Scam, kidnap by South African police

Scam, kidnap by South African police

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Scam, kidnap by South African police

Scam, kidnap by South African police

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June 8, 2011. The Consul General for Angola moved from her job in New York to a consular position in Houston. Dr Chika Onyeani, above, gave a speech in recognition of the great work she has been doing in African communities. Dr Chika Onyeani publishes African Sun Times, and is a prolific writer of intellectual works.

Pictures of dancers above right and on Aug Daily Updates. Also on Aug Daily Updates, picture of the Consul General Mrs Julia Machado Esq with Princess Tosin Mustapha and Dr Susanna.
The Republic of Angola
Flag and map from Wikipedia

The Portuguese colonized Angola, and left in 1975, and a civil war started which ended in 2002. Angola has a lot of oil, a lot of minerals and a lot of poverty. They banned Islam in 2013.

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‘Criminals?’ Hardly. That’s Who the Caravan Flees.
The would-be immigrants to the United States traveling from Central America are trying to escape rule by authoritarian governments tied to gangs, organized crime and other criminal enterprises.

Fri, 09 Nov 2018 11:00:40 GMT

How to Really Help Children Abroad
For Americans who volunteer to serve the poor in foreign orphanages, there are many better ways in which to do good than working directly with the children.

Tue, 23 Oct 2018 10:00:04 GMT

Archbishop Óscar Romero and Pope Paul VI Are Made Saints
Pope Francis canonized the Salvadoran archbishop killed in 1980 by a right-wing death squad and the pope credited with leading the modernization of the church.

Sun, 14 Oct 2018 13:26:50 GMT

Óscar Romero, Archbishop Killed While Saying Mass, Will Be Named a Saint on Sunday
He was one of the most prominent church leaders in Latin America when he was killed in 1980. He’ll be canonized with Pope Paul VI and four others.

Sat, 13 Oct 2018 13:57:58 GMT

Judge Blocks Trump Administration From Ending Some Immigrant Protections
The decision temporarily relieves more than 300,000 immigrants from El Salvador, Haiti, Nicaragua and Sudan from the threat of deportation.

Thu, 04 Oct 2018 05:27:16 GMT

U.S. Weighed Penalizing El Salvador Over Support for China, Then Backed Off
The White House wanted to cut aid to El Salvador after it severed diplomatic ties with Taiwan in favor of China. But that could have jeopardized efforts to curb illegal immigration.

Sat, 29 Sep 2018 16:08:46 GMT

China Tells Taiwan to ‘Go Fish’
The island suffers while the mainland reels in prosperity.

Sun, 26 Aug 2018 19:23:51 GMT

White House Criticizes China Over El Salvador Recognition
El Salvador’s decision to break diplomatic ties with Taiwan and establish them with China was “of grave concern,” the White House said.

Fri, 24 Aug 2018 08:13:41 GMT

El Salvador Recognizes China in Blow to Taiwan
China is using its wealth to isolate Taiwan diplomatically by offering infrastructure projects to Latin American countries.

Tue, 21 Aug 2018 07:49:38 GMT

What My 6-Year-Old Son and I Endured in Family Detention
The conditions were horrible. He remembers it for what it was: a prison.

Mon, 25 Jun 2018 19:42:37 GMT

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S. African gov't urged to reshape entire energy sector
CAPE TOWN-- Calls emerged on Monday for the South African government to reshape the country's entire sector to avoid rolling blackouts.,

This came after parts of South Africa were plunged into darkness on Sunday when electricity utility Eskom was forced to implement emergency stage 1 load shedding following the revelation that five of its coal power stations had less than 10 days of coal supply.

"These outages are proof that South Africa desperately needs a long-term solution to reshape the entire energy sector," the opposition Democratic Alliance (DA) said.

Eskom, which supplies about 95 percent of the electricity consumed in South Africa, relies heavily on coal to generate its power stations.

The utility reportedly is looking to spend one billion rand (about 70 million U.S. dollars) on diesel over the next four months to fill the gap and keep the lights on.

Calling the move "unsustainable," the DA said there is a complete lack of long-term planning and strategy at Eskom.

