Scam, kidnap by South African police

Scam, kidnap by South African police

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Scam, kidnap by South African police

Scam, kidnap by South African police

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MJoTA Friday Night Movie

Aug 24 2012. Movie from Ghana preceded by advertisement for Chinese restaurant and hotel in Kumasi, Ghana, which is worth watching all by itself.

And then more ads and then the movie which is not in English. It may be in Ga or Asante.

Worth watching anyway, the scenery is lovely and the actors are suitably outraged and happy at various times. And a chicken chase and waving around a rifle. And at the end, a number to call if you want to be a movie star. What is not to like?

Aug 10 2012. A lovely story about the importance of following a contract and accountability. From Gabon. In French with English subtitles. I smiled for days after watching this. About Gabon click here.
Aug 3, 2012. Blindfolded Men parts 1 and 2.
Aug 24 2012. A long video to listen to while you are enjoying a late summer Friday evening, drinking cold water, looking at scenery or people or animals or plants that you love.
Aug 17 2012. I can always find a good movie from Nollywood. You can dance to it, enjoy it, lift your spirits.

The synopsis that came with the movie "Businessman Madhukar lives happily with his family which consists of his mother, his wife and his younger brother Manan. They are living in peace and harmony till the day Manan decides to marry Payal the daughter of an underworld don Ramnik Bhai. Payal and her father start creating problems in the joint family. Finally Manan decides to separate. Will the family unite again? Watch this wonderful play which speaks about family values and togetherness.
Aug 3, 2012. This month I will be featuring Nigerian movies because I love, love Nigeria and cannot get enough of Nigerian movies. They are mostly morality plays. Often made on very limited budgets by filming in houses of friends. Wonderful.

Here is the first one, Broken Affairs.

Aug 10 2012.  Removed; I was a Male War Bride, a comedy that was made to describe what happens when 2 beautiful people are thrown together.. Watch instead "Three men and a baby" made by Leonard Nimoy