Scam, kidnap by South African police

Scam, kidnap by South African police

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Scam, kidnap by South African police

Scam, kidnap by South African police

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May 01, 2014. Etienne Taratibu Kabila wrote a letter to the Public Protector of South Africa, Madam Thuli Madonsela , explaining that he has been abandoned by South African Legal Aid, as well as being falsely accused, and that he has embarked on a hunger strike. Full document click here
Etienne Taratibu Kabila                            March 28, 2014      
Local Correctional Centre
Private bag X45 Pretoria 001  


His Excellency,

With deep regret and sorrow, here I come again before your High Authority with all my utmost respect. After going through lot difficulties just to get my letter into your office, via email as an "open letter", I wanted to inform you that, after you had received my previous mail; one copy of the same letter went to the office of legal aid.
The legal aid office counter attacked me with a harsh letter, underlining their intention and obligation to stop representing me for my bail process, my trial and furthermore my wife civil case which pertain to my 6 years old daughter that, Lt Col. Noel Zeeman of South-Africa police abducted. 

Mrs. Isola Flavia had no remorse toward an oppress man like me, she should have thought about a different avenue, instead of making a rush judgment to drop me as client. And I do believe that decision was made unilaterally they completely forgot their mission, which was to defend me in court. 

My letter was not meant to breach my engagement with them subsequently. I was only demanding my rights as a detainee, in accordance to the notification of law on the constitution section 35 act 108 of 1965 that allowed-Detainee to have a legal representative of his choice.- Detainee has rights to contest legality of his detention in person before the court of law, and to be released if that detention is illegal. And it was for that matter I chose them (legal aid) to represent me. 

My nightmare started on Monday March 17, 2014 early that morning a warden name Sadike FHATUWAN opened the first door of my prison cell and told me to get ready to be escorted to the court. Twenty minutes later his supervisor Mr. SIBANYONI came to confirm that, I was being escorted to the court by the police and they are on their ways, they won't be long. That was the longest day of my life. I waited in vain for the police to come.

The warden would tell me that, the court might have cancelled; I don't have any idea why I was cancelled. Surprisingly on Wednesday March 19, 2014. Instead of my legal aid attorneys to come and discuss the contain of my letter as they usually do, having fear to handle the truth, they preferred to send an usher to deliver to me a letter of resignation which I did refuse to sign, because it was remotely far from my objective. They stated that their reasons for withdrawing were because my allegation was unfounded. 

His Excellency, a long with this letter, I hereby submit the copy of their letter you may read for yourself. This letter was signed by Mrs. Isola Flavia, unfortunately, she could not indicate a single line in my letter which I lied. And hereby testify that, everything I said in previous letter was nothing but the truth. I can demonstrate that I am victim a junta who put together an inventive charge against me.

During Mr. Francois Van As (Attorney) last visit, I had begged him to bring my accusation documents (video pictures) so I could be prepared for the trial, he never showed up. Aren't they contributing to my imprisonment? Despite all the obstacles I am encountering, I dare to believe that somebody will listen to my outcry, especially in democracy country like South- Africa where bail is a right not a favor as Judge Salomon NKHUBELA was saying in court on February 27, 2013 and I believe I do meet all the conditions. 

Not having real evidences, my accusers only brought forward electronic video and fictitious witness, the court should have granted me a bail so I can have time to visualize that video, and contact my witness in order for me to be prepared for the trial, next July 21, 2014 accordingly. His Excellency, being a victim of this theatrical and bogus charges, I find it necessary to surrender to the mercy of the justice.

Hoping a solution will emerge in my way, I felt I was abandoned by the legal aid, when nowhere in my letter mention anything about breach of my contract with them. And you would understand that my imprisonment has nothing to do with foreign military assistance. I am purely and simply political prisoner. I would be very appreciative if you could look into this matter and try to come with adequate solution for an oppressor once again. 

I know your time is very precious due to busy schedule but I sincerely thank you for any minutes devote to read this letter. 

