Scam, kidnap by South African police

Scam, kidnap by South African police

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Scam, kidnap by South African police

Scam, kidnap by South African police

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Post from Boniface Mwangi's Facebook page, Jun 15, 2015 (unedited)

"Did you know since #OccupyPlayGround on Jan 19, 2015?

1.The Government of Kenya built a permanent wall around Lang’ata Road Primary School to protect the playground from land grabbers.

2.The President and the National Land Commission Chairperson both issued directives that all public primary and secondary schools across the republic receive their titles;

3.Over 25 schools nationwide have taken action to demolish illegal walls, roads and buildings on their property.
4. Over 5,000 schools have applied to the National lands Commission for title deeds.

5.350 schools have reported cases of land grabbing to the National Land Commission;

6.Guidelines have been developed for school heads to apply for title deeds;

7.The children of Lang’ata Primary School drew a line in an issue that appeared to be out of control. Things have begun to move that have never moved before.

What needs to happen now?

1.The remaining 25,000 public Primary and Secondary Schools need to apply for title deeds within the eight weeks before the end of second term.

2.Communities need to protect the schools by building permanent walls, reporting theft and reclaiming illegal structures

3.National and county investment must prioritise quality infrastructure and its maintenance.

TODAY Monday 15th June 2015, 2pm Lang’ata Primary Road School will receive gifts of sports equipment for their reclaimed playground. The National Lands Commission Chairperson Dr. Mohamed Swazuri will also release national guidelines on how schools can apply for title-deeds. The Media will be briefed on the status of this critical national public interest issue and update on Lang’ata Primary Road School.

How you can report a case of land-grabbing? Visit

Who is the ‪#‎ShuleYangu‬ Campaign Alliance?

The Alliance includes the National Land Commission, EACHrights, KAACR, Elimu Yetu Coalition, Amnesty International, ANCEFA, Pawa Initiative, Society for International Development and Girl Child Network.

Combined we have a direct impact on over one million people in 21 counties.

These agencies and networks have come together to protect schools against illegal land-grabs, support Government to issue titles and support communities to own their schools.

The Alliance seeks to have 10,000 public schools issued with title deeds and 5,000 schools fenced across the 47 counties."

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A Phoenix University instructor based in Minnesota is building a 1,000-acre medical university in Nigeria AND a 4,000-acre medical university in Kenya at the same time! SJ Dodgson MJoTA 2015 v9n1 p0421

University of Phoenix graduate and instructor, Macharia Waruingi is very busy. Since his acquisition of his green card through marriage to accountant Wanjiku Betty Macharia Waruingi MBA, DHA (Univ Phoenix) in Hennepin, Minnesota on Sep 04, 2009, he is hardly ever home in Minnesota.

He makes frequent trips to Texas, where he persuaded 4 architects to prepare plans for a beautiful, no, really drop-dead gorgeous, medical university which he claims is turning into a world-class facility in the state of Akwa Ibom in Nigeria. These plans were officially handed over from Texas A&M University to the Thompson and Grace Medical University team in an elaborate ceremony in Aug, 2014. Macharia then got stuck into his next project, a 4,000-acre medical university on government land in Masai land in Kenya.

According to his website: "UBRICA One will be an all-inclusive master-planned development containing biotechnology city to be built on the 4,000 acre Kedong Ranch in the Rift Valley of Kenya."

I know Macharia knows powerful people in high places, but I keep thinking of the little girls and boys in Nairobi whose playground was being taken over by developers at the beginning of 2015. They rebelled, these little girls and boys, and the developers were forced to back off and the people in high places were forced to withdraw their permission for land-grab from public lands. Those were little girls and boys. I am wondering how much fiercer and bigger a fight Kenyan citizens who are Masai will put up, when they see that 4,000 acres of good grassland will be taken away from their cows. What is this "Kedong Ranch"?

And what is happening in Akwa Ibom? Is a medical university being built according to plans? The magnificent Thompson and Grace Medical University? Is anything being built? I see that their websites are no longer functioning. What evidence does anyone have that the Akwa Ibom project is real? I see the flash, but not the substance.

And what evidence does anyone have that a University of Phoenix  instructor, working alone out of his living room in Minnesota, has the capability and capacity to put together two enormous projects on opposite sides of Africa?

What bothers me is what is bothering members of African communities around the United States: he is asking for donations from hard-working members of the diaspora to build in Kenya. He showed up in Philadelphia in November, and severely disturbed several of my friends with his requests that they invest in UBRICA, the project in Kenya.

Here is a man who has lived in Minnesota for at least 8 years who I have been told still claims he is, or was, a physician at Harvard, and still claims he is married to a respected neonatologist who divorced him over 10 years ago after a domestic violence incident, and who works now in New Mexico and I believe has remarried. Now, being a University of Phoenix instructor is terrific, as is being married to a competent accountant. However, everything is wrong with lying about these things, which are irrelevant to building technology centers. Suggests that he is lying about things that are relevant, like converting hard-earned money into massive building projects. 

