Scam, kidnap by South African police

Scam, kidnap by South African police

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Scam, kidnap by South African police

Scam, kidnap by South African police

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The Sheffield estate where the garage has become an art gallery
A once-notorious housing estate in Sheffield is getting an art gallery - in its old garage block.

Thu, 19 Jul 2018 00:08:50 GMT

What to take to a festival: Friends, drink... and a giant bar chart
Can statistics help you enjoy a music festival? Newsbeat gets geeky and heads to 2000 Trees in Gloucestershire to find out.

Thu, 19 Jul 2018 00:07:34 GMT

Beating the stigma of STIs with home-testing kits
A Nigerian start-up is helping young people take charge of their sexual health.

Wed, 18 Jul 2018 23:59:21 GMT

Women fight back against Peru's national sterilisation scheme
Thousands of indigenous Peruvian women say they were forcibly sterilised in a state family planning scheme.

Wed, 18 Jul 2018 23:50:15 GMT

The women choosing to love their natural grey hair
As celebrities rush to colour their hair silver, some women with natural greys are ditching dyes.

Wed, 18 Jul 2018 23:44:45 GMT

Nicaragua: From revolution to crisis in pictures
Photos taken during the 1979 Nicaraguan revolution and during recent unrest highlight some similarities. BBC Mundo's Arturo Wallace in the capital Managua explains what we can learn from them.

Wed, 18 Jul 2018 23:38:52 GMT

Lagos Death Cafe founder: It's about life
Once a month Hope Ogbologugo hosts a Death Cafe in Lagos where people gather to eat cake, drink tea and discuss death.

Wed, 18 Jul 2018 23:37:03 GMT

Saudi Arabia

Map, flag and data from Wikipedia.
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. SJ Dodgson MJoTA 2015 v9p0115

Saudi Arabia is the second largest Muslim country (Algeria is the largest). Its population of 27 million does very well if a citizen is one of the 7,000 princes who can do whatever they like, and less well if the citizen is a man, men can travel freely and divorce without reason but cannot say a syllable against the absolute monarch or sharia law; and horrible for women who are treated all their lives like children or useful beasts of burden.

The very look of a woman is offensive; in public they must be covered completely. So poisonous is a woman that if she is raped she must be executed, even if she is only 6 years old. Because the law insists it was her fault. Always.

Saudi Arabia gets away with massive human rights abuses because it is swimming in oil, and ridiculously wealthy, and a major buyer of weapons, which the United States falls over itself selling to totalitarian regimes.

The success of religionists in planting the idea that cold-blooded murder of little girls and bloggers is holy has been widely noted. Religionists in neighboring countries have convinced young unemployed men lacking skills that shooting cartoonists and Jews and Syrians and Nigerians is good. And Saudi Arabia responds by building walls around its country, to keep out the fighters they so happily groomed.
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Condemn cold-blooded murder, including that of Raif by Saudi Arabia; 50 lashes a week until he dies click here
News sources from Saudi Arabia all spew out stories about men and the greatness of the cruel despots who think nothing of lopping off body parts including heads. This news feed is about fashion, and I like it.

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Rihanna under fire over ‘Moroccan Spice’ make-up
Thu, 2018-07-19 02:01

