Scam, kidnap by South African police

Scam, kidnap by South African police

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Scam, kidnap by South African police

Scam, kidnap by South African police

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The human faces of the Congolese 20: 20 victims of a massive scam and kidnapping by South African undercover police. SJ Dodgson. MJoTA 2013 v6n1 p0524

I have been writing about the indictments, incarceration and court hearings of the Congolese 20.

I need to introduce you to them. I have seen most of them in Pretoria Central Prison, I have spoken with their relatives and friends, and yet I have not introduced them to you.

Every one of these men is alive, living in a small cell in the institution that once housed Nelson Mandela. Every one is given oatmeal for breakfast, and has a story, has family.

Not a single one of these men has a criminal record, not a single one has any military training.

Congolese are by geography and nature peaceful. They come from a rich, lush country in Central Africa, a country that was a safe harbor for many refugees during times of apartheid in South Africa, during times of war in Angola and Nigeria.

The first man is Chadrian Kabuka Lubagaba Kilele. He is a short active man with 6 children from a wife and an ex- wife, who ran an internet café with his brother, Pastor Jules Kilele, who tells me he is watched, constantly has threatening phone calls, and believes the South African undercover police scammers are getting ready to arrest him. The second man in prison, Mukiti Kilele, is another brother.

Pastor Jules has himself a wife and 4 children; since Chadrian was arrested he has had to shut down the internet café and sell the computers. He told me yesterday that Chadrian’s family has had their electricity shut off.  Chadrian was the first contact of the undercover South African police officers who scammed and kidnapped 19 Congolese men in order to trap the 20th man, Etienne Kabila. I have written about this previously.

The third incarcerated man of the Congolese 20 is Patrick Lunula Masikini, who ran a successful construction business in Johannesburg. In their nearly 20 years in South Africa, Patrick and his wife Adeline have produced 4 sons, and then a daughter 2 months before his arrest. Adeline faithfully travels every week to Pretoria Central prison, with her little daughter Princess Annette. Patrick and Adeline own 2 houses, and were preparing to build a cottage. Now Adeline has one house up for sale, and scrapes together money for food by selling cosmetics. Adeline looks far too young to be the mother of 5, I traveled with her on Tuesday to see the men in prison and she said that when she brought with her her 2nd son, who is 14, the guard said this young man certainly was not the son of this small girl. However, nothing small girl about Adeline. She is the spokesman for the wives, and she believes she is also a target for arrest because of her weekly visits to her husband.

Patrick was the first man recruited by Chadrian: they both believed the South African undercover police scammers who claimed to have funds to pay them to recruit and set up an anti-rhino-poaching training camp.

The fourth man is Congolese-born American James Kazongo, whom Chadrian contacted through the internet, and convinced him to travel to South Africa at his own expense in order to accept the more-than-generous payments from the South African undercover police scammers. James has a wife, Janine, whom he met in Paris in 1995, brought back to his home in Philadelphia. After their first son Michael was born in 2002, James bought Janine a lovely house in Delaware, where 2 more sons were born: Matthew and Maxim. After James’ arrest, their ownership of the house has become tenuous. They have not paid the mortgage for some months, and their car has been repossessed. Led by Angola Nova president Salomon Lumbo, members of the Philadelphia African communities have been bringing Janine and the boys food, and have helped her access free social services.

The 5th man is Etienne Kabila, who claims to be, and is reported to be, the son of the late President Laurent Desire Kabila. The late president holds a strong place in the hearts of many Congolese refugees I have spoken with, who have told me the current president of Congo, Joseph Kabila, stole the 2011 elections, is really Rwandan, and is not Laurent’s son. I have no idea whether any of this is true, or what it means. However, from all the evidence, this massive scam by the South African undercover policemen was to catch Etienne Kabila.

The arrest of Etienne Kabila is an even greater miscarriage of justice than the arrest of all the rest, if that is possible.

Etienne Kabila was asked to travel 2,000 km from Capetown to Johannesburg twice; after the second time he refused to have any more contact with the undercover South African police scammers.

After that, in early Sep 2012, the undercover South African police scammers changed their story from wanting to help Congolese refugees, to wanting to set up an anti-rhino-poaching training camp. Even as the amount of money promised for participation in setting up this camp climbed from USD30,000 to USD450,000 in Jan 2013, Etienne Kabila continued to refuse contact.

I understand from the accounts told to me, the undercover South African police scammers believed that Etienne Kabila was one of the 19 they kidnapped in Limpopo, not knowing until then that James Kazongo had been substituted for Etienne Kabila. And the South African undercover police scammers’ plan to shoot dead the 19 was foiled, because the trap set to catch Etienne Kabila had not caught him. Hastily another plan was hatched: to charge the 19 with plotting a coup, bring in international press to show to the world how South Africa will not tolerate any coup-plotters or weapons-traffickers, and demand the surrender of Etienne Kabila. Which he did. The fact that Etienne Kabila is still alive is wonderful. May he live a long time.

The other 15 men are men who mostly worked as security guards after coming to South Africa. They all have families. The 2 youngest men are in their 20s; the others are mostly in their 40s. They all were told they were needed as security guards for the anti-rhino-poaching training camp, and after they had done what was needed, would be given USD2,500 in cash and a certificate of competency. The names of the other 15 are
Simon Mbuyi Mukuna,
James Jacob Mapimi
Musasa Tshibangu
Jean-Paul Tambwe
David Muyembe Bakajika
Amuli Safari
John Malako
Alain Yoka Maniema
Jean-Pierre Lerulwaba
Eric Zabinga Muboto
Apolinaire mahele
Felly Basila
Nelka Tenta
Joe Ngezi
Kakesa Mutombo.

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Prosecutors: drop the charges against the Congolese 20 and bring charges against the South African undercover police that scammed and kidnapped the Congolese 20 and is even now scamming the South African judicial system. SJ DOdgson. MJoTA 2013 v6n1 p0525

I have heard words of support for the Congolese 20 from all over the world. I know that South Africans are proud of their constitution and the fairness of the legal system.

As a member of the international community who fights every day for human rights, I am requesting that the prosecutors in this case stop falling into the scam started and continued by the 2 or 3 South African undercover policemen: drop the charges against the Congolese 20 and indict the South African undercover policemen scammers for fraud and criminal mischief.

And I request that the South African government pay compensation to the families of the Congolese 20 so they can continue to live quietly and happily in South Africa.
Constitution of South Africa


From the South African government website

"The Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996, was approved by the Constitutional Court (CC) on 4 December 1996 and took effect on 4 February 1997.

"The Constitution is the supreme law of the land. No other law or government action can supersede the provisions of the Constitution"

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