Scam, kidnap by South African police

Scam, kidnap by South African police

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Scam, kidnap by South African police

Scam, kidnap by South African police

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News feed from the Kremlin

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March 14, 2015. Where is Vladimir? Read his activities from the news from the Kremlin feed below, or from Pravda. He has not been seen in public for 10 days, and I am hearing he may have had a stroke, or has cancer, or is hanging out with a possible newborn baby. Hm. The full range from life to death.
I hope he has gone to Ukraine and Crimea, and is privately working out how to remove Russian troops as soon as possible.

The Russian Federation

Countries invade because they want war, world domination, to save inhabitants, or they want stuff. Like oil and gas. Which one is Russia? I don't know but I am listening to them. Above and below.
Flag, map and edited information from Wikipedia.

Russia is the largest country in the world,  over 12 to 13% of land mass. It borders Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Azebaijian, Kazakhstan, China, Mongolia, North Korea. Across the waters is Japan (the Sea of Okhotsk) and the USA (Bering Strait).

Pictures above, right and below: New York City Russian Consulate one week after Russia announced it had annexed Crimea.

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News feed from Pravda

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Australian kangaroo wants to shirtfront Chinese dragon now
Australia was sacrificed to USA's crusade against China's growing global power. China will not leave this without a response. Canberra given go-ahead to attack China On Wednesday, April 21, Australia terminated several agreements that had been concluded with China as part of the Belt and Road Initiative. The relations between the two countries worsened during the coronavirus epidemic, when Canberra, following Washington's example, demanded an "independent" investigation to find out the origin of the novel virus. In addition, Australia remains one of the most active critics of the policy of the Chinese authorities in relation to the Uyghurs and constantly evinces interest in rights and health of Australian journalist Cheng Lei, who was arrested in China a year ago.

Thu, 22 Apr 2021 21:18:00 +0300

Law and order under the guise of tyranny
In my recent Pravda.Ru article, Tyranny Disguised As Patriotism (April 19, 2021), I discussed how proposed laws designed to compel sports teams to play the national anthem prior to their games was simply a way to deprive Americans of their rights to both Freedom of Speech and Freedom from Compulsory (government-mandated) Speech. But tyrants are rarely satiated by denying their "subjects” one or two freedoms: They demand total subservience and control. The world often views tyranny as power-crazed individuals successfully leading their followers in the violent overthrow of a government or established order.

Thu, 22 Apr 2021 19:46:00 +0300

Czech Republic marvels hysterically at the idea of breaking all ties with Russia
The Czech Senate called the 2014 explosions in Vrbetica "an act of state terrorism against one EU member state, and therefore against the entire EU." As many as 67 out of 72 members of the Czech Senate voted for the relevant resolution, the Czech News Agency reports. The Czech authorities accuse Russia's GRU (The Main Intelligence Directorate) of those explosions. The Czech senators also called on the government of the country to terminate the agreement on friendly relations and cooperation with Russia and reduce the number of employees of the Russian embassy in Prague to only one person. They believe that the incident in Vrbetica should be discussed at the level of the UN Security Council and the governing bodies of NATO and the EU. They also demanded Russia should pay the Czech Republic a compensation for those explosions and offered to exclude Russia from tenders for the construction of nuclear power plants and other critical infrastructure. Earlier, the Czech Foreign Ministry set out a protest to Russian Ambassador Alexander Zmeevsky in connection with the expulsion of 20 embassy employees from Moscow and said that Russia's response to a similar measure by the Czech Republic was disproportionatem, TASS reports.

Thu, 22 Apr 2021 17:19:00 +0300

Defence Minister Shoygu orders troops to respond to NATO's provocations
The Russian Armed Forces must be prepared that NATO military exercises may unfold on "unfavorable development" scenario, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu stated, RIA Novosti reports. According to him, the Russian military need to be prepared for a prompt response, as the situation in the area of Defender Europe war games may develop unpredictably. In this regard, Minister Shoygu ordered to closely monitor the actions of the North Atlantic Alliance.