May God almighty bless you  

Etienne Taratibu KABILA
Etienne Taratibu Kabila                         March 5, 2014
Local Correctional Centre
Private bag X45 Pretoria 001   

His Excellency, 

It’s unprecedented privilege to me, to come before your high authority with my entire utmost respect to present my predicament.  
My name is Etienne Taratibu Kabila. I have been incarcerated over a year in prison in Pretoria Correctional Centre. I am being represented by Legal Aid South Africa Lawyers, Dirk Human, Francois Van As and Van Zyl Nel. The aim of this letter is to explain my arbitrary arrest, my detention without a comprehensive judgment and I am as well being subject to discrimination that I reserved the rights to get into the details.

On March 22nd 2013, the judge Salomons Nkhugela had refused to grant me bail while I met all the pre-conditions required by a South African Constitution. He stated during the bail hearing that “we had a secret meeting with officials from DRC, and they advised us not to give them a bail”. That sentence only has convinced me being a DRC’s authority prisoner. Since when a sovereign country like South Africa could possible be under the DRC’s authority?

On July 25th 2013, Mr. Attorney Francois Van as from the Legal Aid came to visit me in Prison, made me sign a document which will allow him a permission to ask the High Court in Pretoria to forward my file to Bloemfontein’s Supreme Court of Appeal of South Africa; so that he can apply for my temporary release so far but nothing is done.

On September 16th 2013 in the Pretoria’s Magistrate Court, Judge Deleray deliberately said to the Prosecutor Mr. Pretorious “I have read through all the accusations sheets, nowhere had I seen Etienne Taratibu Kabila has committed any crime”; Mr. Pretorious responded by saying “we know that Mr. Etienne Taratibu Kabila is not involved in a coup d’Etat” the Judge would proceed by saying you are all adults and you know the ramification of holding somebody in
Prison longer without any evidences and I was surprised to see my attorney Mr. Dirk Human keeping silent without even saying a word.
On October 13th 2013, the Prosecutor Mr. Pretorious declared that the investigation is over and trial date is set for July 21st to August 24th 2014 in Pretoria North High Court. 

On October 31st 2013, My Attorney Francois Van As came back to see me in Prison and said “Flavia Issola (Number one of Legal Aid) called him and said she received a phone call from the Office of the President Jacob Zuma, so I can go ask for Etienne’s Temporary Release”. From that statement, I firmly believe that my arrest has nothing to do with Judiciary Entity; it is simply Politics programmed by the President of South Africa and his counterpart President of DRC and yet my attorney has not done anything.

In November 29th 2013, Mr. other Attorney Van Zyl Nel came in prison and made me signed a second document that suppose to give him a permission from North High Court, to go to Bloemfontein, ironically to apply for my bail and assuring me he would get it done before Christmas 2013. Nothing is done up till at this moment I am writing this letter.

His Excellence, I never seen Mr. Van Zyl Nel contrary to all this. Mr. Van As my other Legal Aid Lawyer came to see me on January 20th 2014 just to inform me that, the trial date that was scheduled on July 21st 2014 has been postponed to October, because the previous date was not available. When that date was set between the Authority of High Court and my accusers; Since October 2013 just a pure conspiracy to keep me illegally in prison.

In the same date of January 20th 2014 my other Lawyer Francois Van As guaranteed that he would be in Pretoria High Court to get that mysterious authorization to go to Bloemfontein. It took place in January 28th 2014.

On January 31st 2014, Mr. Francois Van As would come back and told me that the judge refused to transfer my case to Bloemfontein because he said, my case is very strong than he would tell me again. The second procedure would consist of submitting a new petition which would allow me to go to Bloemfontein. The petition would expire on February 11th 2014.

My spouse Rachel Kibonge contacted Mr. Van As on my behalf to find out about the petition, Mr. Van As told her “there is no problem at all, Flavia Isola is taking care of it”; it was on February 5th 2014.

Wednesday February 12th 2014, a day after the expiration date of that famous petition, I called Mr. Van As myself from the prison to ask him about the petition, he changed the version this time by telling me that the petition will expire in 21 days and not 14 days. Meaning the expiry date will be on February 18th 2014.
Despite all this, many go around and I have seen neither Mr. Van As nor Mr. Van Zyl Nel. With all this bewilderment, His Excellency, I do believe that My Legal Aid Lawyers are also part of the conspiracy for my illegal detention. I also would like to take advantage of this moment to briefly tell you the inhuman condition of prison I am enduring. I have been having problems with my eyes, but I do not get any appropriate treatment.

