Scam, kidnap by South African police

Scam, kidnap by South African police

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Scam, kidnap by South African police

Scam, kidnap by South African police

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White Rose: resistance to terror exhibit at Aces Museum

Aces Museum of Philadelphia honors veterans and is a monument to peace click here
Resistance in Nazi Germany displayed at the Aces Museum. SJ Dodgson. MJoTA 2013 v7n2 p1115.

The second world war, 1939-1945, claimed many victims, and many of its victims were heroes and their stories can never be told.

The Aces Museum has a new exhibit to these unknown and unsung heroes, with a display on the wall opposite the slave exhibit to the German resisters of the group known as the White Rose. This group of university students objected to the cruelty against Russians at the Russian front, and to Jews and other Germans at home. They started a leafletting campaign to overthrow Hitler, but were betrayed by their own, and about 20 were executed, mostly by guillotine beheading.

Other Germans resisted Nazi atrocities individually and in groups. Field Marshall Rommel was forced to swallow a cyanide tablet when his group's plot failed. For over 20 years I attended Quaker meeting with a daughter of Adolf Sannwald who was a Lutheran pastor killed at the Russian front where he had been sent for his preaching.

The Russian front was the most dangerous place to fight for Germans because they were a thousand or more miles from home, the winters were bitter and long, and the Russians fiercely defended their country.

My children Allister and Patience are the grandchildren of Ruth Noerdlinger Blossfeld, whose brother was sent to the Russian front because his father was a Jew. Whatever fate was planned for Ruth was thwarted by her husband who somehow tricked the Nazis into believing he was a solider in a different area of Germany, and spent the war hiding Ruth and then their baby son, making leather clothes and functioning electronics from scraps and listening to the BBC (a crime punishable by immediate execution) so that they knew where the Allies were planning to bomb.

In 1992, when Ruth's baby boy moved his baby boy Allister and me to the Black Forest with my 2 older sons, we were told by the locals that the Russian Front was as cold as the Black Forest, but for a month or 2 longer. Then we knew.

Ruth died in 1993, and her husband in 1990, but they told me stories that remain vivid. Ruth told me about Crystal Night, when the German Nazi Government sanctioned the destruction of German businesses and murders of Jews. Ruth told me her brother stood all night downstairs with a shotgun, telling anyone that would listen that their father was dead. And that their mother was Catholic. Such is terror.

Anne Frank was a cousin of Ruth Noerdlinger Blossfeld, who told me she remembered holding baby Anne in her arms before the Frank family moved to Holland.

And so the global stories of resistance against Nazi terror are also personal family stories. We are all one family.

The largest and longest-lasting crime in human history was the kidnapping, imprisonment, torture of Africans that lasted from the 1619 until the end of the Civil War in 1865. Transportation of kidnapped Africans stopped in 1808, because of resisters. Because evil does not go away, once Africans were all emancipated, the torture changed direction, with the laws of the land permitting the descendants of the torturers to continue torturing the descendants of the tortured Africans. And the resisters were many, are many. The Aces Museum is a citadel to all resisters to violations of human rights, known and unknown.