"Eskom needs a firm plan of action to make it more efficient and productive," said Natasha Mazzone, DA Shadow Minister of Public Enterprises.

The DA has introduced its proposed Independent System and Market Operator (ISMO) Bill which will see Eskom split into two entities, a transmission/grid entity, and a generating entity to resolve the current impasse.

This would allow the state-run parastatal to compete with other power producers on an equal footing, with price and efficiency being the main determinants of delivering power to the national electricity grid, the DA said.

"Eskom's monopolistic stranglehold of power delivery to the economy must be broken," Mazzone said.

This is the only way South Africa can free up the energy space to competition, stability and reliability, he said.

Since 2008, South Africa has suffered from power insufficiency which seriously impedes the country's economic growth and affects people's lives, particularly in 2014 and 2015 when load shedding constantly gripped the country.

Poor management and lack of funding have forced Eskom to implement load shedding at three stages as a last resort to protect the national system from a total blackout.

Stage 1 load shedding allows for up to 1,000MW of the national load to be shed once a day. If the pressure grows, stage 2 for up to 2,000MW or stage three for up to 4,000MW would be shed. At stage 2, power goes off twice a day, while at stage 3, electricity could be cut two or three times a day,XINHUA.


Mon, 19 Nov 2018 12:35:03 GMT

93 African children freed in Algeria from human trafficking networks
ALGIERS -- Algerian authorities on Sunday said 93 children of different African nationalities were freed from human trafficking networks.,

Police Department and Social Assistance Bureau of Algiers announced in a statement that "Algerian security forces managed within a week to free 93 children of various African nationalities, including over 60 children from Niger, as they are exploited to raise money by begging in the capital Algiers."

The source specified that the first operation was carried out five days ago, as 39 children were rescued from human trafficking gangs who used them to raise money by begging in the streets of the eastern outskirts of Algiers.

The second operation, which took place on Thursday, freed another 54 children, 28 of whom were without their parents, as they were begging with two men from Niger, added the source.

These children have been taken care of at the Social Assistance Homeless Center in upper Algiers, as they are in good physical and mental condition.

Algeria has handed this year 10,000 illegal immigrants, including 7,000 children, to Niger,XINHUA.


Mon, 19 Nov 2018 12:33:04 GMT

Nigerian opposition's Abubakar says to invest $90 billion annually on infrastructure: election manifesto
ABUJA- Nigerian opposition candidate Atiku Abubakar said on Monday he would invest $90 billion annually in infrastructure over the next 5 years if he wins presidential elections in 2019.,


Abubakar made the commitment in his manifesto for the February 2019 race, where he will seek to unseat President Muhammadu Buhari,REUTERS.


Mon, 19 Nov 2018 12:10:35 GMT

Union to strike at Sibanye-Stillwater's South African gold operations
JOHANNESBURG - Sibanye-Stillwater said on Monday that the Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union (AMCU) planned to strike on Wednesday at its South African gold operations after wage agreement talks broke down.,

Sibanye-Stillwater, which had signed a three-year wage agreement with three other labor unions, said AMCU represents 43 percent of its workforce of 32,200 at its South African gold operations,REUTERS.


Mon, 19 Nov 2018 12:08:15 GMT

Zimbabwean President Mnangagwa urges African leaders to fight corruption
HARARE, Nov. 19 (Xinhua) -- Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa on Sunday said it was necessary for all African countries to fight corruption within their respective jurisdictions, as the recent launch of a Continental Free Trade Area had created a single African economy with a market of 1.2 billion people.,

He said this soon after arriving in Harare from the 11th Extraordinary Session of the African Union (AU) Assembly in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, which deliberated on proposed reforms to transform the organization into a highly efficient institution capable of delivering stability and economic prosperity on the continent, the Herald newspaper reported Monday.

Mnangagwa said there was urgent need to change the structures of the AU to reflect the contemporary transition from focusing on political issues to concentrating on economic development.

This prompted the Assembly, the supreme organ of the bloc, to trim the number of commissions from 10 to eight, including the chairperson and the deputy chairperson of the commission.

