Scam, kidnap by South African police

Scam, kidnap by South African police

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Scam, kidnap by South African police

Scam, kidnap by South African police

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June 8, 2011. The Consul General for Angola moved from her job in New York to a consular position in Houston. Dr Chika Onyeani, above, gave a speech in recognition of the great work she has been doing in African communities. Dr Chika Onyeani publishes African Sun Times, and is a prolific writer of intellectual works.

Pictures of dancers above right and on Aug Daily Updates. Also on Aug Daily Updates, picture of the Consul General Mrs Julia Machado Esq with Princess Tosin Mustapha and Dr Susanna.
The Republic of Angola
Flag and map from Wikipedia

The Portuguese colonized Angola, and left in 1975, and a civil war started which ended in 2002. Angola has a lot of oil, a lot of minerals and a lot of poverty. They banned Islam in 2013.

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“Sorry for destroying your door and for having used your belongings ...”

Thu, 04 May 2017 06:54:21 -0500

El Salvador, Prizing Water Over Gold, Bans All Metal Mining
Environmental activists said the country was the first in the world to impose a nationwide ban on the mining of gold and other metals.

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Trump’s New Ban Leaves Few Spots for Refugees, Even the Hunted
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Unearthing Justice in El Salvador
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Dangers Behind and Uncertainties Ahead, but Together at Last
Eleven years after they last saw their mother, José and Juan Rivera left El Salvador to join her in the United States, where new challenges awaited them.

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A Remarkable Event in El Salvador: A Day Without Murder
The police had no explanation for the pause, which did not last. The killing rate has fallen since a police crackdown began, but gang violence is still rampant.

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A Grim Discovery in El Mozote
Building a new home on the land where family members were killed.

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Killers on a Shoestring: Inside the Gangs of El Salvador
The gangs that make El Salvador the murder capital of the world are not sophisticated global cartels but mafias of the poor.

Sun, 20 Nov 2016 08:01:26 -0500

El Salvador Wins Dispute Over Denying a Mining Permit
An international arbitration panel ruled that the government did not have to pay compensation to Pac Rim Cayman for denying it a concession to drill for gold.

Fri, 14 Oct 2016 21:12:53 -0500

El Salvador’s “Abortion Lawyer”
Dennis Muñoz fights one of the most draconian abortion laws in the world.

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South Africa must fight 'mafia state' fate - Deputy President
JOHANNESBURG-South African Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa, seen as a top contender to lead the ruling ANC into 2019 general elections, said on Sunday that the country must not become a ?mafia state? as he admitted his party had become associated with corruption.,

Ramaphosa’s comments were among the strongest he has made on governance as the race heats up to replace President Jacob Zuma, whose administration has been hit by scandals and missteps, prompting street protests and calls for him to resign or be removed.

In televised remarks at an event in the platinum mining town of Rustenburg organised by the South African Communist Party (SACP), Ramaphosa responded to a warning this week from the influential South African Council of Churches that graft is turning South Africa into a mafia state.

“If we as the ANC are to counter this grave threat, if the ANC is to recover its leadership role in society, then it is absolutely imperative that we act with urgency and purpose and make sure that we never become a mafia state,” Ramaphosa said.

“Because once we become a mafia state all the wheels have come off,” said Ramaphosa, whose delivery was at times passionate, a marked contrast to his normally reserved manner.

The SACP setting was a pointed one as the party is a key political ally of the ANC and has called for Zuma to resign.

Relations between Zuma and Ramaphosa, 64, a former trade union organiser who led negotiations to end white rule in 1994, have become increasingly strained, according to local media reports.

Zuma has consistently denied allegations of corruption leveled against him, his government and some associates, and branded protesters calling for his resignation “racist”.

Clad in a leather jacket bearing the ANC’s black, green and gold colours, Ramaphosa said the party was saddled with an image problem when it came to corruption.

“In the public mind, the ANC and its government are increasingly associated, fairly or unfairly, with wrong things that the public continues to see us doing. Like corruption, like pursuing narrow personal enrichment,” he said.

