Scam, kidnap by South African police

Scam, kidnap by South African police

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Dr Susanna loves the countries and the peoples of Africa

Scam, kidnap by South African police

Scam, kidnap by South African police

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How much do we charge and when will you get it?

Depends on how fast you want it and what you want done.

If you want 50,000 business cards tomorrow and you want us to do the graphic design, this will cost you more than if you want the cards in 6 business days and you give us the jpg of the design.

We reserve the right to reject a jpg if it is not of high quality for printing.

We cost less than Staples or Home Depot, and our cards are of higher quality.

How do you pay us?

When you make the order by mailing a check or money order.

How do we get the products to you?

If we can mail them, we will mail them to you.

If you order an awning or vehicle graphics,  we bring the product to you.
MJoTA Photo and Print
Contact MJoTA Photo and Print

We print anything on anything. We also publish books and ebooks, and print soft cover and hardcover.

Do you need a quote for print, photo, audio, video, web-design? Contact us, whichever way works for you

- fill out the form at right
- call or text  1-609-792-1571

Are you a graphic designer or photographer or film-maker or writer looking for work? Please contact us and send by email a complete resume.

Thank you for visiting this MJoTA site. May God bless you and your good work.

We photograph anything anywhere, tell us when to come and what you want and we will deliver high-resolution images on a flash drive. Or we will print the images. Whatever you want.

And we make movies. Video, sound, editing, final product.

We print anything on anything at the highest quality for the lowest price.

How? Volume and consistency of service.

From business cards to neon lights to brochures to books to awnings to sky writing.

And we have writers, photographers, movie makers, graphic artists, web designers.

We are experts in social media and have everything you need to promote and market your business.

For a quote: call or text 1-609-792-1571; send email to; fill out the form at right.

Business cards above and left are shown as examples. You don't have to have your picture on your card, but if you want it, we will take it for you and design your card the way you want it.

We are also happy to print from your jpeg, your pdf; we can also take a high resolution picture of your card and print new cards from that.

We have templates for business cards and postcards, fill out the form above and we will guide you to the quickest and most cost-effective way to get your printing done.