And what about Konza Technology City, the 5,000-acre technology city that is planned by a large group of private and public investors in Kenya?

I am reading the government of Kenya is sinking between USD14 and 15 billion into it, and it will take 20 years to build, and even with all that will and investment, is far behind in starting construction. If the costs of building UBRICA are anything like Konza, Macharia will have to work a lot harder to get money handed over by a huge number of individual investors, and most will not live long enough to see any benefit.

Is Macharia an activist or a land-grabber in Kenya? A hero or a crook? I do not know, that is not for me to decide. I cannot endorse or condemn, all I can do is tell my own story.

Anyone wanting to invest in UBRICA: do your homework. Check out progress in Akwa Ibom, check out if Macharia does have the rights to 4,000 acres of land, work out how much every member of the diaspora will have to give to make UBRICA a reality.

And if you really want it to work, build an organization to make it work.
Don't rely on a man who cannot remember who he is married to, or what he was doing in the few years he was living in Boston.

Using the sick and the needy for fraud. SJ Dodgson MJoTA 2013 v7n1 p0129

All I have to do is live long enough, and I see the same crooks venturing out of the shadows.

I was the victim of fraud by Macharia Waruingi, and all over the internet he is broadcasting the same ideas he happily sketched on a napkin in a diner in Jun 2008, while we waited for the mechanic to fix my car.

And wrote as part of long business plans for our company Ustawi when we were in a hotel room in Boston a few weeks earlier, in coffee shops in Atlantic City before we walked along the beach and through the hotels, in coffee shops in DC and Manhattan and Philadelphia, and in his office in my house from May to Nov 2008. And talked about each night, when we slept in each others' arms.

Fabulous ideas. Wonderful ideas. But when they come from a man whose life is based on fraud, I weep.

I met Macharia Warunigi in Feb 2008.

I was director of a master of science program at a Philadelphia university, and an employee of the World Health Organization had been invited to talk about - world health. I had just come back from Nigeria, and had been involved in making a movie on malaria, and the first issue of MJoTA had been devoted to malaria. So I badgered the guest to link me with someone who is an expert on malaria.

When she came to the university to talk to students and faculty on Valentine's Day in 2008, the WHO doctor had just returned from Boston, where she had been introduced to Macharia, who had just finished a thesis on malaria for a doctorate in health administration at the University of Phoenix. She introduced us by e-mail, and then he called me and painted a picture of a past and a present that was not true.

Macharia spoke about his need to eradicate malaria from Kenya! He was graduated from the Nairobi School of Medicine in 1994 and was working as a physician in Boston, in a Harvard Hospital, and he was a personal friend and mentee of Peter Senge, who made everything happen everywhere.

He told me he was the world expert on malaria because he understood knowledge conversion. He was not ready to go back to Kenya, but when he was ready, he was going to be the physician to the president of Kenya, whom he knew personally, and probably was related to.

He did know the president, that was true. And he knew well, and introduced me to, the physician to the president, more on him on the Kenya page.

But months after he had visited Philadelphia, had moved into my house, got me fired from my academic position, sent me to Kenya to sew up the $100 million dollar funding for a hospital favored by Michael Jordan's mother, used my cash and my credit card (which I gave him for emergencies when I was in Kenya) to send money to and pay expenses of his girlfriends Jean Njoroge at Texas A&M and Betty Macharia in Minnesota, buy airline tickets to see them, buy lunches for colleagues at the South Jersey Chamber of Commerce.... long after that, his lies started emerging.

Macharia had told me that Betty Macharia was his sister, turned out she was his wife. He was never a physician in Harvard; he was a lab technician, and he was accused in a lawsuit for sexually molesting a patient. He had not passed his boards to become a licensed physician in the United States, and had been convicted of domestic violence around 2002, when he hit his former wife, now a respected cardiologist in the United States.

I asked him to leave on Oct 3, after finding receipts and credit card statements that pointed away from a professional and personal partnership that he claimed to have with me. I started throwing his things out of his room downstairs, and he hit me across the nose, knocking me down. His reaction was to take me into the bedroom, tell me he loved me and wanted to marry me. Gosh.

But once I saw a lie, I started not believing anything, and started looking. And he kept hitting me, and I kept asking him to leave.

Meanwhile, the world was changing in incredible ways. We went to a rally for the presidential candidate who was a son of Kenya. And then this son of Kenya was elected president.

A few days before the election Macharia, who drank a bottle of beer at least every day (more than once, my daughter put him to bed drunk),  increased his input to 3 bottles, and started smoking cigarettes.

On the night before the election he had been drinking heavily, and wanted to drive to get cigarettes. I told him I would drive him, and as I was waiting in the parking lot, the Runnymede police converged on me and started accusing me of being the getaway car for a thief, who they claimed was Macharia. Macharia was not a petty thief, but the little girl in the convenience store alone at 2am freaked out when she saw a son of Africa, agitated and intoxicated, come in to buy cigarettes.

The police called for reinforcements, shone lights in our eyes, told me I had a record an arm long, and so did Macharia. Profiled and harassed. I have been there, and it was horrible and lasted more than an hour.