It is very important to me to let you know about the abduction of my 6 years old daughter Cecilia Kipili Wa Taratibu by Lt Colonel Noel G. Zeeman on August 28th 2013, my legal Aid Lawyer Mr. Francois Van As and Mr. Dirk Human had asked me to give them the details about the abduction so they can a Law Suit against Lt Colonel Noel G. Zeeman. Just for the reference; here is a case number OCU5/10213 Bellville South Cape Town Police Station, Investigator phone number 0714813259. After all this, Mr. Van As would tell me that, Legal Aid Lawyers do not have authority to file a Law Suit against the Police or take them to Court. 

So far, nothing has been done, a six (6) years old girl being traumatized by a Superior Officer of Police.  I wonder if she was a Caucasian little girl, would not it be a strong case? It is really Apartheid in real from. Or if she was a South African Citizen daughter, would it be possible? It is xenophobia pure and simple. Talking about all this discrimination and injustice that I am subject to, my last alternative would be to deserve a endless hunger strike till I will expire then those people that wanted my life can be satisfied.

His Excellency, your time that you spare reading this letter is greatly appreciated. 

Yours Sincerely    
Etienne Taratibu Kabila

I am Etienne Taratibu Kabila, residing at 8 Fourie Street; Bellville South Western Cape can be confirmed by the owner of the property and landlord Mr. Kenneth Duncan Devon. I have resided in Cape Town for nine (9) years and lived at the above address for the past seven (7) years with my family. I came to the Republic of South Africa in 2002, fleeing the DRC in fear of my life after the assassination of my father, the late President of DRC, Laurent Desire Kabila during January 2001.  
I applied and was granted temporary permission to stay as an asylum seeker in the Republic of South Africa. I have periodically renewed this permit and I am therefore legally in this country. My documentation was confiscated from me by the SAPS when I handed myself over. I have to renew this permit on before 7 March 2013.

I am customarily married to my wife Rachel Kibonge Kaludika. From this marriage one child was born, my daughter Cecilia Kipili Wa Taratibu and my wife had three other children from previous relationship. The children are respectively 14, 12, 8 and 6 years old. All the children are living with us in our house in Bellville South. 

My wife is unemployed and I am the sole breadwinner and therefore responsible for the maintenance of my family. All the children are going to school and need financially assistance which only I can provide at this stage. I have no immediate family that can take care of my wife and children, and they will suffer under hardship; should I be absent for an extended period of time?

I am employed by Zuma Security Company located in Durbanville, Cape Town where I work as a Supervisor. I have been in this employment for 7 years. I earn a basic salary of R3,500.00 per month and do receive extra money on overtime. The General Manager of Zuma Security Company, Mr. Omary Kawaya indicated to me that I am welcomed to return to my work in the same capacity as before.

I do not possess a passport or any travel documents; neither do any of my family members. I therefore can not and also no intention to travel to any other countries. I am safe here in South Africa; so it is my family.

I am in good health and I do not have any previsions convictions, pending cases or outstanding warrants for my arrest. I do not endanger the safety of the public or any person; neither will I commit a schedule one offence. I submit that these aspects are clear from my clean record. No outstanding cases and no evidence that I have a disposition to violence. I fled from my country and did not opt as so many thousand did, to engage in the armed struggle. I have chosen a non violent route and have lived in peace ever since my arrival in South Africa.

I have not been engaged in any mercenary activity or the rendering of foreign Military assistance as alleged. I submit that the state has a weak, if any case at all against me. I have no intention to evade the trial and I rather anyway use of this opportunity to prove my innocence. Furthermore, I am safe here in South Africa and so it is my family. I have settled in Community, have a permanent residential address and have permanent employment. My children are attending the local schools and they are happy. 

