Scam, kidnap by South African police

Scam, kidnap by South African police

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Scam, kidnap by South African police

Scam, kidnap by South African police

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Brazil’s President Assails His Accuser as Corruption Scandal Intensifies
Michel Temer leveled explosive charges against the billionaire Joesley Batista, whose secret recording of a conversation has fueled calls for Mr. Temer’s resignation.

Sat, 20 May 2017 15:49:13 -0500

Scandal in Brazil Raises Fear of Turmoil’s Return
At each major turn in Brazil’s long-simmering political crisis, secret recordings have produced one bombshell after another, tripping up some of Brazil’s most powerful politicians.

Fri, 19 May 2017 21:02:25 -0500

Water Utilities Worldwide Face a Growing Need for Investment
Shares of the Brazilian utility Sabesp plunged on news that it may raise equity for post-drought projects. Other water companies are likely to follow suit.

Fri, 19 May 2017 16:57:21 -0500

Brazil’s President Rejects Calls to Quit Amid New Corruption Claims
Reports that President Michel Temer authorized the payment of hush money to a jailed ally engulfed Latin America’s largest country.

Thu, 18 May 2017 13:59:56 -0500

Brazil President Endorsed Businessman’s Bribes in Secret Tape, Newspaper Says
O Globo, a Brazilian paper, reported that President Michel Temer also directed the businessman to pay a lawmaker to help resolve a company problem.

Wed, 17 May 2017 23:02:41 -0500

Goldman Sachs Sees Big Potential for Fintech in Brazil
A new report estimates that the more than 200 financial technology companies in Brazil could generate $24 billion in revenue over the next 10 years.

Mon, 15 May 2017 14:04:20 -0500

The Looming Threat of Yellow Fever
An outbreak in Brazil of the deadly disease should raise an alarm in the United States and the rest of the world.

Mon, 15 May 2017 09:53:21 -0500

Itaú Buys Stake in Upstart Brokerage Firm in $2 Billion Deal
XP Investimentos has long promoted itself as an alternative to the giant banks that dominate the Brazilian market.

Fri, 12 May 2017 20:11:10 -0500
Brazil. SJ Dodgson. MJoTA 2012 v7n1 p0609

Above, the Brazilian Ambassador to the United States of America addresses an audience gathered to talk about investment opportunities in Brazil on Jun 5, 2012. He is surrounded by well-wishers from the City of Philadelphia, second from the left is the Hon Stanley Straughter, click here; third from the left is my favorite Philadelphia Councilwoman, Hon Mrs Jannie Blackwell.

Exhausted, but cheerful and getting ready to head off to the center of South Philly for the annual Odunde festival. We have been gearing up for this all week: we are celebrating Brazil, which has the world's second largest population of Black Africans. So I was told. Gosh!

We piled into a large auditorium at Wharton on Tuesday to hear from the Ambassador from Brazil and the man in charge of the 2014 FIFA World Cup preparations. He spoke in Portuguese and was translated, all around me Brazilians were shaking their heads and saying that the translations were wrong! But I got the idea: Brazil is on the move from the desperately poor and badly governed country it was.

I am trying to figure out what happened; I remember when I was an assistant professor of Physiology at the University of Pennsylvania we had a Brazilian post-doc who was supposed to me a medical graduate who did not know how to make a solution of sodium hydroxide. This is so basic it got him fired. I was later told that his uncle has a senior academic position and he was pushed through medical school without achieving competency. This story has haunted me ever since. And the same thing happened with a Brazilian who had succeeded in getting a place in a residency program.

I certainly know Brazilians who have passed exams on merit, and who are extremely competent professionals. Brazil is a huge country, one-third of South America, with a population zooming towards 200 million. And has a lot of medical schools, a lot of well-trained physicians. However, the fact that any could get through medical school lacking basic competence really bothered me: this was deeply damaging to competent professionals.

