days of traffic gridlock, children missed the first day of school and EMTs were delayed getting to medical emergencies.

Crossing the Hudson River from Fort Lee, NJ to Manhattan, NY. costs 13 dollars.

This massive traffic jam hit a nerve for Fort Lee Mayor Mark Sokolich who worried about the school children, EMTs and the thousands of workers.

The mayor texted Port Authority Deputy Executive Director Bill Baroni urging for his help to reopen the lanes.

The mayor told Baroni there were 4 busy traffic lanes merging into one toll booth.  Imagine being late for school or work in this type of environment. I just couldn’t imagine being in this situation and I hope I don’t ever get into this mess ever.

Wildstein passed Sokolich’s message to some unidentified recipient about the traffic who replied, “Is it wrong that I’m smiling? I feel badly about the kids I guess."

Wildstein's reply was, “They are the children of Buono voters.”

This here is a reference to Barbara Buono, state senator and gubernatorial candidate against Christie.

Perhaps the bridge closings were retaliations towards Sokolich who did not want to endorse Christie for governor. I don’t blame Sokolich for one second. He did not want to drink Christie’s poison as had so many of the other Democrats in New Jersey.

This was seen as a challenge to test Sokolich’s patience and defiance.

I stand by the mayor’s decision to not endorse Christie but am appalled that the George Washington Bridge was closed down the bridge because of it.

I feel bad for the children who missed school, the EMTs who had emergencies delayed and all who were either late for work or home because no toll booth was fully operational.

And I especially feel bad that Senator Buono’s name had to be mentioned this horrific episode.

On Jan 9, 2014, I was at the state house in Trenton when Governor Christie held a press conference. The press conference lasted 2 hours and the governor’s office was blocked off by state police. You had to get a press pass to enter the conference and I do not yet have one. It was difficult for me to get a clear view of Christie live and in living color from the outside, but I heard it all.

During the whole conference, the governor had repeatedly said he did not know about “Bridgegate” and apologized about what happened. The governor told us he fired Bridget Kelly because he said she lied to him.

I’m thinking okay Bridget Kelly got the boot. She had to pay the price. Justice has been served, right? Questions have still yet to be answered.

David Wildstein had been subpoenaed by the Assembly Transportation committee about his involvement in “Bridgegate” and I was in the chambers watching these proceedings.

Led by Committee Chairman John Wisniewski, Wildstein was asked about his knowledge of the incident and the secret contact that told him about “feeling bad about those children.”

Wildstein said, “I plead the fifth.” The right to remain silent.

That’s all he said which made Assemblyman Wisniewski to believe that Wildstein was wasting the committee’s time and the committee voted to hold him in contempt.

After the hearing ended, Wildstein dodged any questions from the press. A Port Authority official is keeping everyone in a bubble by not giving more details.

I suspect that Wildstein is hiding something. I can only imagine the elephant in the room pulling the strings on this operation. And we all know who that elephant is: he’s been in the cover of Time Magazine right in your face. Governor Christie. The one is the one who said he felt bad for those kids. That’s why Wildstein is pleading the fifth.

As for Bridget Kelly, I suspect that Christie's “firing” of Kelly is more smoke and mirrors and that he is paying off Kelly to lay low and keep quiet.

Christie is likely the real mastermind behind this horrendous ordeal and Bridget Kelly and Wildstein his accomplices. That’s why he orchestrated the bridge closing as revenge for Sokolich for choosing Buono over him.

The emails between Gov Christie's staff called Mayor Sokolich an ignorant stupid little Serbian? Sokolich is not Serbian, he’s Croatian. Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich is Serbian and he’s still rotting in jail for attempting to sell President Barack Obama’s then Senate seat even though he is a Democrat.

When the perpetrators are tried and convicted, I hope they do rot in jail for a long time and never receive a pardon.

This is the beginning of the end for Christie’s reign of terror in the Garden State. He tried to create a legacy on busting on corruption back as a prosecutor and US Attorney. Now we finally see his true colors, a bully.

I hope everyone is regrets voting him to office again because once the truth is revealed and Christie has his hands in the cookie jar, we can all kiss his 2016 presidential aspirations goodbye. I look forward to seeing the truth slowly unfold. Then the Democrats will once again have full power once the 2017 gubernatorial elections come around.

The next governor’s race will be seen as a referendum if the state wants a repeat of Christie clones or a change of direction. Get ready for the impact that is coming.