Scam, kidnap by South African police

Scam, kidnap by South African police

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Scam, kidnap by South African police

Scam, kidnap by South African police

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Sudan and Southern Sudan: separate nations
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Ethiopia reconsiders deportation of Sudan's opposition leader from Addis Ababa

July 21, 2019 (KHARTOUM) - Ethiopian authorities Sunday reconsidered the deportation of Gibril Ibrahim, the leader of Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) from Addis Ababa after forcing him out of the hotel where he participates in Sudanese opposition meetings and conducted him to the airport.
Sudanese political and armed opposition groups are holding consultation meetings in Addis Ababa where they discuss a number of issues related to the transition in Sudan, with the participation of (...)

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FFC groups continue talks on Sudan's transition amid conflicting reports

July 23, 2019 (KHARTOUM) - Conflicting reports emerged from Addis Ababa on Tuesday about understandings reached between the political and military factions of the opposition "Forces for Freedom and Change (FFC) on a possible agreement about the representation of the armed groups in the structures of the transitional period.
The FFC discussions which are initially held to agree to the structures of the opposition umbrella ahead of the transitional period are now mainly focused on the (...)

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Family of Eastern Lakes' journalist calls to his release

July 20, 2019 (RUMBEK) - The family of a South Sudanese journalist in Eastern Lakes denounced his arbitrary detention and called for his release or fair trial.
John Agok has been detained at a criminal detention facility centre in Eastern Lakes earlier this month.
Agok reportedly was arrested for his criticism against the governor on social media during the 9th July Independence Day.
According to his family, he was arrested by the National Security Service (NSS) following an order issued (...)

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Jubek State governor briefs Kiir on security situation

July 21, 2019 (JUBA) - The governor of South Sudan's Jubek state, Augustino Jadalla Wani on Friday met President Salva Kiir during which the latter was briefed on the general security situation in the state.
Jadalla, the Presidential Press Unit (PPU) stated, also briefed the South Sudanese leader on rains are affecting road conditions in the state.
The meeting between two leaders came barely two weeks after two people were killed, and two others injured in a road ambush along the (...)

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Machar in Addis Ababa for meetings with UN officials

July 21, 2019 (KHARTOUM) - The head of the Sudan People's Liberation Movement in Opposition (SPLM-IO) Riek Machar arrived in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa on Sunday.
Machar who is confined in Khartoum according to SPLM-IO officials will meet Amina J. Mohammed, Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations, on preventing sexual violence in conflict.
Also, he is expected to meet the African Union and IGAD officials during his stay in the Ethiopian capital.
SPLM-IO officials declined to (...)

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NAS accuses South Sudan army, SPLA-IO forces of attacks

July 23, 2019 (JUBA) – The holdout National Salvation Front (NAS) has accused South Sudan government troops and some rebels of attacking its positions in Central Equatoria State on Tuesday morning.
The attack, allegedly carried out by President Salva Kiir's militias, Vice President James Wani Igga's bodyguards and the armed opposition (SPLA-IO) occurred at Lobonok, Karpeto at about 7:30am local time.
“NAS forces fought back heroically in self-defense and repulsed the attackers, forcing them (...)

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S. Sudan Okays $25m for new stadium construction

July 22, 2019 (JUBA) - The government of South Sudan has approved $25 million for the construction of a new stadium in the capital, Juba.
Addressing reporters on Friday, information minister, Michael Makuei said the decision was reached during the weekly cabinet meeting.
He said the new stadium, which will be built in Northern Bari area of Jubek county, will accommodate an estimated 15,000 spectators.
“And as soon as situations improve, we will go on to a bigger stadium and be in position (...)

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S. Sudan accuses Uganda of harbouring rebels in refugee camps

July 22, 2019 (MAGWI) – South Sudanese authorities on Friday last week accused neighbouring Uganda of allegedly harbouring suspected rebels in the refugee camps located within the country.
Leaders from both Uganda and South Sudan had met at an inter-border symposium held in Magwi County of South Sudan's Torit State.
The meeting, official said, was specifically convened to discuss potential security threats and challenges between the two countries.
Speaking at the symposium, Torit State (...)

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S. Sudanese Civil society network condemn national anthem ban

July 23, 2019 (KAMPALA) - The Network of South Sudan Civil Society Organizations in Uganda (NoSSCOU) has strongly condemned the recent ban on singing of the national anthem by President Salva Kiir.
The directive was announced by South Sudan's information minister, Michael Makuei after the weekly cabinet meeting held on Friday last week.
Makuei, according to various media reports, argued that the country national anthem was being misused by mainly government officials.
NoSSCOU, in a (...)

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S. Sudanese activist criticizes presidential ban on anthem use

July 22, 2019 (JUBA) – A South Sudanese activists has expressed concerns over President Salva Kiir's recent directive on banning the singing of the national anthem at any public event in his absence.
The directive was announced by the minister of information, Michael Makuei after the weekly cabinet meeting held last week.
Makuei, according to various media reports, argued that the country national anthem was being misused by mainly government officials.
But in a statement issued on (...)

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South Sudan to import power from Uganda, Ethiopia: official

July 23, 2019 (JUBA) - South Sudan plans import power from neighbouring Uganda and Ethiopia after reaching bilateral agreements with both countries, the Energy and Dams minister said.
Mathok told reporters in the capital, Juba on Tuesday that an agreement was reached with Uganda to connect Kaya, Nimule and Kajo Keji border towns while a plan to have transmission of electricity from the 600 MW Karuma dam in Uganda is also being finalized.
He said the transmission of power the country's (...)

