Scam, kidnap by South African police

Scam, kidnap by South African police

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Dr Susanna loves the countries and the peoples of Africa

Scam, kidnap by South African police

Scam, kidnap by South African police

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Human Rights Day click here
Getting ready for high school reunion at the original school for girl geniuses in Sydney click here
Andrew Yang click here
Greece has olive trees, and Olympia click here
Floods in Chennai, India click here
Haiti and elections click here
England feeling very lonely click here
We shall overcome click here
Zambia click here
Would you put your shirt on Mr Putin, and help Malaysia find the plane? Could it be near the Philippines? click here
Revolution in South Jersey click here
The Green candidate click here
Donald Trump banned The Washington Post, The Guardian.... click here
Cyprus, 60 miles from Lebanon, massive financial crisis a year ago, how are you doing? click here
Holocaust Remembrance Day at the Aces Museum on 5801 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia. The family of Anne Frank spoke about the devastating effect the Holocaust had on the lives of the Jewish side of the family click here
When Brazil gets into the finals, they are most likely to win the World Cup click here
Governor Chris Christie stops by South Jersey for a chat, and Tuffy's father requests medical marijuana to prevent his daughter's 300 daily seizures click here
Public art in Philadelphia
click here

Saudi Arabia and ISIS aka Daesh click here
Yes, there was a free lunch, and you were always welcome click here
Cyprus: a country divided click here  
New Zealand is a lush island on the South Pacific earthquake belt where 2 young British professionals decided to take a break from cold gray postwar Britain before moving permanently to Australia click here 
Beethoven's birthday and life in Germany click here
Happy Bastille Day France click here
The World Cup kicks off in Brazil in June 2014, and unless you are being sponsored or can afford the approximately USD1,000 per ticket, you are going to have to find a big screen television somewhere click here
You are old Father Trumpster click here
Water in India: floods, droughts, blockages click here
From Indian news feed: "The United States is considering selling and transferring some of its Afghan War surplus to Pakistan", "China's hardly in need of more territorial disputes with neighbors. Yet, it has started a new one with Indonesia." Aagh. Behave. Everyone. That means you. India click here  
Amnesty International Philadelphia click here
Nazi Germany took over the nation of Austria in the same way the Russian Federation took over Crimea in March 2014 click here
Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend is the Day of Honor to celebrate the lives and deaths of Black veterans click here
Ecuador: its main export is oil, but farmed shrimp is catching up. It also has a pretty good soccer team: the team is one of the 32 starting in the 2014 World Cup. Ecuador click here. Video of them playing click here
Freedom of speech appears to be a problem in Malaysia. Now Sydney has a large population of Malaysian Chinese students; many do not go back to Malaysia click here
#BringBackOurGirls click here
Egypt has been ripped apart since last summer when the elected president was removed by military coup click here
Australia's lion has lain down click here
Happy birthday Angus, my first-born son! After a year in Thailand, you managed to avoid being eaten by a tiger, and avoid being caught up in a revolution. Come home soon! click here  
News feeds and links to stories in New Jersey, the Garden State. Our senators are Robert Menendez and Cory Booker. And our governor is Chris Christie click here
We are celebrating Earth Day all week!!! Climate change click here
So an Iranian minister blames the US for the Malaysian Airlines plane vanishing? Of course. Iran click here. Videos, 3 news feeds. One has some Arabic.
Happy birthday Queen Elizabeth of England!! click here  
"Hate Crimes in the Heartland": click here
Whole new appreciation for Barbados, after mourning with them a former Royal Mounted Policeman. Poverty forced so many to leave paradise click here
Saturday Easter vigil with tears running down my cheeks for the 150 murdered students in Kenya. Kenya videos, news feeds click here.
Music from Ramu Raj, a gentle musician in Madras, in India, who lives in peace and wants everyone else to click here
Medical writing course: antibiotics click here
Chechnya, Russia's favorite scapegoat click here
Happy Ides of March! Not a good day to be Caesar in Rome click here
Cote D'Ivoire exports cocoa, the world's biggest grower, and France still has a grip on it. Rocky times the past few years. Cote D'Ivoire is sending one of the 32 teams starting in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil click here
So if I drive my 1996 Lumina into NYC and park it, anyone who wants it can take it and get it squished? I learned that any vehicle over 8 years old can be sold to metal dealers without proof of ownership. Hmph. I know my baby has at least 10 more years in the North East; maybe 30 in Nigeria click here
Lost plane, Russia annexing Crimea illegally, US saying rich Russians can't play with US dollars, and Russia saying, hmph, US congressional leaders don't even think of drinking vodka in the Kremlin. All too much. Spring is here, so let's think about going to Gambia for the annual Roots Festival click here
How to Facebook in 5 easy steps click here
Saturn is way cool. All gas, nothing solid, spinning around with lots and lots of moons click here
Turks slaughtered the Armenians in Turkey starting April 24, 1915; and slaughtered the Anzacs at Gallipoli starting April 25, 1915 click here
Mayor Nutter signs an executive order thawing ICE, with Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell by his right side click here.
United Nations in Congo click here
What about shea butter click here
Not sheep: this is the year of rhinoceroses. Love rhinoceroses. So did great great Uncle Campbell Dodgson CBE click here
Remembering those who fell in Europe 1914-1918 click here
More links to stories click here
Medical Writing Institute: I have been getting requests for training, if you are interested, take the survey click here
Resistance in Nazi Germany displayed at the Aces Museum click here
The president of Liberia is pleading for international help: Liberia's health resources are overwhelmed click here
Rich King Law Commentary: Thoughts on ebola and the politics of race click here
So.. how long does it take to change your name to Elizabeth Gallagher and get a Canadian passport? Oh Canada click here
I watched the moon landing on July 20, 1969 click here
Songs of longing for peace: Quaker, Muslim, Roman Catholic, unaffiliated - universal thirst for peace click here
International African Arts Festival in Brooklyn starts on Thursday, all the cool people show up for this, pictures from previous years click here
Not for nothing homicide is the leading cause of death in young black men. What can we do to keep our young men alive? Michael. Trayvon. The inability to indict the murderer-cop of Michael Brown surely means that the jury did not think a conviction in a jury trial was possible. They are probably right. The fact is that only one-third of Americans voted in 2014 elections, and we have an unworkable system where KKK lynching has been replaced by gun murder by cops and paramilitary thugs. The default is that young Black men get shot.  The problem lies with arming cops to the teeth and letting them be "human", ie, inhumane. We marched on Washington last year click here
Chocolate: casualty of ebola, although produced mainly in Ghana and Cote d'Ivoire. Madagascar is not affected click here. You can buy Madagascar chocolate in Brooklyn click here
The British packed up their flags and left Sierra Leone on Apr 27, 1961. The British Army came back to help stop Liberian-incited violence, and remain. Ebola is still flaring, British Army helped a lot to treat and prevent more cases click here

The men were locked up in Pretoria Central Prison. Stickers were on their cell doors saying they have all been given life sentences.

