Scam, kidnap by South African police

Scam, kidnap by South African police

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Scam, kidnap by South African police

Scam, kidnap by South African police

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Escape through barbed wire in Germany click here

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U.S. Supreme Court to Rule on Medieval Treasure Bought by Nazis
The Guelph Treasure was acquired by a German state collection in 1935 from a consortium of Jewish art dealers. Their descendants say the sale was forced, but a Berlin museum claims the deal was fair.

Fri, 10 Jul 2020 15:25:39 GMT

Alemania enfrenta ‘un enemigo interno’: los neonazis se infiltran en el ejército
El descubrimiento de explosivos plásticos y recuerdos nazis en casa de un soldado de élite alemán ha encendido las alarmas sobre la infiltración de la extrema derecha en las instituciones democráticas.

Fri, 10 Jul 2020 07:00:24 GMT

Stocks That Could Thrive in a Post-Pandemic World
Life will return to ‘normal,’ but not entirely. Here are some suggestions for investing in a changed world.

Thu, 09 Jul 2020 09:00:19 GMT

How Germany Fell Back in Love With Angela Merkel
The pandemic has burnished the chancellor’s reputation as one of the country’s best leaders.

Tue, 07 Jul 2020 05:27:03 GMT

As Neo-Nazis Seed Military Ranks, Germany Confronts ‘an Enemy Within’
After plastic explosives and Nazi memorabilia were found at an elite soldier’s home, Germany worries about a problem of far-right infiltration at the heart of its democracy.

Fri, 03 Jul 2020 16:50:06 GMT

How Berkshire Hathaway May Have Been Snookered in Germany
A unit of Warren Buffett’s empire paid an inflated price for a pipe maker that used fake sales to look profitable, an arbitration panel concluded. The firm was close to bankruptcy.

Thu, 02 Jul 2020 03:55:11 GMT

Germany Disbands Special Forces Group Tainted by Far-Right Extremists
For years, far-right extremists were tolerated inside Germany’s most elite military unit. An underground bunker of explosives has woken the authorities to an alarming problem.

Wed, 01 Jul 2020 19:54:32 GMT

Overlooked No More: Karl Heinrich Ulrichs, Pioneering Gay Activist
Before the word “homosexuality” existed, he argued that same-sex attraction was innate, and that those who experienced it should be treated the same as anyone else.

Wed, 01 Jul 2020 19:18:41 GMT
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Location of  Germany  (dark green)– in Europe  (green & dark grey)– in the European Union  (green)  –  [Legend]
Freiburg Synagogue, burned to the ground 1938, memorial footprint until now click here
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Finding my husband in Freiburg. Twice. SJ Dodgson MJoTA 2014 v8n2 p0831

I took a long time learning to be a good wife. The 3 times I tried were all to professional men with blue eyes, mostly German ancestry and Roman Catholic. My first was an Australian with a German last name, Gavan Schneider MD BS, my second was an American with a Finnish name that migrated to the coalfields of Pennsylvania via Poland, Raymond Pekala MD, which union produced Angus and Miles Dodgson Pekala. My third, whom I married for better or worse in June 1993, is totally German, Lothar Blossfeld Dipl Physik (Heidelberg). We have 2 children, Allister and Patience.

Almost as if I married the same man 3 times. Even more peculiar is that I was born in England in the long shadow of the second world war, and from when I could talk I knew that the Germans had tried to kill us all. Twice. World War I and World War II. And did succeed in killing at least a dozen or so of my close male relatives.

My mother came from 2 contrasting breeds of Belfast Irish: Quakers who tolerate everyone, and Presbyterians who tolerate hardly anyone. She caused quite a fuss when she told her parents she was bringing my father home to Belfast for the wedding: an Englishman named Michael? A name only used in Ireland by Catholics?

Lothar however, is not terribly Catholic. He is a mix of Catholic, Jewish and Lutheran, although when asked to pay the compulsory state tax for churches, he managed to wriggle out of it by saying he did not believe in anything. He always went to Catholic church with me on Christmas with my 2 Pekala sons and, after they appeared, our son and daughter.

I met Lothar in April 1986, in a pub in Freiburg-im-Breisgau and rapidly we moved into a pattern that lasted 12 years, of him visiting me in New Jersey or traveling with me, and me and the children visiting him in Freiburg and his parents in Frankfurt. After 6 years he bought a hotel in Breitnau. In 1998, 6 years after that, I started working as a professional medical writer, with no vacation time, and that was the end of my trips to Germany. In 2008, Lothar sold the hotel, without bothering to send me my possessions, and in 2013 was placed in an old people's home in Freiburg by his landlady. Who blocked all access to his family. My daughter and I found him in August 2014, after no replies from any of his contacts, and after going to the police in Freiburg to file a missing person's report.

Now that Lothar has Parkinson's Disease and needs his family, we were there for him. Doing our best to rescue him from his landlady whom he has said used threats to gain control over his health, residence, assets and block his family. German courts thought perfectly reasonable the concept that a man with dementia, who needs someone to wipe his bottom, could decide to never ever see his only family again. Our ties with Germany are severed.

