Scam, kidnap by South African police

Scam, kidnap by South African police

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Scam, kidnap by South African police

Scam, kidnap by South African police

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The Obama Girls

The Obama Girls stump for Mayor Cory Booker. SJ Dodgson. MJoTA 2013 v7n2 p1015

While Ted Cruz and his congressional suicide bombers continued in Washington to figure out ways to blow themselves up with the American economy - a rally with Confederate flags for God's sake,  the Obama Girls from Pennsylvania zoomed into Camden on Oct 14 to stand up for President Obama, and do everything they could to get out the vote to get Cory Booker elected senator from New Jersey, so that Mayor Booker can fight for all New Jersey in Congress. The Obama Girls are 4 good friends who wanted their picture taken with Mayor Booker, and lined up a bank of cameras to make sure. I got the one above. I hope they like it, I love it! The lady on the far left is a daughter of Trinidad & Tobago.

The Cory Booker bus made stops all around New Jersey yesterday; I got dizzy hearing that after Mayor Booker addressed the crowd and gave everyone a handshake and a hug, the bus roared into Cherry Hill for another stop, and other places before winding up in Willingboro where Mayor Booker ran with his supporters in the dark. Mayor Booker has energy, my goodness.

After Mayor Booker climbed off his bus, he was introduced by another Obama girl, the Mayor of Camden, Dana Rudd. Mayor Rudd graciously welcomed the Independent Commission on African Affairs andvice president of Liberia to Camden City Hall in June, and I saw her last week when Barbara Buono came to Cherry Hill.

Mayor Booker talked about the stalemate in Washington, where Tea Party crazies have decided they would rather destroy the US economy rather than implement the cost-saving measures that make up the Affordable Healthcare Act. He talked about all the things he has talked about before, that are on the videos on this page. He even threw in e pluribus unum: out of many, one. A call for unity. We all need to be Obama girls. I am one.

After his speech, Mayor Booker gave interviews to television stations, newspaper reporters, had his picture taken with a lot of children wearing school uniforms. At one stage he was standing talking into a television microphone, and further down the street I could see a fire escape. I tried to get a shot of him against the fire escape, but did not. May Booker has a reputation for being hands on, and is known for going into a burning building to save a life. I have been seeing for years his calls for citizens everywhere to come out with him for walks through Newark to take back the streets so they are safe. When he was first elected mayor in Newark, he took over a dangerous city, which he knew about first hand. He lived in a neighborhood that was plagued with crime.

I love the metaphor of him going to Washington to pull America out of a burning building. Certainly he cannot do it alone, but he can with unity of purpose with good members of Congress who are sick of the United States of America run by lurching from crisis to crisis.

The Obama Girls were fired up by their hug of Mayor Booker; when the bus drove off they huddled with Cory Booker for Senate organizer Gabby and planned a get-out-the-vote push through neighborhoods in Camden, picture below.

I hope they come back to help New Jersey with the one-two punch against the New Jersey governor: Senator Cory Booker needs his back covered in New Jersey, which it will be when Barbara Buono is elected governor and Milly Silva lieutenant governor.

"Unity is strength." Audio interview with son of Haiti, Yves Rene, who created the Caribbean Unity Flag click here.