On Sep 21, 2014, they had been in jail 593 days with half in solitary confinement. One of them spoke from Pretoria Central Prison click here
"Any form of violence against innocent civilians or prosecution of minorities contradicts the principles of the Qur'an and the traditions of our Prophet (upon whom be peace and blessings)..." click here
Ebola treatment and eradication: donate to Liberian Diaspora click here , Sierra Leonean Diaspora click here, or Doctors Without Borders (MSF) click here. (Red Cross and Red Crescent are busy in Gaza click here) Volunteer health professionals and donated supplies from China have arrived in West Africa click here  
Nelson Mandela was a peacemaker who wanted to bring everyone to the table to stop oppression: the oppressed, the Israelis, the Palestinians, the Cubans, the Afrikaaners click here. So does his friend Archbishop Tutu click here
North Gauteng High Court prosecutors think that James Kazongo is a superhero. So do his sons in Delaware, but for different reasons, click here
Japan gets more than its share of rains, winds and big, big waves. Japan click here
Nigerian School for deaf children in Surulere - MJoTA has been published since Jan 2007click here
I spent yesterday contemplating the Declaration of Independence at a state college named after a Quaker who was a signatory. Richard Stockton College click here
So absolutely horrified by the cold-blood murders in Pakistan, I am compiling a Humanity Index. Would love feedback when you have read the essay click here.
25 years ago, on June 4 2014, I heard about the Tianamen Square massacre and told a post-doc from China that I had an opening for a post-doc, and would like to take one from China. He found me one during a conference in Finland, who started out by telling lies which were discovered when he arrived in Philadelphia, and ended up beating up his wife and fabricating recommendations for graduate school (I was happy to give him references, I don't know why he faked them). Then he vanished and we started hearing about how rich China is. I wish him well China click here  
Guy Fawkes Day! "Remember, remember the 5th of November". What I remember is peering through an upstairs window in Manchester, England, when my father let off fireworks, and 3 years later, in New Zealand, eating sausages that fell in the sand and watching more fireworks and a few hours later, I had a new baby brother that my parents did not name Guy. Guy Fawkes tried to blow up parliament, England click here  
I make a habit of hugging every Liberian, Guinean and Sierra Leonean I can at every time. You are not going to catch ebola from West Africans in the US. Solidarity with West Africans! Go to their shops, churches and restaurants. They are all trying to raise money for food and healthcare for family and friends in their home countries. Unity is strength click here
Kids drowning in South Korean ferry sinking because leaders told them to stay put, my God; Ukraine is volatile; Russia is broke; 135 dead in West Africa from ebola click here
All I know about Ireland's Troubles was that my mother never talked about them, never wanted to return to the country of her birth. Gerry Adams has done a lot for peace, I don't see how arresting him for a 40-year murder is helping anyone. If they have nothing else to do, send the cops to Nigeria to find the 250 kidnapped girls. Ireland click here

Cinco de Mayo. Why Mexico celebrates click here

"India's Mangalayaan gets closer to Mars. NASA's New Horizons, aimed for Pluto in 2015, will cross Neptune's orbit in August 2014...Voters turned up early.. in Bihar" and other stories, videos from India click here  
The first time I had anything to do with UNSW, I was visiting the doctors' quarters at the UNSW teaching hospital. I remember being amazed at a young man wrapped only in a towel happily chatting with my father. 18 years later, UNSW awarded me a PhD and I flew to Philadelphia for 18 years at an Ivy League university click here
In what parallel universe does a 14yo carry a gun to protect himself? In Iraq? In Congo? During the American Civil War? Has a war been declared in Brooklyn? Has it? click here
Sons and daughters of Africa are studying in Ukraine, and feeling particularly vulnerable. News feeds, videos, Ukraine click here
Philadelphia: go vote. Primary day in Pennsylvania click here
Germans resisted Nazi atrocities individually and in groups. Field Marshall Rommel was forced to swallow a cyanide tablet when his group's plot failed. Members of the White Rose resisted, and the Aces Museum has an exhibit for them click here
Free Palestine click here, Ukraine click here
Israel click here, Russia click here
Above, goats. More goat videos on, because I love goats.
I love to walk through woods, there the air is sweet, I can breathe, we all can when woods are included in where we live. Luckily I live in Camden County in South Jersey, which seems to me to be a massive forest with houses perched in places that are easy for developers, who leave the streams, hills, small cliffs, gorges alone. Above, a walk through Saddlers Woods in fall 2020.
Try not to smoke, try not to vape click here
When are procedures and tests "absolutely necessary" and when are they designed to make health professionals wealthier? click here  and scroll down to essay
Wednesday Quaker Meeting for Worship click here

Friends from the Monthly Meeting of the Friends of Philadelphia

Gather in Philadelphia, where the American Revolution started, and where cool heads wrote the Constitution of the United States of America, click here

All ages are invited to join by Zoom from 5.45pm Eastern time (US & Canada) each Wednesday. We greet each other, then sit quietly in unprogrammed worship for 30 minutes or longer if someone gives a message. All are welcome to give messages that come from the light of God that lives inside us all, click here

Only one, we listen in silence and do not respond verbally. If you have something to say that does not seem to you to be an inspired message, you will be invited to share it at the rise of meeting for worship, click here

We do not pass around a basket, in fact Quakers in general are horrible at fundraising. We do not pay priests because we do not have any.