Ramaphosa also said that he had met with ratings agency Moody’s on Friday and their view was that the ANC was on the verge of a split. He said he assured them that would not happen.

Both S&P Global Ratings and Fitch downgraded South Africa’s credit rating to below investment grade in April after Zuma fired respected former Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan, a move Ramaphosa opposed and triggered nationwide unrest.

Zuma is to step down as head of the ANC in December but can remain head of state until the 2019 elections. He has signaled his preference that his ex-wife Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, a former cabinet minister and head of the African Union, replace him,AFRICANEWS.


Mon, 22 May 2017 13:35:09 GMT

US Embassy in Ghana objects to refund of fees for bounced visas
ACRA-The United States ambassador in Ghana, Robert Jackson, has flatly rejected calls for a refund of fees to applicants who are unsuccessful in applying for visas.,

The issue of embassies having to refund at least a portion of visa fees to failed applicants has become topical in the West African country. A civil society group, the Consumer Protection Agency( CPA) has been leading the calls.

But the US Ambassador told local news portal, citifmonline, that his outfit will not refund fees to failed applicants because the payment was for a service that the Embassy renders only that for some reasons the applicant fails.

“When people apply for a visa, they are applying for a service, they are paying for an interview. People do not get the visas and often it is because they do not provide inaccurate information or misrepresentations.

“We make every effort to ensure that Ghanaians get the opportunity to travel to the United States for legitimate reasons,” he explained.

He went ahead to explain what the application fees takes care of, “The fee actually serves two purposes; it covers the cost of interviewing and processing the visas. It also discourages people who are not qualified from applying and that is just the reality of the situation….a refund is a no, there will be no refund.”

The US Embassy in Ghana issues over 10,000 visas annually. Its main offices is located in the plush Cantonments area of the capital, Accra. On days of scheduled visa interviews, there are lots of people seen around either coming for interviews or waiting for relatives who are to be interviewed.

In December 2016, there was a report of a US Embassy that was operating for over a decade in the country and which was issuing genuine visas to travelers. It was closed down after a joint security swoop by Ghanaian officials and their US counterparts,AFRICANEWS.


Mon, 22 May 2017 13:28:52 GMT

Tunisia forces fire tear gas in showdown with protesters after energy sites shut
TUNES-Tunisian security forces fired tear gas on Monday to disperse hundreds of protesters trying to take over a gas pumping station, as weeks of unrest over jobs and funding in the country's southern provinces escalated into violence.,

Protesters briefly forced the closure of the Vana pumping station, one of several oil and gas stations impacted over the weekend, after the army allowed an engineer to shut it to avoid a confrontation.

The defense ministry warned on Sunday it would use force to protect and retake southern oil and gas facilities, and clashes broke out at Vana on Monday when the military took back control to restart the pump, two witnesses said.

Protesters pressing demands for jobs and a share of the country's energy wealth forced the closure of two oil and gas pumping stations, where Italy's ENI SpA, Austria's OMV AG and France's Perenco operate, and where Prime Minister Youssef Chahed had already deployed troops.

Tunisia is a small oil producer with an output of about 44,000 barrels per day.

But the closures represent a clear challenge to the authority of Chahed's government as it tries to enact economic reforms demanded by international lenders and consolidate Tunisia's transition to democracy six years after an uprising ended the autocratic regime of Zine El-Abidine Ben Ali.

"The defense ministry warns citizens of the risk of prosecution following altercations with military units, and bodily harm resulting from aggression or violations accessing facilities under their control," it late on Sunday,REUTERS.


Mon, 22 May 2017 13:17:04 GMT

South African refinery blast injures 11, some operations halted
JOHANNESBURG-A blast on Monday at South Africa's Natref oil refinery injured 11 people and forced the shutdown of operations close to the 108,000 barrel per day facility but production at the main refinery continued, Sasol said.,

Sasol reported on its website that the explosion happened at about 0545 GMT at the country's only inland refinery, a venture between the petrochemicals group Sasol and a South African unit of France's Total.