During my father's trip before he died, he visited me in New Jersey, and then Lothar in Freiberg-im-Breisgau in 1986, to whom he spoke in German. My father learned German, from a German prisoner-of-war working on his parent's farm during World War II, and honed in Australia through a friendship with German refugees.

Videos of Breitnau, yes, a lot of snow from October until April.

Germany. SJ Dodgson MJoTA 2013 v7n2 p1216

Today is December 16, Beethoven's birthday. I know that because I grew up reading a newspaper comic, Peanuts, for whom Beethoven's birthday was extremely important. The comic's creator, Charles Schultz, had a German name, as do a lot of Americans. America is very German: in the early 1900s more immigrants came from Germany than anywhere else and they influenced the foods we eat like pretzels?

News feed from Der Spiegel

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Leading German Economist: “The Virus Must Be Contained Before the Economy Can Recover”
In an interview, Clemens Fuest, one of Germany’s top economists, discusses the impact of the coronavirus on governments and business. He says bankruptcies are inevitable and that the effects of the crisis will be with us for a long time to come.

Fri, 10 Jul 2020 18:22:48 +0200

Massive Income Loss: Left Behind By the Coronavirus
Germans could lose as much as 390 billion euros due to the coronavirus pandemic. Some groups have been hit harder than others, and even a big chunk of the middle class is at risk of slipping into poverty.

Fri, 10 Jul 2020 11:32:38 +0200

Donald Trump’s Former Ambassador to Germany Gets His Revenge
In order to punish the Germans for their supposedly low military expenditures, U.S. President Donald Trump wants to withdraw troops from the country. Observers see it a petty move by former Ambassador Richard Grenell that will primarily hurt American interests.

Mon, 15 Jun 2020 17:27:45 +0200

Wolfgang Schäuble on Germany and Europe: "We Germans Have Reached Agreements with NATO and We Must Adhere to Them"
Bundestag President Wolfgang Schäuble is supportive of the EU response to the corona crisis. He would also like to see Germany finally do more for its own security. He discusses those issues and more in this DER SPIEGEL interview.

Mon, 15 Jun 2020 17:27:18 +0200

Philipp Amthor's World: A Young Star in Angela Merkel's Party Is in Danger of Falling
Philipp Amthor, a young up-and-comer in Chancellor Angela Merkel's center-right CDU, is facing sanctions of wielding his political influence for private gain. Could a promising career have already reached the end of the road? By DER SPIEGEL Staff

Fri, 12 Jun 2020 18:33:10 +0200

Everyday Racism in Germany: Enough Is Enough!
This country has a racism problem, too. Whether casual bigotry, institutionalized discrimination or far-right violence, the treatment of people of color in Germany has stayed off the political agenda for too long. Not anymore.

Fri, 12 Jun 2020 18:24:16 +0200

How structural racism works in Germany
Following the killing of George Floyd in the U.S., a debate on racism has erupted in Germany too. The Berlin-based researcher Yasemin Shooman explains how structural racism works in the country.

Fri, 12 Jun 2020 18:24:00 +0200

The Scapegoat: Science and Politics Collide in the Battle against COVID-19
The coronavirus is linking two worlds that often have little to do with each other: politics and science. This is creating a difficult test for scientists in Germany like virologist Christian Drosten, whose research and expertise influence government policies and have placed him in the limelight.

Tue, 2 Jun 2020 13:45:52 +0200

Virologist Christian Drosten: "We Managed to Stop a Pandemic Wave with Relatively Mild Measures"
Germany's most famous virologist Christian Drosten has been the target of hatred and adoration. In an interview, he tells DER SPIEGEL how he is dealing with his newfound fame and what comes next in the fight against COVID-19.

Fri, 29 May 2020 18:02:00 +0200

Germany: The Bunker that Became a Hub of International Crime
A former military facility in Germany’s Mosel region served as a hub for organized crime on the internet until 650 police shut it down in a raid. The bizarre story behind the bunker that is likely to produce countless criminal cases. By DER SPIEGEL Staff

Fri, 22 May 2020 18:06:01 +0200
Lufthansa Plane Lost in Switzerland SJ Dodgson MJoTA 2015 v9n1p0322

Is this tragic crash of a German plane flying from Barcelona, Spain to Duesseldorf, Germany, a metaphor for Germany losing control over European Union? The press conference given by the CEO of Lufthansa insisted that the pilots passed all medical and technical tests and no red flags were raised. I believe them. An airline has no upside in a crash, none at all, and ethical airline companies do everything possible to avert these crashes.

But I also believe that in Germany, rules are made for efficiency, not for humans.

I went to Germany in 1986 to learn some surgical techniques. I was a research assistant professor at an American Ivy League university (University of Pennsylvania) As the mother of 2 American adults whose father is a German scientist imprisoned in a hospital in Germany, I affirm their rules were not made for humans.

Picture below

Brilliant engineering, taking risks and doing everything they can to lower greenhouse gas output and water usage. Germany is leading the way, and US police need to be arresting parents whose children have access to guns, rather than parents who leave their kids outside a store, with the whole world watching them, so they can nip in and buy a loaf of bread.

These young people were enjoying the afternoon breezes on the arches of a footbridge, near the University of Freiburg and the main train station in Freiburg-im-Breisgau.
Where I took the background picture in July 2015.