DUBAI: Make-up mogul Rihanna is facing backlash on social media as detractors accuse her of cultural appropriation over the latest addition to her Fenty Beauty empire — an eyeshadow palette called “Moroccan Spice.”
Fenty Beauty, named 2017’s best innovation by Time Magazine, now offers a collection of 16 sultry eyeshadow shades with such names as “Fez up,” “Desert baked” and “Shisha smoke.”
The palette’s desert-themed campaign video features models posing next to a camel and Arab-influenced music playing in the background. However, some social media commenters have slammed the campaign over its apparent lack of any Moroccan models.
“As someone who is half Amazigh Moroccan, I (would have hoped that) if you (were) going to have a palette inspired by — or do the shoot in — Morocco, you could have at least cast one person of Moroccan or Amazigh descent,” one commenter posted on Twitter. The video was shot in the US, however.
“Moroccan Spice with no Moroccan models to represent it. If Rihanna was white, her brand would be tarnished from the backlash she’d receive for this Orientalist nonsense,” another user said.
The campaign photos — visible on Rihanna’s Instagram page — feature a variety of models, including the pop superstar herself, posing against sunburnt orange and pink backgrounds.
“I am actually very mad that Rihanna did not use a Moroccan model to be the face of her new palette,” one Twitter user said in response to the release of the palette, which was made available on July 6.
Some users jumped to the Barbadian star’s defense, however.
“Obviously Rihanna is not (going) to go looking for Moroccan models to market her Moroccan Spice campaign. Companies use aspects of a culture in ads without accurately representing that culture because it’s a marketing campaign,” one user posted on Twitter.
Rihanna, who is yet to address the online controversy, launched the beauty line in September, with a promise to make all women feel included.
“Fenty Beauty was created for everyone: For women of all shades, personalities, attitudes, cultures, and races. I wanted everyone to feel included, that’s the real reason I made this line,” she said at the time of the launch in 2017.
The singer and actress has been making headlines as of late, not least because of her starring role in female-driven crime caper “Ocean’s 8,” which struck box office gold in July.
She also garnered attention last week, when the star was spotted with her alleged Saudi beau, Hassan Jameel, lounging poolside in Mexico.
The reported couple, who caused a media whirlwind when news of their apparent relationship spread last year, were caught on camera in a series of photographs published in the Daily Mail.
While it remains to be seen whether the couple really are an item, Saudi make-up fans aren’t complaining and even took to social media to theorize that Rihanna’s much-reported-on launch of Fenty Beauty in Saudi Arabia in April was in part due to her desire to visit her potential future in-laws.
It was a joke that spread like wildfire on Twitter as users posted comments like: “She’s coming to visit her in-laws” and “Hassan Jameel did all the ladies a favor.”

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Rihanna holidays with Saudi beau in MexicoRihanna's 'Fenty Beauty' arrives in Saudi Arabia

Wed, 18 Jul 2018 23:04:11 +0000

Shanina Shaik stars in campaign for Revolve
Saffiya Ansar
Sun, 2018-07-15 13:16

DUBAI: She may not be at Miami Swim Week, but Victoria’s Secret model Shanina Shaik certainly got into the spirit on Instagram, posting shots from her trip to Bermuda with US-based e-tail platform Revolve and giving a special mention to the swimwear event.
“Because it’s swim week,” Shaik captioned a photo of herself wearing a red-and-white vertically striped bikini, by swimwear label Tularosa, against a rocky backdrop in Bermuda. Miami Swim Week is set to continue until July 17 and sees swimwear designers from across the world show off their latest perfect-for-the-pool creations on the sunny shores of the Floridian city.
However, the model is on another sun-drenched shoreline for a photoshoot and launch party celebrating a collaboration between clothing brands The Naven Twins and NBD in Bermuda this week.
Shaik, whose father is Pakistani and mother is Lithuanian-Australian, wasn’t the only fashionable it-girl on the island, however. Revolve handpicked a group of stylish influencers and models to star in the Bermudian snaps.
Designer and marketing guru Draya Michele, model Kara Del Toro and influencer Jill Wallace also took part in the color-packed photoshoot.