"Operating units in the vicinity of the hydrogen compressors have been shut down," Sasol spokesman Alex Anderson said in an emailed statement, adding that the refining facility continued.

He said investigations into the cause and impact were ongoing, but the fire had to be extinguished before a full assessment of the damage could be made.

Sasol's shares were largely stable at 409.89 rand by 0940 GMT.

Total officials referred requests for comment to Sasol. The government's Central Energy Fund did not respond to requests for comment.

Africa's most advanced economy consumes about 400,000 barrels of oil per day.

Sasol describes the refinery as a medium-sized technologically advanced plant,REUTERS.


Mon, 22 May 2017 13:14:28 GMT

Malawi to lift ban on maize exports after bumper 2017 harvest
LILONGWE-Malawi will allow local farmers to resume exporting maize after a two-year ban following a larger-than-expected 2017 maize harvest, the country's minister of trade Joseph Mwanavekha said on Monday.,

"Government is ready to lift the ban and issue export licenses only to traders with proof that they bought maize for export and for farmers if they grow maize specifically for export," Mwanavekha told Reuters but did not give an exact date for the lifting of the ban.

Malawi said in February maize production would rise a third in 2017 to 3.2 million tonnes,REUTERS.


Mon, 22 May 2017 13:11:36 GMT

South African men march against abuse of women and children
JOHANNESBURG- Hundreds of protesters, most of them men, have marched in the South African capital, Pretoria, over rising levels of violence against women and children.,

One of the organisers, Kholofelo Masha, said men had to take collective responsibility for the increase in beatings, sex attacks and killings.

South Africa has one of the highest rates of sexual violence in the world.

Police figures showed that 64,000 cases were reported last year.

A series of grisly murders of women and children has hit the headlines this year and President Jacob Zuma has described the situation as a crisis.

The protesters on Saturday marched behind a woman symbolically dressed from head to toe in white. Some carried placards bearing the names of women killed by their partners.

"The time to take collective responsibility for our shameful action is now," said Mr Masha, who described himself as "a loving dad, brother and uncle."

He said South African men had been quiet on the issue for too long.

"You hear a lady screaming next door, you decide to sleep when you know there is a problem. No man should beat a woman or rape a woman while you're watching".

On Thursday, President Zuma visited the parents of a three-year-old girl who was raped and killed.

Courtney Pieters went missing from her home in Cape Town on 4 May and her body was found more than a week later in a shallow grave.

"We, as the citizens of this country, must say enough is enough," Mr Zuma said at the time. "This is one of the saddest incidents I've come across. It's a crisis in the country, the manner in which women and children are being killed."

The governing African National Congress party has branded the wave of violence "senseless and barbaric", while the opposition Democratic Alliance has called for a nationwide debate on the issue,BBC.



Sun, 21 May 2017 12:08:25 GMT

No jail for the president but work after poll win, says Kenya's opposition
NAIROBI- Kenya’s main opposition leader Raila Odinga says he will not jail President Uhuru Kenyatta and the vice president after he wins the August 8 elections, but rather give them work to do.,

He told the media, after verifying his voter registration status in Nairobi, that the opposition coalition National Super Alliance (NASA) does not have any problem with Kenyatta and William Ruto.

“We do not have a problem with President Uhuru and his deputy Ruto. After we remove them from office, we will give them work to do and we will not jail them but show them how a government is run because it seems they are overwhelmed,” he was quoted on Thursday by local media Daily Nation.

Odinga has criticized the Kenyatta government of mismanaging state resources and not doing enough to tackle corruption.

“They have been in power for four years but they never did anything. Even if you give them 100 years, there is nothing they would accomplish,” he told reporters making reference to the recent promises made by the president to increase wages and reduce food prices.

72-year-old Raila Odinga, who lost the last elections to incumbent Uhuru Kenyatta, was recently chosen as flagbearer for the opposition coalition to contest for a fourth time,AFRICANEWS.