"The structures in the past were structured to deal with the political issues of the time, but now it's a question of the economy as well as market issues, so the following issues have been resolved: We have reduced the size of the commissions from 10 to eight.

"We have also introduced the system of rotation. In the past, there was no systematic rotation of chairpersons of the AU, but now it must rotate among the five regions (West, Central, East, North and South). And also in terms of the many commissioners, we must see that they also rotate among the regions, but of course on the basis of merit," he said.

The Southern African Development Community believes that there should be "predictable inter- and intra-regional rotation (among the regions) following the English alphabetical order.

The proposed new structure will have a chairperson, deputy and six commissioners who will superintend over the restructured portfolios of Sustainable Environment, Agriculture Rural Development and Blue Economy; Economic Development, Trade and Industry; Education, Science, Technology and Innovation; Infrastructure and Energy; Political Affairs, Peace and Security; and Health, Social Development and Humanitarian Affairs.

On Saturday, Mnangagwa told the Assembly that streamlining portfolios of the AU Commission, the Union's secretariat, through focused units would help "remove overlaps and duplication in portfolios".

The current amorphous structure is viewed as complex as it has eight commission directorates, 31 departments and offices, along with 11 AU organs, 31 specialized technical agencies and 20 high-level committees,XINHUA.


Mon, 19 Nov 2018 12:04:47 GMT

Botswana welcomes more Chinese investments: minister
GABORONE -- Botswana's Minister of Investment, Trade and Industry has said that the country welcomes more Chinese investments to assist in the realization of Vision 2036.,

Speaking at the 30th anniversary celebration marking China State Construction Engineering Corporation's (CSCEC) presence in the country late Sunday in Gaborone, the capital of Botswana, the minister Bogolo Kenewendo said the country is keen to welcome more Chinese investments.

Botswana has reiterated her dedication to explore prospects of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC), as the local economy seeks to move from middle-income status to high income status.

"We look forward to tapping into the FOCAC commitments on trade facilitation to increase our trade to China so as to further strengthen this relationship towards a win-win cooperation," said Kenewendo.

Botswana also expressed hope that China would help bridge the digital divide towards the attainment of development goals in the southern African country.

Kenewendo said the country wants to stimulate growth through value addition and beneficiation of natural resources, modernization of agriculture, full digitalization of information and communication infrastructure and empowerment and full participation of citizens towards transforming the country from a resource-reliant economy to a fully industrialized one.

CSCEC has witnessed growth in its 30 years in Botswana, having undertaken over 110 private and public projects,XINHUA.


Mon, 19 Nov 2018 12:02:26 GMT

Kenyan police repulse al-Shabab attack in border town
GARISSA -- Kenyan police on Monday thwarted an attack on a police camp by suspected al-Shabaab terrorists in Garissa county in the northeast part of the east African nation.,

Mohamed Birik, Northeastern regional commissioner clarified that one al-Shabaab terrorist was killed and several escaped with serious injuries during the attack that was thwarted by the border patrol special forces.

Birik said the militants whose exact number was not known struck the camp at round midnight and proceeded to open fire indiscriminately at the police camp in Ijara but the officers responded swiftly and managed to kill one of them and injured several others.

"Our gallant officers reacted immediately the militants struck and engaged them in a fierce gun battle; they finally managed to repulse them. No officer was injured or killed," the regional government administrator said.

Birik, who did not state the identity of the slain militant however said that several of the insurgents escaped with serious injuries, adding that a contingent of security officers were busy trailing them.

The government official said efforts to 'vanquish and eliminate al-Shabaab in the region remains on course' adding that in the next few weeks more activities and engagements will be done.

According to police officers based in the area, the militants wanted to carry out a simultaneous attack on the police camp and the nearby Safaricom mast.

The militants usually destroy telecommunication mast to disrupt police response and communication in the area before they could inflict harm on the locals.

The incident comes barely two weeks after local government officials held a security meeting with the locals in the area which is near the Somali border to enhance security.

Ijara region has borne the brunt of al-Shabaab militants due to its proximity to Boni forest and Somalia where the militants carry out attacks before escaping back.