When I spot the icecream shop ! @revolve #revolvearoundtheworld

A post shared by SHANINA SHAIK (@shaninamshaik) on

For her part, Shaik starred in a series of shots wearing a glittering array of beach-ready outfits. In one windswept photo, the model wears a lilac bandeau top with draped sleeves, paired with a jungle-print pair of high-waisted shorts — “a real-life mermaid,” the Revolve social media team captioned the picture on Instagram.
Revolve carries more than 500 menswear and womenswear brands and has a dedicated beauty section on its website, Launched in 2003, the e-tail website claims to have 40 million page visits per month, so it makes sense that Shaik, an already successful runway model, would jump on the bandwagon.
Shaik is newly married, having tied the knot with musician DJ Ruckus at a family-filled ceremony in the Bahamas in May. The couple promptly followed it up with a bash in Miami that was attended by likes of Bella Hadid and model Hailey Baldwin.
The model married her long-time beau Gregory Andrews on musician Lenny Kravitz’s private island of Eleuthera.
Reverend Run of Run DMC performed the ceremony as family, friends and a handful of celebrity guests gathered for the nuptials, including Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross, as well as models Nadine Leopold and Hannah Ferguson.
The happy couple got engaged in December 2015 after dating for less than a year. He reportedly presented her with two Lorraine Schwartz rings and let her take her pick. She eventually chose a gold band that featured an amethyst and a diamond, according to media reports.

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Sun, 15 Jul 2018 10:19:41 +0000

Some like it haute: Elie Saab and Zuhair Murad come up trumps in Paris
Saffiya Ansar
Wed, 2018-07-11 16:29

DUBAI: One week, two Lebanese design heavyweights. Paris Haute Couture Week (Fall-Winter 2018), which ran from July 1 to July 5, saw two of the region’s most-acclaimed fashion designers, Elie Saab and Zuhair Murad, displaying their latest collections, and they certainly didn’t disappoint.

The event, which featured shows by 34 designers in total, celebrates all things haute, widely considered to be the highest form of fashion. And according to Mimi Raad — image consultant at MBC Group and curator of the Instagram page @mimiraadstyle — this edition really went back to the 160-year-old roots of the art form.

“Haute couture was originally all about the custom-made, impeccably fitted dress, where the subtle yet elaborate craft is almost invisible,” she explained. “Lately, it’s been equivalent more to ball gowns, which are too easy a terrain to let the imagination run. But (this edition of Paris Haute Couture Week) marked a real effort to return to dressmaking. Sartorial prowess and couture were glorified. Two major qualities in couture were observed; rigor and restraint.”

“Couture is all about making beautiful outfits that make women beautiful and refined,” Raad continued. And that’s certainly something that could apply to Saab’s Fall 2018 line — and the Lebanese designer’s work in general.

A regal bride tribute to the harmony of infinite forms & shades of light #OfFormsAndLight

A post shared by ELIE SAAB (@eliesaabworld) on

Saab has often stated that, for him, the woman always comes first, which goes some way to explaining why he continues to secure the business of numerous high-profile personalities, including Queen Rania of Jordan, Jenifer Lopez, Angelina Jolie and Emily Blunt. In fact, he’s been dubbed the ‘King of the Red Carpet,’ and became the first Lebanese designer to dress an Oscar winner: Halle Berry in 2002.

Shown at the Musée des Arts Decoratifs, Saab’s latest collection brought something new and edgy to the proceedings — a couture collection inspired by renowned Spanish architect Antoni Gaudí.

Entitled “Of Forms and Light,” his show explored “the relationship between light, natural forms and structures.”

Key looks in the collection come in the form of tailored suits #OfFormsAndLight

A post shared by ELIE SAAB (@eliesaabworld) on

“Saab sailed from Beirut all the way across the Mediterranean and anchored in Barcelona for inspiration,” Raad said. “His embroidered ball gowns recalled the ceramic fantasy of Gaudí.

“Throughout this collection — with the brocade and gazar cocktails dresses, exaggerated collars, abundance of ruffles — he references Gothic shapes, and the arches of the Sagrada Familia cathedral. Each piece, from fitted gowns to full skirts was a piece of wearable art.”

She continues: “Saab is known for romantic silhouettes, with rich textiles and intricate details, the couture’s core. True to his style, he delivered delicate gold embroidery and swathes of sequins, and that’s his signature fairy-tale aesthetic.”

