Scam, kidnap by South African police

Scam, kidnap by South African police

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Dr Susanna loves the countries and the peoples of Africa

Scam, kidnap by South African police

Scam, kidnap by South African police

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The Day of Infamy. Pearl Harbor, Dec 07, 1941. MJoTA 2015 v9n2 p1207

Dec 07, 1941, in the early morning, Japanese planes attacked the US fleet in Hawaii, at Pearl Harbor. A cook on one of the ships immediately moved anyone he could to safety, and grabbed a machine gun and shot down a number of Japanese planes. Sergeant Stephen Sherman, of California, spent his career as a postal clerk, and in his 90s worked hard to get Dorrie Miller recognition as a brave man. Sgt Sherman came to Philadelphia to our events at the Aces Museum, and was on the board of Aces Museum, right up until his death in 2014. We really miss him.

Althea Hankins MD, right, spends every waking minute caring for her medical patients in her Germantown office, and the museum she originally set up to honor her father and other veterans of World War II. Dr Hankins is a great-niece of Marcus Garvey.

A day in infamy: Pearl Harbor attacked Dec 07, 1941

Above, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Dr Susanna took this picture from the Democratic Party headquarters on the night before the 2012 presidential elections, when a grandson of a WWII veteran and son of Hawaii was running for his second term.
The Day of Infamy. Pearl Harbor, Dec 07, 1941. MJoTA 2012 v6n2 p1207

Aces Museum is a hidden treasure in Philadelphia. It was the Black military's USO, the last stop for Black soldiers before being shipped overseas, the first stop when they came home. We are remembering Pearl Harbor Day, and the Black sailors who were banned from having guns, but who took up guns and cannons and carried white sailors to safety and put up a spirited defense during the Day of Infamy.

Documentary on this page, nearly 1,200 died on the USS Arizona alone, and are buried with the ship at Pearl Harbor. In brief stopovers on my way to and from Australia, I was driven past Pearl Harbor from the airport and back again in early Nov and late Nov 2012. It is a holy place. And mind-blowingly beautiful.

Dory Miller grew up in a farm and knew guns, but he was hired as a cook. His bravery has been documented. I met Sergeant Sherman at Aces Museum celebration of Memorial Day, he met him during his days in the Black military during World War II, when German prisoners-of-war were treated with more respect than our returning heroes. Breaks my heart every day to hear about separate water fountains, separate bathrooms, separate churches.

Since 2006, when I started MJoTA, I have found that I am welcomed openly in communities inside Africa and recent immigrants from Africa. And not as warmly by African communities in and from the Caribbean. And am generally treated with great suspicion by communities of African Americans. I understand why, and that breaks my heart too.

Persons who look like me need to apologize every day for the abuse and cruelty and genocide we  have rained upon the sons and daughters of Africa. Every day.

A good place to start would be to lobby to redirect money that is used to prevent unionization towards hiring more teachers so that children born to teenage mothers and dead fathers have a chance at becoming president. Because until every child has a good shot at becoming president, we are failing them. All of them. And that breaks my heart.

Because why did we even fight back at Pearl Harbor if we do not care for our children? Why did our fathers and grandfathers die in Europe fighting the genocidal Nazis and in the Pacific and Asia fighting the genocidal Imperial Army, if not for the children?

Headline from article by Frank L Kluckhohn in New York Times Dec 8, 1941:

Guam Bombed; Army Ship is Sunk; U.S. Fliers Head North From Manila -- Battleship Oklahoma Set Afire by Torpedo Planes at Honolulu --- 104 Soldiers Killed at Field in Hawaii --- President Fears 'Very Heavy Losses' on Oahu -- Churchill Notifies Japan That a State of War Exists --- Japan Starts War on US --- Hawaii and Guam Bombed
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