By the time the police let us go, Macharia had been spooked, and decided to get religion, and the following Sunday he told me he was going to become a member of the local Presbyterian church, as is the mayor of my town, and he was not going to share my bed any more. Because it was not right. Since he was not my legal husband.

Three days later, he told me he wanted to buy a $2 million building in Camden, but he needed me to put my house up as collateral for that, and for a conference he was going to run in Philadelphia.

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I told him quietly, he needed to leave. He called me a bitch, and started walking towards me, and I threw at him the coffee I was holding. Then he left, telling everyone who would listen that I had tried to kill him.

Then the nasty things really started happening. He sent me a bill for $80,000, saying that was what I owed him because he had knowledge that I shared with him. I guess that was code for his assessment of what he was owed for being my lover every night for 6 months, except for the 3 weeks when I was in Kenya.

After that I got a letter from his lawyer, Japheth Matemu demanding $1billion. I called Mr Matemu, and he laughed! Oh no, Macharia only wants $1million! I asked what I get for $1million (not that I have this kind of money) and the lawyer said, nothing. Nothing?

Nothing. Oh.

I never heard from Mr Matemu again. He is the only Kenyan lawyer so far admitted to the Supreme Court, and is a good man.

Three months after Macharia left, in Feb 2009, I met a Nigerian man in Philadelphia City Hall who claimed to publish every Friday 50,000 copies of his newspaper, New York Echo, and who had been invited to expand his newspaper to Philadelphia.

I went to New York the following weekend as his guest at the Ghanaian celebrations of the 52nd anniversary of independence, and was his frequent guest all over New York for 3 months, when I left because I realized he was publishing only 2,500 copies occasionally, and his mode of operation was to bring some copies to parties, stack a few copies in an East New York African store, give 100 copies to advertisers like Mayor Michael Bloomberg and local politicians, and stack the rest under his kitchen table in the projects.

Leaving him caused problems, and put me into contact with Janet Ogundipe Fashakin, Lady Evangelist of Christ Apostolic Church.

Now I know, then I did not, that Janet Ogundipe Fashakin had been the publisher’s friend before me, and he was cheating on her with me.

So she was out for blood.

First she fabricated emails from me and mass emailed them. Then she sued me for $20million in Federal court. Then she hooked up with Macharia and together they mass emailed a letter to my friends, saying I was a sexual predator. Me! Gosh!

In Dec 2009, Macharia went to Minnesota Supreme Court to get a restraining order against me so that I could not go to any African events in New York City. When I was not barred from New York City, the Lady Evangelist went to her local police in Old Westbury, and told them that I was parking my car outside her house and following her around and stalking her.

I went to see the police, explaining this was the first time I had been to Long Island since 1995, when I had participated in a 3-week Cold Spring Harbor course on Arabidopsis. Explained that all the evidence she was producing was fake, fraudulent. After 2 hours, they believed me and told me to stay away from her. I told them I really wanted to, but she could not get enough of me, hauling me into Federal Court on charges of defamation.

The Minnesota court told me if I wanted to defend it, I had to pay $300 and fly to Minnesota. The timing was wrong, I was preparing to go to Haiti with the Bed Stuy Vollies after the catastrophic earthquake on Jan 12, 2010. I did, however, prepare a document in my defense, and the restraining order expired uneventfully in Dec 2011.

Early in 2010, Macharia went to Minnesota Supreme Court. This was after the Lady Evangelist made a complaint to Brooklyn police in Nov 2009 that the publisher had tried to rape her. After Nov 2009, I rejoined the side of the publisher, and the court case in Minnesota named him as well as me.

Minnesota may be a lot of things, but the judges are not fools. They threw out the case, refusing to even hear it because Macharia asked for the court fee to be waived because he was too poor to pay it.

I did not know I was being sued  until several months after it had been thrown out. I found out about it in court filings by the Lady Evangelist; she was using the fact that I had been sued in Minnesota as evidence that I defamed her.

The Federal Judge in Brooklyn later  threw the Lady Evangelist’s case out of court, which I learned about in Sierra Leone in Aug 2010.

After all the law cases had been thrown out, I left the publisher again in a dramatic way in Sep 2010.

Malicious, vicious and fraudulent. Macharia Waruingi. Janet Ogundipe Fashakin. Lookman Sulaimon Arounfale.

I love the sons and daughters of Kenya. I love Kenya, anyone reading these pages knows that. I love the sons and daughters of Nigeria. I love Nigeria. The citizens of Kenya and Nigeria deserve better representation in the United States of America.

And now I follow rules. I always did, but the rules are different in African communities. Not better, not worse, but very different, and now I understand them.

I had great fun hanging out with Macharia, and with Lookman; but the consequences and fuss were so horrible, it was nearly not worth it. And yet it was. Macharia introduced me to Kenya; Lookman introduced me to New York. I live and work in African communities, but everyone now I deal with is good and honest, or I am out of there.

Sometimes I am out of there when I am dealing with honest people, but that is because I have told their story and have moved on to tell another one.  Read the stories.

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