However, there were some designs that were a little too much for the fashion expert: “[I wasn’t a fan of the] ‘ruffle-mania,’” she said. “I couldn’t help but prefer the looks that were the most restrained.”

Elsewhere, Murad was channeling Imperial Russia in his fall-winter couture collection; think textures and patterns from the period and a nod to military suits.

Victoria’s Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio opened the show — her first time walking for the designer — in a plunging black, red and gold Tudor-style with dramatic cape.

“Murad transported us to a grand ball in St. Petersburg with regal colors, heavy fabrics and Fabergé motifs,” said Raad. “Every look was lavish. It wasn’t all about the balls, tsarinas and Fabergé eggs, though, Murad widened his scope, adding masculine elements borrowed from military uniforms, twisted to enhance femininity.”

Raad was a fan of the color palette Murad presented this month.

“The dark palette along with elaborate embroideries, and floral and arabesque motifs applied in bronze, gold and silver, transported us to a mysterious world,” she said. “From bright blue, rich red accents, to pale hues of green, grey, blue and ivory, the colors served as a luxurious backdrop for elaborate beadwork.

“Rich fabrics like velvet, duchesse satin, lace and chiffon were used in a harmonious palette,” she continued. “With this profusion of opulence, this collection looked more womanly than girly.”

Most fashion media agreed that both collections were beautiful, presenting something for every exclusive client of theirs. All that remains to be seen is who is going to be walking the red carpet or attending events in one of Saab’s or Murad’s creations this awards’ season.

What’s clear, though, is that one of the keys to the pair’s success is that they’re never afraid to push boundaries and create something new.

And sometimes, it’s okay to go big.

“I guess, for some designers, more is more in couture,” Raad concluded.

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Wed, 11 Jul 2018 10:32:09 +0000

Gigi Hadid gets candid in interview with Serena Williams
Saffiya Ansar
Mon, 2018-07-09 16:01

DUBAI: Gigi Hadid has landed the coveted July cover of V magazine, an American fashion publication that highlights trends in fashion, art and culture.
Shot by renowned Italian photographer Mario Sorrenti, who is famous for his spreads for Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, Hadid appears in the magazine in a series of adventurous snaps — hitting the waves on a Fendi-print jet ski, leaping in the air in a Versace cat suit and snorkeling (while decked out in jewelry) in a checkered swimsuit.


@VMAGAZINE #V114 There are no words to describe how much fun we had creating this entire story + (3) cover(s)!!!, or how grateful and proud I am to be back on the cover of V by Mario Sorrenti !!!! To #StephenGan - aside from being my fashion godfather from the start of my career in NYC, you have also been a true friend, confidant, and mentor to me. I can’t thank you enough for everything, including this cover-story experience that brought out and made me feel like my most empowered self @mario_sorrenti you were such a fun teammate! Thanks for everything !!!! I’ll never forget those couple of days! Pre order via ft interview by my amazing friend and powerhouse of a woman @serenawilliams - thank you so much angel ! link in bio

A post shared by Gigi Hadid (@gigihadid) on

“There are no words to describe how much fun we had creating this entire story… or how grateful and proud I am to be back on the cover of V by Mario Sorrenti!” Hadid posted on Instagram.
“To Stephen Gan, aside from being my fashion godfather from the start of my career in NYC, you have also been a true friend, confidant and mentor to me. I can’t thank you enough for everything, including this cover story experience that … made me feel like my most empowered self,” she added, referring to the magazine’s editor-in-chief and all-around fashion media heavyweight.
Interviewed by tennis superstar Serena Williams, who she calls an “amazing friend and powerhouse of a woman,” Hadid shed light on her relationship with her younger sibling, the equally famous Bella Hadid.
“I would say that out of everything, Bella and I are the least competitive about our careers. We are more competitive about holiday cooking.
“It’s very rare to have what Bella and I have in fashion, what you and Venus have in tennis. I feel very lucky to be able to have a piece of home in my work environment. We are each other’s biggest fans. It has been a huge joy of my life to watch my little sister flourish, and to help when I can,” the 23-year-old added.
“I personally really loved the challenge of learning a lot of the fashion ropes on my own when I started working in New York, so I didn’t want to take that experience away from Bella when she started. I was always there whenever she had a question about a specific client or situation, but I tried not to be too protective, which comes naturally to me with her. We’re always FaceTiming to keep each other company on work trips.”