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South Sudan's warring fighters ordered to immediately report to cantonment sites

July 21, 2019 (JUBA) - The Joint Defense Board (JDB) has ordered all South Sudanese government troops and rebel forces to assemble at the nearest cantonment sites or barracks with immediate effect.
The directive, issued on July 21, came in the wake of resolutions made during a JDB meeting held on Friday last week.
The heads of government and opposition security institutions attended the meeting.
“You are directed to notify the JDB of the completion of this process not later than 31 July, (...)

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Sudan international partners call for swift agreement on constitutional declaration

July 23, 2019 (KHARTOUM) - Sudan's international partners have called to expedite the signing of the constitutional declaration and to launch the civilian-led government that will implement political and economic reforms during the three-year transitional period.
The European Union-chaired meeting was hosted for the first time at the EU headquarters in Brussels. Also, the State of Qatar attended the meeting for the first time.
The third meeting of its kind was attended by the African (...)

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Sudan protesters group says Addis Ababa meetings discuss peace not jobs

July 22, 2019 (KHARTOUM) - The Sudanese Professionals Association (SPA); spearhead of protests that toppled al-Bashir regime in Sudan, said that its participation in consultations meetings in Addis Ababa with the arms groups is aimed at arranging a comprehensive peace process during the transitional period, stressing that it does not intend to discuss allocation of ministerial posts.
In a press statement on Monday, the PSA said that the consultations also aim to include the demands of (...)

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Two opposition parties reject calls for quotas to Sudan's armed groups

July 22, 2019 (KHARTOUM) - The National Umma Party (NUP) and Sudanese Congress Party (SCoP) voiced their support for a technocrat government during the transitional period saying no room for the allocation of ministerial positions to the opposition l forces.
The statements of the two opposition parties come as the armed groups, members of the Sudanese Revolutionary Front request to have 35% of the positions in the three organs of the transitional authority.
In statements to Sky News (...)

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Sudan, map and flag from Wikipedia, below. Southern Sudan was part of this nation until 2011.
Location of  Sudan  (dark blue)– in Africa  (light blue & dark grey)– in the African Union  (light blue)
Southern Sudan, map and flag from Wikipedia, below. Declared itself an independent nation on Jul 9, 2011.
Pictures above, below and background: a conference called in Philadelphia, at Temple University, in Dec 2011, to bring together all factions involved in the ongoing Sudanese genocides and other human rights abuses  in Sudan and South Sudan. The convener, Dr Abdel Gabar Adam, founder of Darfur Human Rights and adviser to Sudan Sunrise, is sitting below, with his hands raised, addressing the speaker.
The Kingdom of Northern Sudan was proclaimed on June 16, 2014 by US Army veteran, former congressional candidate in Virginia and neo-colonist Jeremiah Heaton rocks. He maintains that 1300 square kilometers of desert was previously unclaimed by either Sudan or Egypt. He is not limited by his imagination; he wants to turn the land into a food-producing area to alleviate world hunger. However, I hope he knows that the other Sudans are not getting along, and I really hope there is no oil in his country of North Sudan.
News feed from New York Times

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Military and Civilian Leaders in Sudan Inch Forward With Political Deal
The power-sharing agreement is another step on the country’s fraught transition to democracy. But key details have yet to be worked out.

Wed, 17 Jul 2019 10:55:51 GMT

Will Sudan’s Revolution Succeed?
"We’ve been ruled by military dictatorships for over 50 years. We cannot accept another one," said one protester who spent 98 days in jail.

Mon, 15 Jul 2019 09:00:06 GMT

In Sudan, a Power-Sharing Deal Propelled by a Secret Meeting and Public Rage
Just a month ago, Sudan’s protest movement appeared crippled. What led the military to suddenly agree to share power? Back-room negotiations, raw street power and a diplomatic shift by Saudi Arabia.

Sat, 06 Jul 2019 01:07:14 GMT

Sudan Power-Sharing Deal Reached by Military and Civilian Leaders
The agreement promises an end to the standoff that has paralyzed the African country since the ouster of President Omar Hassan al-Bashir in April.

Fri, 05 Jul 2019 01:51:25 GMT

Bouncing Back From Crackdown, Protesters Surge Through Sudan’s Streets
Despite an internet ban and threats of violence, protesters massed in a quest for civilian rule, regaining momentum after scores of deaths.

Sun, 30 Jun 2019 22:21:46 GMT

A Rush to the Street as Protesters Worldwide See Democracies Backsliding
Prague. Hong Kong. Algeria. Citizens find more to object to just as they feel increasingly entitled to object.

Tue, 25 Jun 2019 19:20:43 GMT

A Military Crackdown in Sudan
The country’s military helped pro-democracy protesters topple a dictator. Then it turned against them.

Mon, 24 Jun 2019 10:00:08 GMT

Sudan’s Deposed Dictator Makes First Appearance Since Ouster
As officials led President Omar Hassan al-Bashir from prison to face corruption charges, his former protégé was busy consolidating power.

Sun, 16 Jun 2019 20:11:08 GMT

Al-Bashir to Appear in Court to Face Graft Charges
An appearance by the former dictator Omar Hassan al-Bashir might relieve speculation over whether the junta is holding him or he has fled.

Sat, 15 Jun 2019 17:41:30 GMT

Sudan Ousted a Brutal Dictator. His Successor Was His Enforcer.
Lt. Gen. Mohamed Hamdan was once a camel trader who led a militia accused of genocidal violence in Darfur. He now sits at the pinnacle of power.

Sat, 15 Jun 2019 09:00:16 GMT