In the 1990s, due partly I expect to the 24/7 7-day party that the FIFA 2014 speaker told us about, the high rate of HIV infection in Brazil was killing its future. The Brazilian Government broke the patents of HIV drugs, and Brazil has never looked back in its successful fight against HIV infection and treatment.

Brazil has clearly turned a corner, but I am hearing from other sources about prostitutes convincing rich Nigerians to fly them to Nigeria to marry them.

Ah! Endless stories about Brazil, but my favorite one is from the 2002 AIDS conference in Barcelona, which I attended as a medical writer for the drug manufacturer Pfizer. Brazil had just won the FIFA World Cup, and every Brazilian at the conference was dressed in a horrible yellow tee shirt that looks spectacular on a winning soccer player. They showed solidarity with their country in its fight against AIDS. HIV/AIDS news click here. HIV/AIDS resources click here.

Maybe that is my answer! Horrible yellow tee shirts. What can I say but congratulations Brazil! You are a winner!
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Brazil’s President Temer Gathers Allies as Protestors Hit Streets
By Jay Forte, Contributing Reporter RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Four days after the news broke of JBS executive Joesley Batista’s audio recording, Brazil’s president Michel Temer met on Sunday (May 21st) night at the Alvorada Palace with ministers and government leaders in an effort to sure up support and define his allies. On Wednesday […]

Mon, 22 May 2017 06:00:59 PDT

The 10th Edition of FotoRio Runs from May 17th to July 2nd
By Beatriz Miranda, Contributing Reporter RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Starting on May 17th the Centro Cultural da Justiça Federal (CCJF) in Centro hosts the 10th edition of FotoRio, an international photography event in Rio de Janeiro that exhibits the work of eight different contemporary artists. The exhibitions are open from Tuesday to Sunday, from […]

Mon, 22 May 2017 04:00:04 PDT

Rio’s Botafogo Earns First Win in Brasileirão
By Nelson Belen, Contributing Reporter RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – On Sunday, May 21st, at Nilton Santos stadium, Rio’s Botafogo football (soccer) club earned its first win in the 2017 Campeonato Brasileiro (Brasileirão), Série A, defeating Campinas’ Ponte Preta, 2-0. In their opening match of the Brasileirão season last Sunday, May 14th, Botafogo was lackluster […]

Mon, 22 May 2017 03:30:33 PDT

Rio Nightlife Guide for Monday, May 22, 2017
Monday’s Rio Nightlife Pick – Tonight it’s samba time as Roda de Samba returns to Pedra do Sal, the birthplace of samba in Rio. The roda de samba events start early and are known for their casual, easygoing atmosphere with people dancing well into the night. Before attending, make sure to check the event’s Facebook […]

Mon, 22 May 2017 02:00:08 PDT

Rio Nightlife Guide for Sunday, May 21, 2017
Sunday’s Rio Nightlife Pick – Sunday afternoons ask for a relaxing event, with a mellow environment and good music. SoulJazz at Largo das Neves, starting from 6PM, is just the perfect bet, with Cariocas and visitors getting together at Santa Teresa’s hills sunset to enjoy themselves, chat and drink some cold beers. Families, couples and […]

Sun, 21 May 2017 02:00:31 PDT
World Cup 2014: Brazil! SJ Dodgson MJoTA 2014 v8n1 p0305

Brazil has not won the last 2 World Cups, not in 2010, not in 2006 after their 5th win in 2002. So they are ready, and with World Cup 2014 on their own turf, they are out to annihilate everyone.

I love statistics, and World Cup statistics show that when Brazil gets into the finals, they are more likely to win than other teams getting into the finals. Brazil has won more than any other country.

Brazil is a huge country, a plucky country, the only Portuguese-speaking country in the Americas, where more people speak Portuguese than in Portugal, or in all the Portuguese-speaking African countries combined. Get ready for the World Cup, learn some Portuguese on this page.

I was thinking about going to Brazil for the World Cup, but a price per ticket of around $1000 makes the idea absurd. Watching the World Cup live is for rich folks. The rest of us fall into a pub and scream along with the locals. Yeah!! Getting my screaming voice ready!