I have no asset or business interest outside the borders of South Africa, all of that were destroyed and confiscated by the DRC Government. I am not familiar with the contact or residential details of any of the state witness. On 5th of February 2013, I saw on the Local TV News that 19 people were arrested in Limpopo, they were supposedly Rebels from M23 on Thursday. I heard on the news that I was the Ringleader of that group; on Friday I heard that Etienne Taratibu Kabila was wanted by the Johannesburg’s Police. It was also confirmed by the DRC information Minister on a Congolese Television Channel. That same Friday, after hearing that the Police was looking for me, I took my wife along with my daughter and went to my local Police Station at Bellville South to hand myself over since I have nothing to hide or flee from.

Despite of all the details and all necessary conditions met to obtain Temporary Release, Judge Mkabela refused to grant me a bail. During my appeal, Judge Mbongwe AJ could not even use his own brain. Just to speculate that first judgment was correct. Just a reminder Mr. Oscar Pistorius a South African athlete who recently shot and killed his girlfriend was granted bail; while I have never committed any crime at home in DRC or in South Africa where I have been living for eleven (11) years; never killed a snake or bird, the South African Justice treated me as a Public Danger. What a discrimination. I guess because I am a foreigner I do condemn strongly this Justice you can call it Xenophobic.
I submit that these aspects are clear from my clean record, no outstanding cases and no evidences that I have a disposition to violence. I handed myself over to the Local Police Station at Bellville South, as I have nothing to hide or flee from. If I had intentions to avoid justice, I would have done it the same day I heard I was wanted by Johannesburg Police. I succeeded in showing that I have a fixed residential address for seven years; I have evidence which constitutes objective facts proving the following:

 -I reside at 8 Fourie Street; Bellville South Cape Town
 -I have been residing there for Seven (7) year prior to my arrest

This is confirmed by the owner of the property, my wife and neighboring tenant

I provided documentary proof of my rental payment up until the month of April 2013

My wife as well as minor children resided there with me

The supplementary affidavit, by the Investigating Officer states that the owner of the property confirmed having received the rental payment for the month of March 2013

This is indicative of the permanent nature of Etienne Kabila’s residence at the said address as rent was paid despite my incarceration during the month of March 2013. My children are enrolled and attending South African schools. They are all dependant on me for their well-being and maintenances documentary proof of the minor children’s enrollment in school in Bellville was adduced. This was not refuted.

Even through all the conditions required by South African constitution to obtain my temporary release were met. The spirit of discrimination never gave up.
Summary of the story of imprisonment of the Congolese 20. SJ Dodgson. MJoTA 2013 v7n1 p0610

President Laurent Kabila was assassinated in 2001. Immediately, the head of the army was installed as the president of Congo. This man, Joseph Kabila, is widely reported to be Rwandan, born in 1971, and to have been adopted by Laurent Kabila.

Joseph Kabila remains president, winning 2 elections in 2006 and 2011. Laurent Kabila is reported to have a first-born son, Etienne Kabila, born to Francoise in 1965 in Tanzania. Laurent's relationship with Francoise was over before Laurent  became president of Congo in 1997.

Since his father's assassination in 2001, Etienne tells me he has been a target. He showed me scars on his head; his mother fled to Australia.

The imprisonment of the Congolese 20 appears to have resulted from Joseph Kabila wanting to get rid of his brother once and for all.

Etienne has been living in Capetown since 2005 with his wife and 4 children. He told me he has affidavits from his employer where he works as a security guard, from his landlord, from his neighbors. He was never in the military, his education was in finance.

In Sep 2012 Chadrian Kilele was told by his nephew that some men from the South African government knew he knows Etienne Kabila, and wanted a meeting with Etienne Kabila because they wanted to give Etienne money.

Etienne traveled 2,000 km to Johannesburg in Sep, but the meeting did not take place, and then a second time on Oct 10.

During the meeting, Etienne decided these men were crooks and were not going to give him money, and broke off his relationship with Chadrian.

From Oct to Jan, Chadrian was sent emails by these South African government officials, saying that they now wanted to set up an anti-rhino poaching training camp, offering larger and larger sums of money.

All Chadrian had to do was bring in Etienne to receive and distribute the money and act as leader. Etienne refused all contact with Chadrian, so Chadrian started looking for a substitute, and found James Kazongo living in Delaware with his wife and 3 small sons.