From the YouTube: Dr SJ Dodgson. These videos are not edited and most are technically really bad. They give an idea of what a British-Irish-Australian-American activist does when not growing food and teaching medical writing. Go to and search for Dr SJ Dodgson. Or click on video above.
Celebrating Jamaica click here
Stories from Medical Writing Institute click here Stories from MJoTA click here
You are old Cheetohlini click here
Zambia: safe haven of southern Africa click here
Day of Honor click here
On May 12, my English grandmother Hannah Frances was born in England in 1891, and my great-uncle Reginald Frederick Charles was born in India in 1890. Relatives click here
Dandelions: spring's greatest gift click here

Israel click here and Palestine click here

Nepal, a tiny jewel of a country with our highest mountains: playground for billionaires, surviving after loss of life from a massive earthquake click here
Egypt, 6 years after Arab Spring click here

London attack click here

Mauritania: deserts, slave labor, child brides click here
Uganda: next to Kenya in East Africa, a place that both gives refuge and generates refugees click here
"Love Me, Barbados" by Richard Andrew King click here
During Black History Month we recognize the shame of Americans who rejected, despised & hunted other Americans who only want to live in peace click here
From Zambia with love click here
A Hershey kiss or a blob of paint? The Paint Torch outside the Pennsylvania Academy of Art in Philadelphia click here
A young woman is pregnant and loses a glove visiting a paraplegic veteran. She does not know if she will ever see her soldier bridegroom again and so she mourns the lost glove click here.
#resist click here
You are wrong PresDent Trumpster click here
St Patrick's Day click here
Resistance vocabulary click here

Never lose hope, ever, ever click here

Martin Luther King jr Day celebrates all warriors against American apartheid. Bayard Rustin click here

Not much good news from Sudan: teaching how to swim the Nile is wonderful, Sudan click here

Lilies loom large in Camden, where roses are still blooming in December click here.
Dec 16: Beethoven's birthday click here
Chocolate starts with cocoa beans, most are grown on farms in Ghana, Sierra Leone, Cote D'Ivoire. Also Madagascar click here
When the pastor and the painter were chained to crosses and sang "Bless the Lord, oh my soul" as bullets hit the targets over their beating hearts click here
Coming out to support President Obama's call for gun law reform are registered Republicans who own guns, are evangelical Christians and voted against Obama in 2 elections, here is one, click here
Walt Whitman, Muhammed Ali and Dr Susanna had a few things in common: one is that all owned houses in Camden County, New Jersey click here
Heir to French and English political families becomes prime minister of Canada as Canada rejects right wing agenda and votes for tolerance and separation of church and state. Canada click here
Ah. Turning trash into light! So easy, so clever. Made my day click here Videos.
When Fire Jumps: audio of why I wrote it after a young girl and a young woman died, and first 3 chapters read aloud click here
More than 3 decades have passed since my most productive day when I gave birth to a robotics engineer click here
We need water to be clean. Plastic water bottles are clogging our lands and our waters. Videos. click here
Guns are now legal everywhere in Georgia: in schools, airports. Nothing like putting guns into the hands of children and crazies to lessen the time between birth and death click here
Italy, where the Pope lives in a dormitory click here
Death comes as a thief in the night. I love New York. So does Bed Stuy Vollies click here
No place for children, the Republic of Syria click here
Candidate for mayor of Newark Shavar Jeffries comes from a extraordinary family of over-achievers who have been unwilling to succumb to despair after violent tragedies. His cousin is US Congressman Hakeem Jeffries, and early on his mentor was the great late Congressman Donald Payne click here
Walmart, the world's 3rd largest company, owns ships, planes. Labor Day in Philadelphia click here
Folks named Susanna in headlines click here
Growing up in peace in Niger, living in peace in Camden County, New Jersey click here
Hurricanes Patricia, Sandy, Irene click here
Richard Allen, freed from enslavement, was told by Quakers to sit on "colored benches" so he bought land and built his own church and worked to free as many sons and daughters of Africa as he could.  The burying ground at 4th and Catherine was given to the city of Philadelphia, who turned it into a playground and are currently revamping the playground. It should be a memorial garden. click here
Somalia, final resting place of a Dodgson cousin click here
100 years of Dr Patience Uprichard Dodgson click here who was born 3 days before a much-filmed, equally pale but taller woman, Ingrid Bergman. This always delights me, because I know whatever age Ingrid Bergman was in a movie, my mother was that age then click here   Darling Patience click here
I had the enormous privilege of spending the day with Amnesty International activists protesting the death penalty and laws oppressing minorities and listening to the first person released from death row and prison because DNA proved his accusers lied. Story from Witness to Innocence from October click here
Universities all around the world are showing support with protesters in Venezuela. Meanwhile, Venezuelans continue to make news in technology, and continue to make music click here  
90% of all infected with ebola will die: horrible disease causing panic in 5 countries in West Africa. Senegal and Liberia have closed their borders with Guinea. What it is, what to do, how to avoid it, and audio interview with Dr Ladi Owolabi, son of Nigeria, physician and CEO of Lifescope Africa click here
Pope visits USA in  tiny Fiat, Philadelphia welcome click here
Where is Lothar Blossfeld Dipl Physik? click here

