Scam, kidnap by South African police

Scam, kidnap by South African police

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Dr Susanna loves the countries and the peoples of Africa

Scam, kidnap by South African police

Scam, kidnap by South African police

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I named myself Susanna, because I loved how Susanna was falsely accused and saved by angels click here.
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January 25, 1945. Snowy day in Belfast. Irish rose Dr H Patience Uprichard married Dr MCH Dodgson, descendant of London Stock Exchange founder. Thanks Mum & Dad!

Dr Susanna J Dodgson's relatives

Above, Dr Susanna with her first-born, Angus Zoltan Dodgson Pekala, in physiology laboratory in front of the mass spectrometer in 1981.
Dr Patience Uprichard Dodgson click here
Dr Michael Cecil Heathfield Dodgson click here
The Rt Rev MAP Wood
Bishop of Norwich 1971-1985 click here
Campbell Dodgson, British museum curator of prints, friend of Oscar Wilde, uncle of my English grandfather click here
Aberdeen painter shot dead in his kilt at Ypres: Campbell Lindsay Smith click here
The 3 Henley Dodgson sons: Toby, Philip and Guy click here
Charles Heathfield Dodgson, Cambridge University law graduate, my English greatgrandfather
Stephen Dodgson, classical guitar, his father was first cousin to my grandfather.
The soldier who told the rabbit to run click here
Pi Day 2015. SJ Dodgson 2015 v9n1 p0314

3.14.15. Not only Pi Day, but Super Pi Day. Christmas for nerds. All nerds are encouraged to find a pie and draw a circle or two. I have an apple crumble pie for my daughter and myself. Her favorite. She never knew Dr Patience, and does not know that was her favorite too. We are part of circles, known and unknown.

All accumulated Pi memories are tumbling out and lining up towards infinity... The irrational number that gets into everything and delights because it is constant when all else fades. When the snow vanishes, when the snowdrops wilt, in the heat of summer, Pi is constant.

Ah! I am remembering third form mathematics with Mrs Sherman at Sydney Girls High School.

I am remembering the husband of my youth spending days printing and photographing the perfect Pi for his axis for his B.Sc (med) thesis at UNSW.

And birthdays.

Albert Einstein was born on Pi Day. The Jewish great-grandfather of my younger 2 children was another nerd, chemist, held patents.  He knew Albert Einstein in Germany and Switzerland.

In 1914, a coalminer's son was born on Pi Day. He had 4 grandkids, all male, all scientists, all geniuses, all extremely well-behaved, all nerds. Two are my sons. Their last name is Pekala: nephews, Lance & Todd and sons, Angus & Miles. I am thinking their last name should be Pikala. Or Pikoala.

Susanna Jane Dodgson was delivered by a knight in Bristol, England to 2 physicians who met at the heart of the British Empire when bombs were falling. MCH Dodgson came from a big family that had long settled in England, and was connected to Australia through the marriage of his grandfather Charles Heathfield Dodgson to Caroline Maud Tooth. Caroline was born in Sydney at a mansion named Cranbrook, which later became a boys' school, and kept the name. H Patience Dodgson came from the Uprichard and McMordie families of Belfast, movers and shakers during the 19th and 20th centuries. Uprichards were Quakers and linen manufacturers.

Professional bio:
Clayton Park Infants School, Manchester, England 1955-1957
Richmond Lodge, Belfast, Northern Ireland 1957
Mangagapa School, Gisborne, New Zealand 1958-1960
Randwick Girls Primary School, Sydney, Australia 1960-1963
Sydney Girls High School 1964-1969
Univ New South Wales Faculty of Biological Sciences:
BSc 1973 (double major, physiology & biochemistry)
biochemistry honors thesis 1974
Univ New South Wales Faculty of Medicine:
PhD 1978 physiology & pharmacology;
Univ Pennsylvania Sch Medicine Dept Physiology:
post-doctoral fellow 1978-1984,
assistant professor 1984-1990,
associate professor 1990-1996
Emerald Pademelon Press LLC, publisher and medical writer, since 1997
Univ Sciences in Philadelphia Dept Biomedical Writing:
director, professor 2004-2008
Medical Journal of Therapeutics Africa, publisher since 2006
MJoTA Institute of Medical Writing, director since 2009.
William John Dodgson  (1950-1950)

My brother was born one year before me, and died after 2 months and in 1950, was laid to rest in a graveyard in Eastbourne, Sussex.

Johnny did not get to go to Ireland and watch Sputnik, to New Zealand to play conkers in Cook Hospital, to Australia to swim off Coogee Beach, to California to watch canyon fires reflected on the Pacific Ocean, to Nepal, to Thailand, to Singapore, to Germany, to Sweden, to Italy, to Denmark, to Finland, to Italy, to Malta, to Spain, to Portugal, to Hungary, to Yugoslavia, to Kenya, to Nigeria, to Sierra Leone, to South Africa, to the Bahamas, to Tahiti, to Fiji, to Panama, to Antigua, to Puerto Rico, to Haiti, to Dominican Republic, to Grenada, to Iceland, to France, to Holland, to Belgium, to Switzerland, to Turkey, to Zambia, to Hawaii, to New York City....

But I did. And in peace. Death in childhood sucks.

The first thing I ever read was an obituary, and still, to this day, I read obituaries first. I put that down to my father being a pathologist. I had 3 brothers, who were all mean, and when I was 15, learned I was only born because 12 months previously, a 4th brother was born and died at 2 months. I always had a picture of Johnny coming to my rescue, and want to be buried next to him in England. He has been on his own a long, long time.
Born Susan Jane Dodgson in 1951 in Bristol, UK, to:
- Helen Patience Uprichard MBBCh (Queen's Univ, Belfast) (1915-1995)
- Major MCH Dodgson MDBS (Univ Lond), MRCollPath (1919-1988)

Grand-daughter of:
- Helen Jane McMordie
- William John Uprichard
- Hannah Frances Dalzell Piper
- Major Hubert Cecil Dodgson

Sister of
- Robert Michael Dodgson b 1949, London
- John William Dodgson b1950 (d1950), London
- Patrick William Dodgson b 1952, Bristol, UK
- Charles Heathfield Dodgson b 1959, Gisborne, NZ

Mother of 4 Americans:
- Angus Z Dodgson Pekala BS (SJU Phila), MS (USPhila)
- Miles C Dodgson Pekala BEng (Lehigh), MSc (Lehigh);
- Allister Michael Dodgson-Blossfeld BA (Stockton Univ);
- Patience Caroline Blossfeld Dodgson BS (Drexel Univ).