In Jan 2013, James filed his 2012 tax returns, and with the early refund, did as he was told, which was not tell anyone where he was going or why, paid for a return ticket to South Africa, arriving in Johannesburg in Jan 24 by KLM, with an expected return flight of Feb 4.

On Feb 3, James, Chadrian and his younger brother Jeff Kilele met in a restaurant with the South African government officials. Jeff tells me James was angry because the officials told James he had to travel with them to Limpopo to receive the money.

On Feb 4, the officials and 19 of the Congolese 20 gathered together for the trip to Limpopo. Jeff tells me the officials had a car had a sign saying "anti-rhino poaching", and they had guns. They looked extremely official, according to Jeff, whose last day at a factory making rubber boots was Jan 28.

After a long trip, the mood of the officials changed. All cell phones were confiscated, the men were told not to leave the campsite or they would be shot dead, they were made to sign confessions about them being involved in a coup at gunpoint, and were made to put on military uniforms and brandish weapons.

The next morning, Feb 5 2013, the men told me they heard a lot of gunshots, and the official South African police arrested the 19, and sent out reports that Etienne Kabila was wanted.

On Feb 8, 2013, Etienne turned himself in after he read that he was wanted on reports from Agence France.

May 23 was the 8th court hearing. The men have not been defended in court a single time.

The men had a first lawyer, Johan Koetze, who was paid 20,000 rand from money borrowed by 2 of the wives. The lawyer did not interview any of the men; and to the bail hearing in March, he sent 2 student lawyers who were unfamiliar with the case, and unfamiliar with South African law. The men told me that the lawyer later told the men he had been intimidated and offered a large sun of money to make sure they are found guilty.

The second lawyer Ubertus Joubert was similarly paid 20,000 rand; on the day before the May 23 hearing I was sitting with one of the wives when he called her and told her that if he wasn't given 14,000 rand immediately he would not be serious at the hearing. I found out later that he had already contacted the judge to ask for a postponement. A wife told me this week he has now demanded 140,000 rand immediately to keep going

I visited Legal Aid in Johannesburg. A young lawyer listened intently, took notes, gave me her card. The email address did not work.

Etienne had a Legal Aid lawyer, who was going to represent him in court at a hearing in May 29. Three days before he wrote to the Legal Aid lawyers and asked if he would work with Ubertus. The legal aid lawyer wrote back to Etienne that he had to drop Etienne because Legal Aid is for the poor who cannot afford representation. Etienne told me that Legal Aid lawyers are crooks and are paid for by Joseph Kabila.

The main problem at the moment is legal representation, and being caught in a legal system that looks like it will spare no expense to get them convicted and sent to Congo to get shot.

The men are in prison because they believed representatives of the South African government wanted to give them jobs, in a country in which the World Bank says unemployment is officially 25%, but more likely around 40%.

The men have remained in prison because the prosecutors, the defense lawyers, the judges, and the mainstream media have happily believed faked evidence.

The men believe that Legal Aid is out to get them. I don't know. They may be right.

I do know they need lawyers who believe them and are not afraid.
Picture above: Dr Susanna in the maroon jacket; Lumbo Salomon son of Angola; Janine Kazongo; Engineer Antoine Azima (son of Angola, grew up in Congo); Vincent Ngadi (son of Nigeria).

Right, Janine Kazongo and the 3 sons of Janine and James Kazongo, at home in Delaware.

Helen Suzman managed to stay in parliament in South Africa for 36 years, representing a Johannesburg electorate. From 1953 to 1989 she was the only consistent liberal voice opposing apartheid click here
In South Africa, rogue police lured 19 men into a trap by promising them training and jobs as anti-rhino poachers, in order to catch the 20th, who is the brother of the president of Congo. The 20th handed himself in after seeing international news reports telling him he was wanted. One year on Feb 5, 2014, 20 victims of rogue police, 20 innocent sons of Congo have been in Pretoria Central Prison waiting trial. More detail, click on the links below.
Elevator version of the story of why the Congolese 20 were imprisoned in Feb 2013. SJ Dodgson. MJoTA 2013 v7n1 p0610

Etienne Kabila, the brother of the president of Congo, has been caught in a trap that was set with the goal of him being sent back to Congo to be shot as a traitor.