Sun, 21 May 2017 12:07:03 GMT

90 Nigerians deported from South Africa for immigration offences
JOHANNESBURG- South Africa has deported 90 Nigerians on Friday for committing immigration-related offences.,

The 90 deportees were dropped off from Johannesburg by a South African Airways flight at the Murtala Muhammed Airport in Lagos, the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) confirms.

The Lagos Airport Police spokesperson DSP Joseph Alabi told NAN that most of the all-male deportees were living in South Africa without valid documents.

This is the second mass deportation after a February 28 exercise when 97 Nigerians including two females were deported from South Africa, NAN reports.

There is a growing number of Nigerian communities in South Africa. Some of them have suffered a series of xenophobic attacks in parts of Johannesburg and Pretoria since 2008.

The attackers blame the Nigerians and other African nationals of involving in criminal activities in the country.

Mass deportation of Africans within the continent is rare.

This month, 258 Nigerians returned home from crisis-hit Libya as part of a voluntary repatriation exercise facilitated by the Nigerian government and the International Organisation for Migration (IOM).

253 migrants had been repatriated earlier in April,AFRICANEWS.


Sun, 21 May 2017 12:05:46 GMT

Cape Verde to deepen bilateral ties with China
PRAIA-Cape Verde and China are looking to further deepen bilateral ties . This was highlighted during a visit by Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi to the west African archipelago.,

Chinese foreign minister met with Cape Verde President Jorge Carlos Fonseca and Prime Minister Ulisses Correia e Silva separately in the capital Praia.

The two countries agreed to work towards developing the Island’s marine economy which will see the construction of a special marine economic zone in Sao Vicente.

Other areas that the two countries are also looking to develop is tourism, infrastructure and human resource development.

China also welcomed Cape Verde to participate in the “Belt and Road Initiative”, especially the construction of the Maritime Silk Road.

Chinese investments in the Island nation have grown over the years. The China-Africa Development Fund (CADF) is funding a minimum of $25 million worth of projects in the country,AFRICANEWS.


Sun, 21 May 2017 12:04:28 GMT

One killed in northern Kenya after rally attended by President Kenyatta
NAIROBI- Police shot dead one person in northern Kenya's Isiolo county after a political rally attended by President Uhuru Kenyatta at which supporters of rival political candidates for regional government positions clashed, police said.,

Officials and political leaders said the trouble started before Kenyatta arrived to address the gathering on Saturday.

Kenya's Aug. 8 presidential campaign in which incumbent president Kenyatta will run, coincides with elections for members of parliament and representatives in regional governments, known as counties.

Devolution of some powers to county level during Kenyatta's presidency, and the associated access to and control of lucrative local budgets and high official salaries, has sparked intense interest in the local contests, especially for the governor post.

Police said after the rally, supporters of one candidate for the county governor roll, accompanied by a convoy of vehicles, approached a roadblock in Isiolo town and refused to move to one side when asked by police officers, who then dispersed them.

"A strong team of security personnel were all over the place to maintain order. We can't allow lawlessness. It is illogical to claim they shot at a peaceful crowd. No they (police) acted to restore order after being attacked," Isiolo County police commander Charles Ontinta said.

He said they were investigating the circumstances that led to the death.

Abdul Bahari, a candidate for governor in Kenyatta's Jubilee Party, said his supporters had been peaceful when police shot at them.

Last month's primaries for various seats, in which voters chose party candidates, were marred by violence, claims of rigging and canceled ballots. Record numbers of candidates who failed to secure party tickets have also rushed to register as independents.

Footage broadcast on privately-owned Citizen Television showed one speaker at the rally asking the crowd - seen waving banners, blowing whistles and shouting - to be orderly to allow Kenyatta to speak. Kenyatta was also shown trying to calm the crowd.

Last month, he said the government would not tolerate violence between rival camps of supporters during the primaries and before a national election,REUTERS.


Sun, 21 May 2017 12:02:57 GMT