Dec 7th: This day will live in infamy  click here

Greece, birthplace of Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, democracy and the Olympic Games. Europe: forgive their debts, and let them restructure click here
Always a good time to watch Shakespeare plays, and to watch William J Barber II in action click here
Thailand's military coup. Protesters are defying the coup, young soldiers with guns are showing constraint, history of Thailand and things to avoid. News feeds click here  
Dec 1st: World HIV/AIDS Day click here
On a cold March Saturday, Amnesty International groups from Pennsylvania and South Jersey gathered at the Ethical Society in Rittenhouse Square to talk about their efforts in abolishing the death penalty, and police misconduct click here
"Maya Angelou was an inspiration and a role model. She knew how to get the flowers to grow." Dr Althea V Hankins MD, director of GC Medical Center and Aces Museum, great-niece of Marcus Garvey.  Maya Angelou: thank you for speaking and singing to us for 86 years, and flying through the cage door...Maya Angelou, you were one, but you are legion click here
On D-Day, MAP Wood landed on Juno Beach in Normandy with the Royal Navy Commandos and was their chaplain. He was my cousin, and later became the Bishop of Norwich. Before all that, he was born during World War I when his father was jailed for being a conscientious objector click here
How do you know your online students wrote their own assignments? click here
The story of when the United States of America invaded the sovereign nation of Grenada click here
Media heist in Media: FBI breakin by the Citizen's Commission to Investigate the FBI click here
Yangtze River is dammed with the world's largest structure China click here
Pakistan is often in the news: today, May 28 2015, it is in the news because the CEO of a fake degree mill was arrested after the New York Times.... Essay click here
US Congress debating sending $1 billion to Ukraine in aid. Crimea: the jewel of the Black Sea click here Ukraine click here
Parkinson's Disease got the man who was my athletic inventor husband: what it is, therapies. Diet and exercise baby. The magic pills for our time click here
Mother's Day 2011. "I was released by the arresting officer who had spent the 8 hours on and off trying to ...." click here
Building on word inventing that a Dodgson relative was good at: religionism (others used that first), Humanity Index, poverwalmartization (you can tell I have been hanging out with Germans) click here
Happy‬ ‪Mother‬'s ‪Day‬! My wish: say a ‪kind‬ ‪word‬ to a mother who has lost a child, essay click here
Young people are converging on Philadelphia to watch Penn Relays! I will be there tomorrow, I will have my Nikon and Canon and video, looking for at least one great shot! Philadelphia click here
Spring Saturday in the country for Philadelphia kids being taught respect, love, decency, empowerment and the value of believing in the future. UROC founder, daughter of Trinidad & Tobago Miranda Alexander rocks click here
A Phoenix University instructor based in Minnesota is building a 1,000-acre medical university in Nigeria AND a 4,000-acre medical university in Kenya at the same time click here
Legal Aid South Africa threw a hissy fit when Etienne Taratibu Kabila asked for a bail hearing and told them his 6yo had been kidnapped. They dumped him as a client. He has written a second letter to the Minister of Justice of South Africa, included is the letter he received from Legal Aid click here.

Turks slaughtered the Armenians in Turkey starting April 24, 1915; and slaughtered the Anzacs at Gallipoli starting April 25, 1915 click here

Damn coward shot up safe place for folks in Florida. We need gun control laws yes, but we also need to stop attacking Muslims, LBGT folks, sons and daughters of Africa. Will British-Australian-Americans be next? click here
Acupuncture therapy in Uganda click here
Feeding folks who are hungryclick here

Dec 18: birth of a robotics engineer click here

The soldier who told the rabbit to run click here
Wales has its own language and premier, who, unlike the premiers of Northern Ireland, Scotland and England, is male click here
Libertarian candidate for president , Gary Johnson, paid a lot of money to a lot of exploiters so that Sherpas could mark the trail and carry his equipment so that he could say he climbed Mount Everest. Nepal click here
Donald J Trump is not a Jesus, is not a Hitler. He is an old demented man who is a puppet of the far right, as was old demented German President Paul von Hindenburg, who opened the door to chaos and the destruction of millions of lives all around the world click here
Dr Susanna's advice to folks looking for a mate click here

Dec 07: this date lives in infamy click here

Italy aims for reform click here
Brazil loves soccer, and its young players click here
MSF aka Doctors Without Borders set up camp between Independence Hall & the Constitution Center in Philadelphia for 10 days in November click here
In 2013, Angola banned Islam click here
The Democratic presidential candidate has a progressive policy for keeping us above water and reducing the effects of climate change click here
The Republican presidential candidate, job creation and how he pays his contractors. Read  the Republican platform click here
Zambia votes Aug 11, 2016  click here
Brexit or Remain? The European Union certainly can be improved, but should it be abandoned?click here
The Philadelphia Inquirer slaps its former owners by endorsing for US Congress in Democratic primary Alex Law over Donald Norcross click here
Make America kind! We can if we join together! A good place to start is to support the congressional campaign of Alex Law, of the 1st District of New Jersey click here
Chinese officials throwing tantrums on official visit to London called out by the Queen of England, video, click here   

Climate change sinks countries, blows away towns, burns cities, parches fields. In North America, in Africa, in the Pacific: nowhere is immune from the cruel and many symptoms of climate change click here
May 04 was "May the Fourth be with you!" And May 05 is "Revenge of the Fifth" If you are not a Star Wars fan, you will not understand. But you can always dance, because May 05 is Cinco de Mayo! Olé click here
So why would a professional Irishwoman, a qualified physician, with 3 young children, take orders from a self-centered man and follow him to the other side of the world to lands of the Southern Cross? click here
Happy birthday Ernst Lothar Blossfeld Dipl Physik! You were born 75 years ago to a "half-Jew" in Nazi Germany in Freiburg click here
Handing over all wealth to the wealthy did not work for most of us in the time of the Caesars, did not work for most of us during the time of Reagan, and certainly does not work for us now. If a business cannot survive unless it uses slaves, or pays poverty wages, it should not survive. The case for a minimum wage being a living wage click here
Chinese Lunar New Year: 2016 welcomes the year of the Fire Money, farewell  to the year of the Wood Sheep, which started off with lion dances all over Philadelphia click here
Ireland: in 2015, In Eire, all of-age human marriages legal; in Ulster, a woman First Minister, and no, I do not celebrate violence that caused the death of activists, civilians and friends of my family click here
India in the news, with good news, a 15-year-old boy plays cricket better than anyone click here
Many, perhaps most, Congolese refugees in South Africa continue to be harassed daily, and underemployed. Not all, some are doing spectacularly well. You know who you are click here
The 2015 Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to 4 groups in the north African country of Tunisia click here
Nov 11th 2015: Armistice Day, Remembrance Day, Veterans Day. The one day to remember the men, women and children whose lives were cut short by war. At the going down of the sun, and in the morning, we will remember them. All of them. click here
Nov 10th 2015: 100 years since Hannah woke as a bride, went  to bed as a widow click here
Nepal: on the ceiling of the world, far too easy for buses to slide down mountains click here
I expected to land in Europe but landed in Asia, and survived because of an Iraqi engineer. I love Turkey, my heart hurts today, news feeds, videos. Not that I notice these things but Turkish men and women have to be the most beautiful in the world. Fusion does that click here
Come hang with us in our urban farm in Camden, New Jersey, and give rest and aid to anyone who walks over the bridge to Philadelphia. Walking to Philadelphia click here
Condolences to the families whose members died in the collapse of the Mosque in Mecca on 9/11 click here
After Sep 11 comes Sep 12. Essays on Sep 11 and the Pink Houses in Brooklyn click here