Thu, 22 Apr 2021 16:19:00 +0300

Russian Defence Minister suddenly pulls back troops from south border
The troops of the Southern and Western military districts will begin to return from Russia's southern borders to the points of their permanent deployment starting April 23, Defense Minister Sergei Shoygu announced. “I believe that the objectives of the snap exercise have been fully achieved. The troops have demonstrated the ability to provide reliable defense for the country. In this regard, I have made a decision to end verification activities in Southern and Western military districts," Shoigu said at a meeting in the Crimea, TASS reports.  The minister added that the Russian Armed Forces "respond adequately to all changes in the situation near the Russian borders."

Thu, 22 Apr 2021 14:59:00 +0300

Russia kicks off massive war games in Crimea and across all of Russia
On Thursday, April 22, Russia's Defense Ministry said that more than 10,000 servicemen were taking part in the active phase of the joint-force military exercises on the peninsula. As many as 1,200 units of weapons and military equipment from the combined arms formation of the Southern Military District, the Black Sea Fleet, the Caspian Flotilla and Airborne Forces are involved in the war game, including more than 40 warships and 20 support vessels. Russian Minister of Defense Sergei Shoygu arrived in the Crimea. The minister inspected the areas of the deployment of military formations and equipment from the air and checked the readiness of sea and land groupings.

Thu, 22 Apr 2021 13:52:00 +0300

Catherine Middleton: Britain’s Future Queen
The death of His Royal Highness Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh is a fitting time to assess the future of the British Royal Family. Her Majesty The Queen will dutifully perform her role as monarch until her death. Before her coronation in 1952, The Queen said as much to the nation while on a tour of South Africa in 1947 before her accession to the throne. On the occasion of her 21st birthday, the then Princess Elizabeth said in her address to the Commonwealth: "I declare before you all that my whole life whether it be long or short shall be devoted to your service and the service of our great imperial family to which we all belong.” There is however some speculation as to what will happen to the British monarchy once The Queen dies. It is generally accepted that the monarchy will have to adapt and adapt fast to the rapidly changing times in which we live. Opinion may vary though on how best to do that. It is therefore comforting that there is at least one person in whose hands the future of the British Royal Family will be safe. That person is The Duchess of Cambridge.

Thu, 22 Apr 2021 12:54:00 +0300

Russia expels ten US diplomats, gives them month to leave
The Russian Foreign Ministry declared ten employees of the US Embassy in Russia persona non grata. US Deputy Ambassador to Moscow, Bart Gorman, received the corresponding note on Wednesday, April 21.  According to Russian Foreign Ministry representatives, the US diplomats were ordered to leave the country by the end of the day on May 21, TASS reports. The news about the upcoming expulsion of US diplomats became known last week, when Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that it would be Russia's response to the expulsion of ten 10 employees of Russian diplomatic institutions from the United States. 

Wed, 21 Apr 2021 19:49:00 +0300

Russia shows Turkey how it can down Bayraktar TB2 drones
Russia showed the destruction of the Turkish UAV Bayraktar TB2, which was destroyed by the Russian kamikaze drone Lancet. The animated video was cut from a report of the Russian TV channel "Rossiya-1" and posted on a Turkish YouTube channel. The attention to the Russian drone is not incidental. The animation demonstrated the interaction of a group of aerial vehicles, as well as the technique how the UAV shoots down the enemy drone by means of self-detonation.

Wed, 21 Apr 2021 19:16:00 +0300

US Air Force RQ-4B Global Hawk makes reconnaissance flight above Crimea
The RQ-4B Global Hawk strategic unmanned aerial vehicle of the US Air Force conducted a reconnaissance flight in Crimean airspace, which was declared temporarily dangerous and closed for flights, Interfax reports.  It was said that the US UAV took off from the airbase of the Italian island of Sicily and flew near the maritime border of the Crimean Peninsula at an altitude of 15,000 meters. The drone also flew along the shores of the Krasnodar region of Russia.

Wed, 21 Apr 2021 19:04:00 +0300