Scam, kidnap by South African police

Scam, kidnap by South African police

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Scam, kidnap by South African police

Scam, kidnap by South African police

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"Philadelphia must have done something very good to get Mrs Blackwell.

"Mrs Blackwell shows up to give her love and support to efforts and successes in African and Caribbean immigrant and non-immigrant communities all over Philadelphia.

Keep coming back. I have lots of photographs."

Dr Susanna

Councilmember Hon Mrs Jannie Blackwell

Edited from Mrs Blackwell's page on the Philadelpia City Council website:

"Mrs Jannie L Blackwell, a 5-term councilperson born and reared in Philadelphia, is an advocate for social change who for 30 years has served community members and the poor and underprivileged in the City of Philadelphia.

Mrs Blackwell is a graduate of Cheyney University (Bachelor of Science in Education) and a graduate of St. Joseph’s University (Master of Arts in Education).

Mrs Blackwell began her political career by serving as Special Assistant to the Governor, assigned to the Pennsylvania Legislative Black Caucus in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  She resigned with her husband, then State Representative Lucien E. Blackwell, when he ran for and was elected to City Council.

She has been delegate to the National Convention for the last 5 presidential elections, she was Administrative Assistant to 2 Lucien E. Blackwell campaigns for Mayor, 4 for City Council and 3 for the U.S. Congress; as well as during Mr Blackwell's 15-year tenure in City Council, before succeeding him.

Since taking office in 1992, Jannie has emerged as a strong contender and powerbroker in the local political arena.  Elected among her peers as Majority Leader in 2000 (2000-2008), Councilwoman Blackwell is a behind the scenes consensus builder and problem solver.  A stellar politician who understands the making of solid policy, Councilwoman Blackwell has introduced significant legislation during her 5 Council terms.

Mrs Blackwell is Chair of the Education Committee and the Chair of the Committee on Housing, Neighborhood Development and the Homeless.  She is Vice Chair of the Finance Committee and member of the Committee of the Whole, Committee on Transportation and Public Utilities, and the Committee on Ethics. 

Mrs Blackwell is also a Co-Founder and Commissioner on the Mayor’s Commission on African and Caribbean Immigrant Affairs.

The Lucien E. Blackwell Homes, in and around 46th Street and Brown Streets in West Philadelphia total over 1,000 new homes available for rental and homeownership.

In 1999, Mrs Blackwell announced a 10-Year Economic Development Plan for West and Southwest Philadelphia causing the formation of a non-profit organization, “West Philadelphia on the Move”.  The Plan incorporates her vision for increasing affordable housing and job and business development.  Her leadership and hands-on approach with business leaders, public and private institutions, community groups, town watch leaders, block captains, and other elected officials, has continued to allow this economic development plan to be realized, so far with over 3 billion dollars in public and private investment.

Mrs Blackwell has made a life-long commitment to move her community forward, and will always work to foster an end to homelessness, neighborhood blight and poor public education through using the tools of public policy, legislation and public involvement.  Her vision is that the quality of life of all her constituents can be improved – regardless of race, class, gender, or socio-economic status.  She believes every problem can be solved, and that when we work together, everybody wins."

Mrs Blackwell, above, opening the ACANA festival with ACANA founder and CEO, son of Liberia Voffee Jababteh, MSW.

ACANA festival performers Bracket click here. Rafiya click here. Liberia click here.

Mrs Blackwell, below, opening the annual Echoes of Africa celebration at the Philadelphia Zoo for members of African immigrant communities.

Behind her is Stanley Straughter, who heads the Mayors Commission on African and Caribbean Immigrant Affairs click here.

Large picture at bottom of page, Mrs Blackwell is conferring with her staff member daughter of India Anjali Chainani during the 2012 Echoes of Africa.

India click here.

Stand firm, Jannie!

Oct 09, 2007

By Tracey L Gordon letter to editor Philadelphia Inquirer

"I TOTALLY disagree with your editorial "100 kids being held hostage on the parkway" (Oct. 2). As I look at the names of the editorial board, I bet not one of you live in Jannie Blackwell's district or near where they proposed the "jail," and I'm not a betting woman.

I totally agree with the councilwoman's demands, and I'm proud she's standing up for her community. That area needs a community center, and the city needs more affordable housing. Why just accept a "jail" in your community that will interrupt traffic and parking and God only knows what else, and not negotiate for some amenities for the community?....."

Mrs Blackwell Forced to Withdraw Opposition

Nov 29, 2007
By Jeff Shields and Thomas Fitzgerald INQUIRER STAFF WRITERS

City Councilwoman Jannie L. Blackwell has dropped her longstanding opposition to moving the city's youth detention center to West Philadelphia in exchange for a pledge for improvements in her district, including a community center to be named after her late husband.... The deal... ends a stalemate ....