Sunday August 2nd: African Festival at Penn's Landing in Philadelphia! Detailed directions, pictures from previous years click here
Dominican Republic: trafficked in sugar workers, took away documents, now tossing out 250K undocumented humans. Scroll down for movie, edited article and document about sugar click here
After the New York Times wrote about the fake diploma mills in Pakistan, the owners were arrested and degrees from Nixon, Columbiana, Oxdell and others exposed as fake. Pakistan click here
Such beautiful music coming from India, the land of Arundhati Roy and Mahatma Gandhi click here
Malnourished and yet obese? Dr Volcy writes about what is going on click here
In the knockout round, the star Brazilian player broke his back. Brazil will do anything and everything, but it was not enough. The World Cup was great! click here
Chinese movie where a dainty young lady by herself beats up an army of bandits. Scroll past the Chinese lessons. English subtitles. click here
Back then, Vikings in Ireland were not a whole lot different than ISIL. Scroll down for video of Brian Boru, Ireland click here. Not all Vikings were head-hacking destroyers, some were highly civilized. Their Swedish descendants are downright spectacular Sweden click here
India went to Mars when our congress was squabbling and bombing folks! India, my new favorite country click here  
Happy Cinco de Mayo! Mexico click here
Philadelphia gets ready for Penn Relays click here
South Africa: resist bullying refugees, resist divide and conquer of Black Africans. You are better than that click here.
Holocaust Remembrance Day: evening Apr 15 to evening Apr 16. Anne Frank's relative bore witness in 2014 click here
Ah to be in England, now that April's here click here
The International Space Station is the coolest place not on earth; definitely the coolest place for earthlings to hang out and speak English, Russian, Japanese, and sing opera. Why not! click here
Who is in charge in Palestine? Hamas? Palestine Liberation Organization? Palestine National Authority? Very hard to unravel. The one authority is the occupying country of Israel click here
St Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland click here
Pi: the irrational number that is constant and remains when everything else fades, wilts, evaporates, sublimates or otherwise vanishes. Pi Day 2015: 3.14.15 click here.
Rape and the value of human life, specifically, female human life click here
My children's Jewish relatives died in the German Holocaust, please Israel, stop the Israeli Holocaust of Palestine and the Israeli rule of the United States click here
Youssef Kromah aka Seff Al-Afriqui. Inspirational rap to celebrate Black History in Camden, New Jersey click here
Keep those little Susannas coming! You know the first one was saved by angels. Songs for Susanna click here
America used to have a Congress that understood the importance of science. And actors who educated us while raising our eyes to the stars. We still have NASA, for how long, we don't know. And we still have actors who work to educate us. But we no longer have Mr Spock. Thank you Mr Spock, and RIP click here
Lent. The worst time to be a fish. Antarctica, where fish are safest. Videos, news feeds click here
I watched the Lion Dancers at midnight, in minus weather. Some days, like when your friends are released from 2 years of prison, you just have to go out at midnight in the freezing cold and DANCE!!!  Happy New Year China, where all your stuff comes from, click here
Bloodshed in DRC-Congo; rubber bullets shot at protesters in South Africa and 10 were arrested click here
The last marcher to Independence Mall on Martin Luther King jr Day in Philadelphia. She struggled down Market Street with her walker click here
WE DID IT! International outcry halted Saudi Arabia lashing Raif Balawi to death click here
Murder by beheading, murder by 50 lashes a week: cold-blooded murder in Saudi Arabia. click here
100 years since Scottish artist Campbell Lindsay Smith put on his kilt and was shot dead in a field in Belgium click here
United States Government Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is getting increasingly worried about the lack of regulation of e-cigarettes. Little children are being poisoned click here
Attack on satirical newspaper: appalling tragedy, condolences to France, videos, newsfeeds click here
Russia is always a hotbed of dissension, repression and czars. How cool are the Navalny brothers? news feeds click here
Emerald Pademelon Press LLC reviews books before & after publication and will do all your publishing for you click here
The South African and international media call them "coup-plotters". I call them 20 good men, jailed because South African cops lied. While Colonel Zeeman retains his position, and is allowed to write 52-page affidavits about non-existent weapons supplies, non-existent murder plots, South Africa is not governed by laws, but by bandits click here
American die-ins protest being shot dead by a nervous armed-to-the-teeth racist cops  click here  
South African police misconduct. Endemic. Videos. Scroll down for video that blew open the honeymoon murder and released Shrien Dewani click here
South African police: keeping the country secure or targeting citizens, refugees and visitors for abuse? How can good cops do good when colleagues are thugs, thieves, murderers? click here
Nelson Mandela: one year without his breath click here
Fire Colonel Zeeman! click here
Friends of Congolese 20 on Aug 1st, 2013. 15 now acquitted; 5 can be bailed click here
On November 28, 2014, 15 of the Congolese 20 were released after being found innocent of all charges, after 660 days in Pretoria Central Prison. Idiotically, 5 are still charged with organizing non-existent coup that exists only in the imagination of Colonel Noel Zeeman. Etienne Kabila is out on bail; the other 4 are trying to scrape together bail money.
Happy birthday America click here 
News from the financial markets click here
When life gets so crazy and lives end abruptly because of evil people shooting a Black congregation and its pastor, or building balconies that cannot hold more than a few young Irish professionals, we all need friends click here
Water: you need it, and sometimes the best way to get it is collect that which falls from the sky click here
Escape from a mountain in Germany. Through barbed wire click here
Serious spring fever today in Brooklyn and Manhattan. No-one protesting Crimean invasion outside the Russian consulate, but a lot, a lot of barriers. They were ready, but it looks like Putin is ready to throw in the towel, or part of it. Goodonya economic Obama diplomacy!! USA click here  
On April 2nd, 2014, Philadelphians preyed on sick, hard-working, vulnerable. Without investigation, without intelligence, without thoughts for the human rights of a genius chemist and his wife, who survived the bloody civil war of Liberia, who worked hard all their lives, whose US Army veteran daughter served in Afghanistan, Philadelphia police decided that Vickson Korlewala and his wife had no right to freedom click here
Spring brings business meetings all over the north-east; today the annual African Economic Forum is in full swing at Columbia University in New York. In my 8 years focusing on health in African communities, I have learned that the greatest cause of ill-health is poverty. And that the greatest cause of poverty is theft that is called "investment" that results in polluting the air, the water and in sub-poverty wages. Glencore in Zambia is an example. Zambia click here