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Mon, 09 Jul 2018 13:04:38 +0000

81 Designs: A social enterprise that marries art with women’s empowerment
Saffiya Ansar
Mon, 2018-07-09 14:58

DUBAI: It started with a desire to bridge art and humanity. Emirati art graduate Nadine Malouf always wanted to do something charitable and art-related. Being half-Palestinian, setting up an enterprise that helps women affected by the refugee crisis in Palestine seemed an obvious choice, so she founded 81 Designs together with her mother, Nesrine El-Tibi Malouf, in 2016.

The brand oversees a group of refugee women as they recreate the works of leading Middle Eastern artists in the traditional “tatreez” style of cross-stitching.
The results created using this painstaking technique are as innovative as they are beautiful.

“I wanted to modernize something that has existed for hundreds of years and its legacy was fading because of the commercial uses it is being applied for,” Nadine explained. “The way the craft is usually applied (in run-of-the-mill accessories and poorly made handicraft products) is a short-sighted approach.
But we are providing a wider platform for it.”

The first capsule collection debuted at Art Dubai in 2017, in partnership with renowned artist El Seed, and sold out. This year, Moroccan contemporary artist Hassan Hajjaj worked with the women to have 14 signature pieces from his funky, nostalgia-infused “Graffix from the Souk” collection recreated in the form of embroidery art. The collection was released at the 12th edition of Art Dubai to a very warm reception — each piece was uniformly priced at $8,000.

“I think the fact that we are able to give these women structure in their lives, that they have full-time employment in such a volatile environment, is something to be proud of,” Nadine said. “Plus, by giving them the opportunity to create something, be part of something — it gives them a feeling of self-esteem, a sense of joy.”

From allowing them to get medical treatment for their families to giving an autistic child the opportunity to secure meaningful employment, the impact 81 Designs has had is significant and far-reaching. And it continues to grow, as they develop their next collection with textile label Bokja by designers Maria Hibri and Huda Baroudi.

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Mon, 09 Jul 2018 12:02:55 +0000
Unedited, from the Saudi Gazette, Aug 19, 2015:
"JEDDAH — Makkah Emir Prince Khaled Al-Faisal, who is also adviser to Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, has issued directives to all regional governors in the province to hold urgent meetings with tribal elders to finalize a document fixing a ceiling for dowry and discuss ways to end extravagant weddings, the Saudi Press Agency reported on Tuesday.
In a cable sent to the governors, Prince Khaled said he had noticed some families had been demanding high dowries for their daughters, eventually leading to an increase in spinsterhood in the country.
He said the situation required the intervention of the governors, who shall prepare a document specifying the maximum amount of dowry to be paid to different categories of brides after consultations with the tribal leaders and sheikhs.
Prince Khaled suggested that the dowry for a virgin must be fixed at a maximum of SR50,000 and for a divorcee at SR30,000.
A recent study indicated that the number of spinsters in the Kingdom nearly tripled to 4 million in 2015 from less than 1.5 million in 2010. Sociologists have attributed the rise in spinsterhood in the Kingdom to demands of high dowries and rising marriage expenses."

Dr Susanna: In Aug 2015, approx 4 SR to 1 USD. So a virgin will cost you approx USD12,500 and a divorcee will cost you approx USD7,500. Personally, I am cheering the virgins and urging them to escape being owned any way they can. Especially by ISIS.