A number of security personnel have died as a result of the attacks, some of which included improvised explosive devices placed on roadsides by al-Shabaab militants.

The administrator said security forces have intensified patrols along the border with Somalia in the wake of terror attacks in the border region. This is the latest such incident in the area and no arrests have been made so far,XINHUA.


Mon, 19 Nov 2018 11:57:09 GMT

Nigerian millennials fuel domestic tourism
IKOGOSI, Nigeria - Deola Akeju stood under the gushing waterfalls of Ikogosi in western Nigeria, laughing with her friends and other travellers as they explored the forest’s pools and streams. ,

She is one of a growing number of Nigerian holiday-makers keen to explore their country, one whose unenviable reputation for violent crime and corruption largely deters international travellers.

Nigeria thus loses out on tourism revenues to other countries perceived to be safer such as Kenya, Ghana and the Gambia.

Small, social media-savvy companies like Social Prefect Tours (SPT) and TVP Adventures are hoping young professionals like Akeju will form a burgeoning market of tourists wanting to discover the natural beauty and culture in their own backyard.

“At first you would not think there are this many exciting places here, but when you travel you realize that ... there are a lot of fun places, so it is a very good experience to see the beauty of the country,” said Akeju, 23, who works in IT insurance.

From lush forests sheltering waterfalls and warm springs in the west to the Alpine-like mountains of the east, from festivals to historical sites, attractions are in no shortage in the west African country.

But unlike African tourist destinations such as Kenya, South Africa and Tanzania, Nigerian governments have invested little in nurturing the industry.

“The government is more focused on other sources of income and has not really developed the tourist sector,” said Chiamaka Ntia, SPT’s founder.

“People as well are not really informed that there are places that they can go to for leisure, for holiday and also, these places are not properly taken care of, they are not up to standard when you compare ... to those other African countries.” Reuters


Sat, 17 Nov 2018 11:34:44 GMT

Algeria shelves subsidy reforms before presidential elections
ALGIERS - Algeria is backtracking on some economic reforms such as cutting costly subsidies as the country wants to minimise the risk of protests before presidential elections next year, according to the budget data and experts. ,

The North African oil producer country had said at the start of the year subsidies for fuel and other products would be lowered from 2019 to rein in spending following a fall in oil revenues from 2014 to 2017. It gave no specifics.

But its draft budget for next year includes a 7 percent increase in subsidy spending, accounting for 21 percent of the budget. The rise will be used to subsidise basic food items including milk and cereals as well as housing, officials say.

The government had also approved this year higher and new taxes for some products and increases in subsidised fuel prices for the third straight year. But no new such hikes are planned for next year, according to the draft.

Analysts said a rise in oil prices this year had made officials confident of being able to postpone cuts in subsidies, part of welfare spending to discourage dissent, without straining public finances.

Speaking to Reuters, central bank governor Mohamed Loukal noted that the 2019 budget assumes oil prices at $50 a barrel, whereas benchmark crude prices are around $67, and hit $87 last month.

Finance Minister Abderrahmane Raouia signalled the change in tack this month. “Our subsidy policy will be maintained because Algerian citizens still need it,” he said, without giving details. Reuters


Sat, 17 Nov 2018 11:32:56 GMT

Tanzanian army arrives in cashew region to oversee crop purchases - report
NAIROBI - Soldiers arrived in southern Tanzania to oversee government management of the country’s cashew nuts, local newspaper Citizen reported, a move ordered by President John Magufuli to protect farmers from low prices. ,

International traders of cashew nuts say the move could lead to a supply shortage after Magufuli ordered a 94 percent rise in cashew nut prices last month to protect farmers. He then told his government to acquire the estimated 220,000 tonne crop after private buyers refused to buy at the higher price.


Around 20 soldiers arrived in Newala District in the Mtwara region on Thursday and will verify the cashews stored in warehouses, supervise payments to farmers and handle logistics of moving the nuts from warehouses and factories, Citizen reported, citing a local district commissioner in the Mtwara region.


The paper also reported that farmers will start receiving payments potentially from Friday after the verification process is completed, citing a cooperative union official. Reuters


Sat, 17 Nov 2018 11:31:32 GMT