Romania was a Warsaw Pact country, under the influence of the Soviet Union. In 1968 their president spoke out against the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia; 31 years later, on Christmas Day 1989, immediately after a speedy trial, Romanian soldiers took him and his wife out of the courtroom in the deep snow, and shot them. After that, orphanages filled with abandoned children were seen, and many were adopted into the United States. Romania click here 
President of Zambia died in a London hospital. Zambia, East Africa, robbed by investors bringing in sub-poverty jobs click here
Ruth Noerdlinger, a "half-Jew" gave birth to father of my younger 2 children, in Wiesbaden, during the second world war. He now sits in a chair & shakes, imprisoned by a "guardian"... May Day click here
600 days in Pretoria Central Prison without trial. South Africa's Guantanimo. Congolese 20 scammed, kidnapped and jailed click here
Indonesia is stupid. Exploded a great opportunity for favor from Australia. They are thugs and cold-blooded murderers. Why is anyone trading with them. Boycott Bali.  And anywhere else with the death penalty click here
Mr Alfredo Thiebaud died in an accident today in the Bronx. I am heartbroken. Son of Honduras, he made water ice and built a small empire. A kind man, he always had a smile and was part of the CACCI family in Brooklyn. Honduras click here.
We declared war on the earth the minute we learned how to start a fire. We can declare peace by accepting that we do not own the earth, we are merely stewards passing through, and our duty is to ... click here
April 23! Happy birthday William Shakespeare! Happy St George's Day! Yeah England, the land of my birth! Videos, plays, newsfeeds, essays. England click here  
Have you thought about Comoros lately? A lovely Ethiopian movie, great music, and awareness that this little nation of islands in the Indian Ocean is particularly vulnerable to rising seas click here
Charges against Vickson Korlewala and Lorpu Korlewala dropped. When accountability is demanded at the end of a gun, trust is gone, love is gone and the threatened wants revenge. That is what we have in Philadelphia. We have armed police who are afraid of the ease with which guns are passed around and used on the streets, who want to stop the frequent murders and accidental killings of young and old click here
I am entitled to Irish citizenship because my Irish mother was born in Ireland when there was only one Ireland, and have UK citizenship because I was born in England and my father was English. But my mother's maiden name was Welsh, and she was descended from Scottish Presbyterians. And my very English father; one grandmother was an Agnes Doherty. My father's mother's first husband was a Scottish portrait painter from Aberdeen; blown up in his kilt in WWI click here. The British are a mix of all 4 countries. I only now have an opinion: Scotland, please stay in the UK. Stay British. Scotland click here
Tunisia was part of the Arab Spring, a North African country. It had a horrific shooting in a museum click here
Republican senators: when 47 of you sent a letter to the leader of Iran after being asked to by the leader of Israel, was this treason? I believe so. Iran click here
Liberian man working in the Ministry of Health in Monrovia comes to Staten Island for back surgery and stayed because of ebola. So his wife in Liberia sends him money to survive. New York click here
Remembering a 1987 trip to Yugoslavia. I am so happy that I am able to throw out the abandoned chrysalis from each of my children click here
Yeah! James Kazongo is flying back to Philadelphia to his wife and 3 small sons (middle son Mat is my favorite but don't tell anyone) on March 10!!! Ah, ye who have little faith: shine a light and good people crowd out the bad people!!! click here
We raised the Liberian flag at Philadelphia City Hall on Liberia's 167th Independence Day celebrations on July 26, 2014 click here
Lunar New Year was celebrated properly in minus weather in the streets of Philadelphia's Chinatown, inside auditoria and libraries from New Years Eve, Feb 18, 2015 though Feb 26, 2015. Chinese productivity stops for the world's biggest holiday travel and lion dances click here
Happy birthday Gambia! 50 years since Union Jack came down. Gambia accused of human rights abuses, withdrew from the British Commonwealth, this tiny, gorgeous country in West Africa, click here??
Deep in 1944, 2 months after D-Day...  Maurice was awarded the DSC, Tony lost the use of his legs, Robert was killed, my father became engaged. His third male cousin spent his life in perpetual and happy childhood, God bless Geoffrey. Story, awesome videos from 1944 click here
For a month we watched a war that was not destructive: the 2014 World Cup. I would love to see the energy in Gaza and Israel diverted to playing football. There is no way to peace, peace is the way and the American Friends Service Committee reaches out to communities all around the world, in peace. AFSC click here
All about Denmark: news feeds, videos, stories, pictures click here
The numbers of adults and children infected with ebola is climbing in West Africa, as is the number of deaths. Isolation practices have slowed its spread, but new cases are being reported in Sierra Leone daily click here
January 25, 1945. Snowy day in Belfast. Irish rose Dr H Patience Uprichard married Dr MCH Dodgson, descendant of London Stock Exchange founder. Thanks Mum & Dad!
A long-lost speech of the Rev Martin Luther King jr. He gave it in Dec 1964 on his way to Sweden to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize click here
America pauses to remember the life and struggles of Martin Luther King jr click here
The Panama Canal opened in August 1914 enabling the 1957 passage of the Southern Cross from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. The building of the Panama Canal resulted in the defeat of the massive death toll from yellow fever. Panama click here.
Sons of Africa die more frequently from bullets, and younger; sons of Europe die more frequently from cancer, and older. Died on the same day, different years: Martin Luther King jr and Roger Ebert click here
I celebrated Caribbean Heritage Month with CACCI at Brooklyn Borough Hall, and with Miranda Alexander's group in Philadelphia at Reading Terminal Market. I heard a lot about Anguilla, a tiny jewel of an island that is part of the United Kingdom and has a population of oh, 10,000, give or take. Anguilla click here
Saudi Arabia: war against humanity. We stand for free speech, and protest the brutal flogging of a young Saudi Arabian blogger click here
As much as I would love to say the above was a recent picture, I am afraid it is not. Just after I got my PhD in physiology & pharmacology at UNSW in, cough, 1978. UNSW click here
AIDS scientists, healthcare providers and activists have been meeting in Australia's other big city, Melbourne, all week. News from the conference and videos click here
Is Uruguay the only country filled with human compassion? The men spent their entire nine-hour flight to freedom in handcuffs, shackles, blindfolds and “ear defenders”, their lawyers said, “When they arrived, the Uruguayans refused to let them walk off the plane in shackles, they insisted that they be allowed to take their first step on Uruguayan soil as free men.”

