Scam, kidnap by South African police

Scam, kidnap by South African police

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Scam, kidnap by South African police

Scam, kidnap by South African police

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Campaign Finance Board of New York City

Campaign Finance Board of New York City denied mayoral candidate matching funds. SJ Dodgson. MJoTA 2013 v7n2 p0806

Today is Hiroshima Day, the 68th anniversary of the atom bomb dropped on Hiroshima, causing immediate death, bringing death and huge regrets in the descendents of the bombers. On this day in 1984, my niece Angela Jane  was born. A day to remember life that was, and life that is. Happy birthday Angela!

Dropping the deadly bomb was a collective decision by a functional army that grew up and was maintained in a democracy. Which means we are all guilty.

Since 1945 the number of military executions is increasing daily, but apart from the second atom bomb in Japan a few days later, never again has this weapon been used.

New York City is an unparalleled democracy, a functional unit that works because of collective will and intelligence. When I sought refuge from the February cold in Albany, so cold my cameras stopped working, I wandered into the New York State Museum and looked at exhibits explaining how New York City functioned.

In Oct 2012 a massive storm spilled water underground, shorting powerlines, halting mass transit. Even before the disaster happened, engineers were on their way from all over the United States, with the single goal of making the city function again.

Since 1945, the US has never again dropped atom bombs to execute civilian or military populations. In 2012, after Hurricane Sandy, the US came together and got New York City functioning again. The lack of action and the action both for the same underlying reasons: collective will and intelligence that have put in place accountability, checks and balances.

And then I look at the New York City Finance Board.

On Aug 5, 2013, the Campaign Finance Board denied matching funding to John Liu, who since 2010 has been the elected comptroller of New York City finances, and is clearly the popular candidate in the New York City mayoral elections.

And since I heard the news, I am asking myself what the Campaign Finance Board's 5 members found that the FBI did not, in 18 months of combing through every document that John Liu has in his office, in his campaign office, and has ever mentioned his name.

From the New York City Campaign Finance Board website, Aug 5, 2013

"The New York City Campaign Finance Board was created in 1988 as an independent, nonpartisan city agency.

The CFB has three primary mandates: administering the Campaign Finance Program, publishing the Voter Guide, and overseeing the Debate Program. The Board is strictly nonpartisan and composed of five board members. Two board members (who cannot be enrolled in the same political party) are appointed by the mayor, and two board members (who cannot be enrolled in the same political party) are appointed by the speaker of the City Council.

The chairman of the board is appointed by the mayor after consultation with the speaker. Board members serve staggered five-year terms."
I am looking at the way the 5 members of the New York City Finance Board are appointed, and I see that 2 members are appointed by the mayor. I know that Mayor Bloomberg has gone out of his way to trip up John Liu. Suing him, complaining about him.

And then I see that 2 members are appointed by the speaker of City Council. Who is a candidate for mayor and looks like the anointed heir to Mayor Bloomberg.

I am not for a minute suggesting that the honorable mayor and honorable speaker are calling in favors by stopping matching funds going to John Liu's campaign.

In my observation, Mayor Bloomberg has been a good mayor doing an impossible job, and I can certainly say the same about Speaker Christine Quinn. And I have a natural affinity for Speaker Quinn as a strong opinionated woman and as a daughter of Ireland.

What am I suggesting is that this 5-member Finance Board has the look of having a conflict of interest.

What is needed is a full release of all the evidence the Finance Board has that they used to award matching funds to the speaker, and to the current public advocate (who is also a mayoral candidate) and to deny matching funds to John Liu.

Picture below, statue in Albany, the capital city of New York State, on a sub-freezing February Sunday.
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