South African undercover police scammed and kidnapped 19 men, who were on Feb 5 arrested by uniformed South African police; and with fabricated evidence, used international media to get the 20th man, Etienne Kabila, to give himself up.

The South African undercover police caught 18 of these men in this trap, with promises of government contracts to train as and work as anti-rhino poaching security guards. The 19th man is an American citizen who is a son of Congo, James Kazongo, who flew from Delaware to substitute for Etienne Kabila and was kidnapped with the 18, and arrested with them.

The Congolese 20 are being abused in prison. I visited them in Pretoria Central Prison on May 21 and May 28.

James Kazongo was attacked in his cell by 3 guards on May 22, and beaten so savagely his leg was broken. The food is inedible, James is severely vitamin deficient and has already lost more than 30% of his normal weight.

Feb 7, 2014: the men have been in Pretoria Central Prison one year, and their trial has been postponed 4 times.
Aug 1st, 2013: the men were brought before a judge in Pretoria. On July 31 2013, MJoTAtalks hosted a broadcast on BlogTalk Radio: to listen to good wishes sent from friends of the Congolese 20 to South Africa, a discussion of the case, what is happening in Congo, what is happening in South Africa: click here
Mainstream media reports of arrest of the 19 hard-working Congolese who were scammed and kidnapped by South African officials.

The 20th of the Congolese 20 is hard-working family man Etienne Kabila. He was arrested after going to a police station voluntarily when media reports demanded he do so.

These reports parrot the invented claims made by the South African undercover police and the prosecutors of Pretoria High Court.

The charges are real: these men have been charged with being mercenaries and trying to kill Joseph Kabila, who is Etienne's brother.

Likely the Congolese 20 were targeted because they have limited financial resources. 
South Africa has diamond mines.

Thompson Reuters Foundation click here, New York Times (from AP) click here, BBC click here
Cheerfully doing what I did not choose to do. SJ Dodgson. MJoTA 2013 v7n2 0725

From when I was 5, and dragged onto a boat to travel first to Ireland, and then more boats, and more boats, I knew I had no control over what happened in my life.

I do have control over whether I will cheerfully do what I am dragged to do. I did not choose to have the Congolese 20 in my heart, nor did I choose to make them and the welfare of their families the focus of my life. But they are.

I have seen the devastating effects of good citizens not wanting to be involved in "politics" that led to the death of 6 million Jews. How many ignored "politics" while millions of Africans were scammed and kidnapped to be bought and sold in the "New" World?

How many good people I have told about the Congolese 20 have turned their heads and said "it's political"?

While good souls who do not turn away understand that evil should not be tolerated no matter who does it, who are listening and working with Adeline and Pastor Joshua and Papa Deo and Annette and Pastor Jules, and my dear gospel singer.

These good souls know that the Congolese 20 have been in Pretoria Central Prison for 170 days because of a trap set by South African police, and know the Congolese 20 and their 65 immediate relatives are suffering: theirs is the kingdom of Heaven.

We are all part of the solution, or part of the problem, and whether you call good God or karma or commonsense or the Light, it doesn't matter. Good follows good, evil follows evil. Because I believe this is the right thing to do, I have chosen to be part of the solution.

Make yourself known if you too stand with the Congolese 20.

Call for prosecutors to drop charges against Congolese 20 and charge the South African undercover policemen who kidnapped and scammed the Congolese 20 and are scamming the South African judicial system click here
Sep 16, 2013. The Congolese 20 were taken before a judge in Pretoria to start their trial. The prosecutor claimed they could not go ahead with the trial until a 1,000 page document had been processed (retrieved? translated?) from Etienne Kabila's home in Capetown. The judge told the court that the trial must start on Oct 20. So 2 possibilities on Oct 20: the prosecutors will make fools of themselves and the South African police force by presenting fake evidence against 20 middle-aged family men without military records, without criminal records, or they will drop the charges. We are hoping and praying that the charges will be dropped, and South Africa will show to the world that they are a nation run by the rule of law.