Uruguay's president lives in a humble cottage and waits in line like his people. My new favorite country, Uruguay
click here
After 9 years focusing on African communities, my conclusion is that ebola is a disease borne of poverty, spread by poverty. When the country has infrastructure, information, and huge help from CDC, ebola can be contained, as we saw in Nigeria. In Congo, the Congolese figured out how to contain it themselves. The real issue is that investors from the north, east and west still are stealing from Africa's wealth, as they have for hundreds of years. The first step is awareness that companies creating subpoverty jobs is a denial of human rights, a crime against humanity. For example, Glencore in Zambia click here. Zambia is in south east Africa, no ebola has been reported there. They have plenty of other diseases.
Dr Ketna Volcy is a young microbiologist (Univ Maryland BS, Univ Rochester PhD) who has worked in research labs for over 9 years. MJoTA is proud to announce that she will be writing a weekly health column click here
click here
When Fire Jumps: a magic realism novel about the random nature of love and loss. A family makes plans for summer, and the fires come click here
White frozen water on my fallen leaves and car windshield and I don't even drink alcohol. What sort of an English-Irish-Australian-American am I, anyway? Weather click here
President Obama's executive order on immigration; DHS announces temporary protected status designations for Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone click here
Loved Mexican First Lady caked in makeup explaining how honesty, hard work got her $10million mansion. She likes purple.  Mexican news feeds, mostly in Spanish. Video, click here
Always a good idea to remember what happens when right wing fanatics block voting and steal government, my children's relative Anne Frank click here
I love Diwali. My grocery store is Indian and they have been selling great things now for a few weeks. I am off there now to listen to Indian music and see what they have left. We celebrated last night in Philadelphia next to the Love statue. Wonderful! Diwali in Manhattan and Sydney, click here
The disease of ebola is being attacked aggressively in West Africa...but the message has changed.... the word ebola is used for hate crimes... click here
The world's largest democracy booted out the family of Nehru: what will the new government do? Indians are campaigning to ban illegal sales of acid which is only used to disfigure or murder women and children. India is a terrific country to be born a woman, and India is also a terrible country to be born a woman click here  
Ebola is an inconstant threat: it can kill parents but ignore the children, ignore whole planeloads and apartments full of friends and relatives and then slither inside protective gear of healthcare workers. The most at risk for ebola infection is the health professional, bringing us back to the pre-antibiotic age when perhaps 10 to 20% of trainee health professionals died before they could graduate. Ebola click here
The Kingdom of Northern Sudan was proclaimed on June 16, 2014 by US Army veteran, former congressional candidate in Virginia and neo-colonist Jeremiah Heaton. Sudan, all 3 of them, click here
Solar panels are underneath all street lights in my town in New Jersey and are the main source of electricity at a local college. The White House has installed solar panels on its roof in an attempt to reduce carbon emissions click here
Aces Museum during Black History Month: honoring the Dairamont, a green beret, Councilmember Jannie Blackwell click here
Drumming in May with the Universal African Dance and Drum Ensemble. This hugely disciplined, enthusiastic gorgeous-looking acrobatic dance and drum group plays anywhere, everywhere, and they practice about 2 miles from my house click here
In the early hours of April 23, 2014, more than 5 days after a judge lowered the bail and ordered them released on bail, Vickson Korlewala and Lorpu Korlewala were released from prison in Philadelphia click here.
Brooklyn District 42: if you live in Flatbush, Ditmas Park or Midwood, I recommend you elect the best candidate for New York Legislative Assembly. Who is engineer and daughter of Haiti, Rodneyse Bichotte. She has been endorsed by just about everyone, but that will not help unless you go and vote. And Shirley Chisholm will smile at you from heaven. Rodneyse, videos, pictures, stories click here
How many times can my heart break over Israel and Palestine? Can the survival of Israel only be guaranteed by murdering noncombatants including Quakers? Why? Feeds and videos from Israel click here  
William Shakespeare wrote a lot of plays, a lot, and during my 6 years of high school in Australia, they rubbed our noses in them, 1 or 2 or 3 each year. Did I like them then or now? Some of them. And how dd he write them? Two whole plays, and a series of videos explaining how he got to have the best PR of any writer in the past 1,000 years. William Shakespeare was born 450 years ago, on April 23, 1564  click here
So why did Nigeria's president pay a non-Nigerian firm to represent him in the ongoing disaster that  was the kidnapping of nearly 300 school girls? I would have paid a battalion of elite peace-keepers to bring them back. click here
Links on the Friday Night Movie pages are now all working. Links frequently vanish after a few days or months, we do our best to replace them with live links. A lovely movie to watch is the first in Oct 2012 click here. And on the 20th anniversary of the genocide in Rwanda, say a prayer for the good work of the survivors and watch a movie click here
.... legislation that it will grand dual citizenship to descendants of Sephardic Jews expelled from the country....Spanish motorists are more likely to honk their horns, insult or pass .. than other European drivers. And an Ernest Hemingway movie and Segovia, ah! Spain click here  

