Scam, kidnap by South African police

Scam, kidnap by South African police

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Scam, kidnap by South African police

Scam, kidnap by South African police

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Nelson Mandela
Nelson Mandela on his 90th birthday in 2008.
News feed from Pretoria

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Mining Charter has wiped R50 billion off value of shares

The Chamber of Mines of South Africa said that R50 billion has been wiped off the market value of shares of listed mining companies since the publication of the contentious Mining Charter in June. This is revealed in the Chambers 277-page founding affidavit submitted on Tuesday to the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria for the application of a judicial review and setting aside of the 2017 Reviewed Mining Charter.

Thu, 19 Oct 2017 06:15:16 GMT

Oscar Pistorius Halloween costume is being sold on Amazon

Halloween outfit based on killer athlete Oscar Pistorius is being sold on Amazon... complete with boot covers to represent the double amputee's famous blades The costume, which proudly promises to 'cause controversy' consists of a green sleeveless shirt, shorts and bootcovers to represent his blades. It also features the words 'Blade Gunner' on the front in a tasteless nod to the killer's nickname, Blade Runner.

Thu, 19 Oct 2017 01:59:24 GMT

.com | 'Most wanted' alleged fraudster arrested in Cape Town hideout

A suspected fraudster who has apparently evaded arrest for years was tracked down and arrested in Milnerton, Cape Town, on Wednesday by a team including a private investigator from Johannesburg. Chad Thomas, the chief forensic investigator for IRS Forensic Investigations, said the independent company had considered the suspect, who had been on the run for years, as its "most wanted".

Wed, 18 Oct 2017 21:23:36 GMT

Sanral continues to bully e-toll defaulters - Outa

Johannesburg - The South African National Roads Agency Limited is still harassing and bullying motorists with scare tactics by issuing summons against them for non-payment of e-tolls, says the Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse, despite its acknowledgment that the scheme has failed. "We're getting calls from the public on a daily basis," said Outa portfolio manager for transport Rudie Heyneke, "saying they've been summonsed for not paying e-tolls.

Wed, 18 Oct 2017 12:32:10 GMT

.com | Pan-African parliament in grip of existential crisis

Since its creation in 2004, the Pan-African Parliament has struggled to make its voice heard, prompting its deputies to ask themselves at a recent gathering: "What are we for?" "Every time we're here, we obsess over the same things. If we are not making laws, then what's the point of being here?" Corneille Padonou of Benin said to his fellow parliamentarians.

Wed, 18 Oct 2017 02:19:36 GMT

Chlamydia trachomatis Biovar L2 Infection in Women in South Africa

Peters R, Doyle R, Redelinghuys MJ, McIntyre JA, Verjans GM, Breuer J, et al. Chlamydia trachomatis Biovar L2 Infection in Women in South Africa. Emerg Infect Dis.

Tue, 17 Oct 2017 21:36:16 GMT

Life Esidimeni: 'Ceiling wasn't leaking, it just needed to be closed'

Owner of Precious Angels, Ethel Ncube on Tuesday rubbished Health Ombudsman Malegapuru Makgoba's damning report about the inadequacy of her premises, adding that she would provide evidence to the contrary. Ncube's Precious Angels had two facilities in Attridgeville and Danville in Pretoria.

Tue, 17 Oct 2017 17:14:49 GMT

#CabinetReshuffle puts Apleni's court bid for reinstatement on hold

Suspended Director-General of Home Affairs, Mkuseli Apleni's situation is still unclear after President Jacob Zuma on Tuesday replaced now former Home Affairs Minister Hlengiwe Mkhize with Ayanda Dlodlo, but he is still fighting his suspension in court. Apleni's urgent application went ahead in the Gauteng High Court Pretoria on Tuesday - the same day on which Zuma appointed former Minister of Communications Ayanda Dlodlo as the new minister of Home Affairs.

Tue, 17 Oct 2017 17:14:48 GMT
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Left, picture from Wikipedia of Nelson Mandela. This picture is share ware and can be used without permission but the source has to be recognized. All other pictures on this page, and throughout the MJoTA sites, unless noted, are (c) and may only be published or posted with written permission from the MJoTA publisher.

Below, Brooklyn celebrates the 15th anniversary of the end of apartheid in South Africa, May 2009.

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Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, also known as Madiba, was born 18 Jul 1918 in South Africa

Educated at University College of Fort Hare and the University of Witwatersrand and qualified in law in 1942.

Imprisoned for fighting for equal rights for all sons and daughters of South Africa from 1962 to 1990

Nobel Prize for Peace in 1993, he shared this prize with FW De Klerk

President of South Africa from 1994 to 1999

Sources: Nobel Prize Institute and Wikipedia.