Pictures I took of the Russian Consulate on Friday. Only 2 NYPD officers outside, lots of portable barricades. On that day, Russian president called US president trying to get some sanctions dropped. Russian politicians love parking their millions in New York City real estate, and at the moment, they cannot even visit click here

Australia armed forces: "You are the perpetrator or the victim. Treat women as humans or leave the army". Ah yes. We are either part of the problem or part of the solution. Good on Australian General David Morrison for his zero-tolerance of harassment and physical assault in the Australian army click here
Feb 18th 2015, 2 years, 13 days in Pretoria Central Prison: last 4 of Congolese 20 released and now all have been ACQUITTED!!!!! Allelujah! Huge victory for the South African justice system!!!!!!!!
The Land of the Rising Sun allied with Germany and took America by surprise in 1941 by bombing Peal Harbor. Do they still love Germany, specifically Beethoven, and is the heroic remembrance of kamikaze pilots widespread? I don't know. Japan is home to Nigerians. Japan click here
Turkey is enormously important for stability and humanitarian work throughout Europe, Asia and Africa. This mine tragedy has cut to its heart; the political leaders were immediately on the scene, doing everything possible to pull surviving miners from 2 miles underground and giving support and comfort to relatives click here  
I am tremendously proud of my Irish mother, who managed to be born in August 1915 in Belfast, when all of Ireland was part of Great Britain, when Germans and Britons were slaughtering each other (and Africans, Australians, Indians, Canadians....) click here
Turkey is too important to go nuts. To Asia, to Africa, to Europe, and to half a million or so refugees from Syria. Prime minister cutting off Twitter? Too many of us inside and outside Turkey are watching this great nation click here

Quakers have been in Flushing longer than most places, and in 1672 George Fox showed up to talk to them (us). Quakers in Flushing still welcome visitors and discussions that are focused on human rights and peace. Flushing is an Asian city in New York City's borough of Queens. And it is alive with flowers in May. Come on any Sunday at 11am for Meeting for Worship click here
Peace Island Institute: "We condemn the Prime Minister's unfounded demands and appeal to the collective conscience to urge the Prime Minister to end his harassment of law-abiding citizens." Turkey click here  

Holocaust Remembrance Day at Aces Museum with Allister Blossfeld, relative of Anne Frank. Anne Frank lived in an attic for 2 years, faced daily with the evil men do, and wrote about hope and the triumph of good over evil click here
To celebrate St George's Day, "we've got Dodgson here", Stephen Dodgson talks to Julian Bream who plays classical guitar, video of the legend of St George and all kinds of other English things click here
Two years of Buddhist meditation followed by 23 years of Quaker practice, and the first thing I do when stubbing my toe going into a bike shop jammed with people is yell "sh**". Aaaggghhh. I am not there yet.  Maybe I will be after the AVP workshop on June 7 and June 14 at Flushing Meeting. Flushing Quakers were America's first Quakers click here
We traveled by bus on roads that fit only 3 of the 4 wheels of our bus.... One person started throwing up out a window, and it caught on. Everyone else did too.  Roads along sheer cliff faces make me focus on mortality rather than the spectacular views... Nepal click here
Memorial Day weekend: war speeches, peace speech: remember veterans everywhere, so many caught up in a whirlpool of destruction not of their making click here
Organization of American States has sent 16 members to, ahem, Antigua, to oversee June 12th elections. Hm. The island nation of Antigua & Barbuda click here
683 members of the Muslim Brotherhood sentenced to death in Egypt, many in absentia. Nothing on this earth is easier than killing, no easier way for a coward to thrive than let him kill. You don't have to feed the dead, don't have to listen to them. The Nazi military were cowards, and so are the Egyptian military click here
World Cup kicks off in Sao Paolo in 2 days, Croatia v Brazil. If you have paid lots and are in Sao Paolo, you may be in trouble because of the public transportation strike; I am watching it with cool people in Manhattan! Brazil click here
German group singing "you are in my heart, you are in my soul." The German pronunciation of the words, the guitarist shaking his blond hair: ah. Germans at peace are, and always have been, spectacular click here
After 30,000 Igbos were murdered in northern Nigeria, after betrayal from the west, after all options were exhausted, General Ojukwu declared the nation of Biafra on this day in 1967 click here.
Holocaust Memorial Day at the Aces Museum for Black Veterans, April 28, 2014. Talk by the children of a Nazi Holocaust survivor. Their grandmother was a cousin of Anne Frank click here
Lawyer Shavar Jeffries is a member of the brilliant Jeffries family, and was endorsed by the Payne family in the May primary. Both families filled with good citizens working for the public good for decades. He was not elected mayor of Newark, but he has pledged to work with the mayor click here
Bed Stuy Vollies is on the scene in the 2-building collapse in East Harlem today, Mar 12, 2014. They are entirely volunteer, the first volunteer ambulance corps run by sons and daughters of Africa. They are not racist: they work with and treat anyone in need, anyone willing to obey the rules can join and train as an EMT click here Send them a few dollars if you can, follow link to their website.
Women and men are demanding Nigeria find and bring back home nearly 300 girls kidnapped during their final exams. May 3: wear a headwrap for Nigeria brought out protesters all around the world click here
Vickson Korlewala and Lorpu Korlewala were ordered to go for a police lineup. The Liberian community protests the use as evidence of any outcomes of a police lineup click here.
Philadelphia Councilmember Hon Mrs Jannie L Blackwell has as her personal motto: “Politics is an open ended opportunity to make life better for others.” Videos and pictures click here.
For 5 years, the young man's father learned the language of his son's captors, he learned all he could about Islam.... Follow the example of a Calvinist who loved his son more than anything in his life, and knew the only way to bring him home was to treat the captors with respect. Afghanistan click here
New Jersey has had an official state climatologist since 1979. The job of the climatologist is to collect climate data, be a faculty member at the largest New Jersey state university, Rutgers University, and to have data accessible click here